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      Craft Tips

      Cricut Explore & Silhouette Cameo Setting for TeckWrap Craft Vinyl

      Cricut Explore & Silhouette Cameo Setting for TeckWrap Craft Vinyl

      It can be difficult to find a right cut setting for your cutting machine. That's why we post these settings we have tested on our machines to help you address the concerns. For your convenience, we will present each right cut setting on Cricut Explore Air 2 ,Silhouette Cameo 3 and Cricut Joy. 

      • Cricut Explore Air 2 

      On Cricut Explore Air 2, we recommend regular vinyl setting and have the cut pressure set at 220 which can be used with all TeckWrap craft vinyls. 

      • Silhouette Cameo  3

       Choose type of material closest to the vinyl you will be using. This will get you to a good starting point. Here we choose vinyl, metallic. For blade type, we go for autoblade which will automatically adjust itself to the thickness you have set in the software. After that, we adjust blade at 1, speed at 4 and force at 15. It turned out this setting cuts our vinyl perfectly.

      • Cricut Joy

      Insert your image in Design Space and head to make it.You will see a little box popping up on screen. Our material allows you to cut without mat, so you can simply click or tap without mat. Now you are going to select smart vinyl permanent with default pressure. Load your material when everything is settled.

       Cut settings differ from each machines. A test cut is always recommended before you get your hands on your projects. 

        Something You Need to Know about Low Tack Transfer Tape

        Something You Need to Know about Low Tack Transfer Tape

        I believe most of you have come across the issue that transfer tape can not lift up the vinyl. The reason is quite simple. It's because the tape you used is low tack. Why not choosing high tack ones? High tack tape can transfer the vinyl easily but it may leave residues on the vinyl surface especially for holographic vinyl and mirror chrome vinyl. The advantage of using low tack tape is reducing the chances of leaving residues on decals. 

        For all low tack tapes, no matter it's teckwrap brand or other brand, we can use a common method which is peeling the vinyl backing off instead of lifting the vinyl up with transfer tape to address the issue. It works way better and you will see from the following video obviously.