Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Embrace the trend of high-tech fashion and functionality with the finest Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl. It is the perfect product to add an extra touch of brilliance and safety to your apparel designs. At TeckWrap Craft, we pride ourselves on providing premium crafting materials, and our Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl is no exception.

Enhanced Visibility

Our Reflective HTV is a special type of vinyl that not only allows you to apply unique designs to garments but also adds a specular element. This means that when light hits the film, it reflects, creating a mesmerizing effect and increasing the visibility of the wearer. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for apparel, accessories, and even decorative items, giving them an unparalleled allure both day and night.

A key use of this Heat Transfer Vinyl is in protective clothing and equipment. Safety should never be compromised, especially when it comes to apparel. With Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl, you can now incorporate safety and style seamlessly. 

The reflective properties of the vinyl make wearers more visible in low-light conditions, such as during nighttime or in dimly lit areas. Hence it is often applied to personal protective equipment, such as safety vests and gloves, worn by construction workers, first responders, and other professionals who need to be easily seen in the dark. 

It is also perfect for road workers, safety personnel, delivery drivers, and even runners and joggers who like to go out at night or very early in the morning. Those who love to do cycling in the evening or after sunset can also benefit from this vinyl. It is often incorporated into event and race apparel, such as marathon t-shirts or cycling jerseys, to increase visibility and safety for participants. 

You can also apply it on backpacks, shoes, and hats, making them more visible during nighttime activities like hiking or camping. Whether you are designing sports jerseys, workout gear, or children's clothing, adding a touch of this vinyl will ensure that your creations stand out and keep wearers highly visible at all times.

In addition to safety applications, reflective heat transfer vinyl can be used in crafting and DIY projects. It brings a creative and unique touch to garments, accessories, and other decorative items. You can also create high-visibility signage and banners for businesses and events, ensuring they are easily seen even when there is low light.

An Amazing Array Of Shades

Our Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl boasts a stunning array of colors that change and shimmer when hit by light. As a result, your designs will never go unnoticed. We have exciting shades in this category that range from rainbows, pastels, neon, and much more. 

Our Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl is in a league of its own. When exposed to a light source, it does not reflect one shade but a plethora of multiple hues that look truly captivating as if a rainbow has descended on your garment. 

Apart from clothing, you can use these vinyl films to jazz up various accessories like bags, hats, and shoes. It works wonders for creating custom decorations, such as fabric wall hangings, pillowcases, placemats, and more. The possibilities are endless, and with Reflective HTV, you can unlock the true potential of your creative projects.

High Durability And Performance

Another great aspect of this product is that your designs will stay intact for longer durations. With our Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl, durability is a guarantee. The vinyl is designed to withstand multiple washes and maintain its vibrant reflective properties for a long time.

There are just a few aftercare steps that you have to follow such as washing the garment inside out. It is preferred to wash it in cold water with hands using mild detergent. Do not rub the design. Hang it on a clothesline to dry naturally away from the sun. When ironing the shirt, or any fabric on which our Reflective HTV design is transferred, turn it inside out and place a buffer in between. Do not apply iron directly on the design. Proper care can enhance the performance and longevity of the vinyl. 

Our vinyl is also eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can safely apply it on clothing, even the one that you love to wear often, without worrying about any health hazards. You can also apply it to children’s clothing without any apprehensions. The vibrant film is thin and flexible and moves along with the garment. It does not fade, crack or peel over time and gives you good value for money. 

Our vinyl is also camera flash sensitive. The color you are wearing will come differently in the photograph due to exposure to light. The film is available in rolls of 5ft and 82ft. You can buy the one that best suits your needs and the size of your project. And if any vinyl is left after your project is complete, you can always keep it in our compartmentalized roll storage.   

Application Of Reflective HTV 

Transferring our Reflective heat transfer vinyl on apparel is very easy. Choose a blank made with compatible fabric such as cotton, polyester, or poly/cotton blends. Cut a piece of vinyl from the roll. 

Select a design that you want to apply to your garment and set the dimensions in the software that comes with your cutting machine. Do not forget to mirror the design. Load the vinyl sheet and cut it from the matte side which is the adhesive of the vinyl. 

Once the decal is cut, whether you have chosen a pattern or letters, weed out extra vinyl using a weeding tool. At TeckWrap Craft, we have a tweezer, weeder, and weeding pen that makes this job hassle-free and swift. Poke and pick the negative pieces and remove them till you have your actual design in front of you. 

Prepress the garment for about five seconds which will not only get rid of the moisture but also the wrinkles that might hinder smooth adhesion. Place the design where you want it to be on the garment and place parchment paper on top to prevent any damage to the vinyl or the substrate.   

If you are using a heat press, the temperature settings will be 140°C - 150°C (284°F - 302°F). Medium pressure will be applied for 10-15 seconds. When the time is up, remove the parchment paper and the carrier sheet. Take the latter off slowly at an angle. Your Reflective HTV design has perfectly adhered to your garment. 

If you are using a dry, household iron, set it at a high temperature. Put parchment paper on top and apply firm pressure to all parts of the design. Your fabric should be kept on a hard surface that will be able to bear the pressure like a table. Do not apply Reflective HTV by keeping the blank on the iron board. Once you have applied pressure and heat to the whole design, remove the carrier sheet slowly. 

Add Some Amazing Reflective HTV Rolls To The Cart Now!

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl is a revolutionary product in the world of crafting and apparel design. Its combination of style and safety makes it an invaluable tool for creators across various industries. Whether you are aiming to enhance visibility in low-light conditions or simply want to create striking designs, this vinyl has got you covered. Add a few colors to your cart now and head for checkout!

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