PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

A smooth and shiny surface in vibrant hues - PU heat transfer vinyl is surely a crafter’s delight. It enlivens any fabric it is applied to and wins praise from all who behold the remarkable creation. If you want exceptional quality in this heat transfer vinyl, you have come to the right place. 

At TeckWrap Craft, we bring to our ardent customers this amazing game-changer in the world of garment customization! With a generous roll length of 5ft and an impressive selection of captivating colors, our PU heat transfer vinyl offers endless possibilities to bring your creative visions to life.

Superb Features

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our PU Heat Transfer Vinyl sets itself apart with its unrivaled durability and user-friendly application. Whether you are an experienced crafter, a budding entrepreneur, or simply a fashion enthusiast, this vinyl is an indispensable tool for adding that personal touch to your fabrics. 

Our PU Heat Transfer Vinyl is expertly engineered using polyurethane material, ensuring a luxuriously soft and flexible texture that feels comfortable against the skin. Not only that, but it is non-toxic too hence it is environment-friendly and ideal for your attire. You will not have to worry about any health hazards and can apply it on children’s clothing as well without any second thoughts. 

What truly sets our PU Heat Transfer Vinyl apart is its extensive palette of 28 vibrant colors. From bold primaries to lustrous metallics and everything in between, you will find the perfect shade to make your designs pop. 

Let your imagination soar as you create captivating logos, expressive slogans, intricate graphics, or stunning patterns on t-shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, and beyond. Whether you are personalizing gifts, outfitting a team, or adding a touch of individuality to your wardrobe, this vinyl empowers you to make a lasting impression.

In addition to its unmatched color vibrancy, our PU HTV boasts exceptional durability giving a long-lasting performance. The heat transfer process ensures that your designs withstand the test of time, maintaining their flamboyance and integrity even after countless washes and regular wear. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your creations will remain flawless, offering a lasting impact.

Designed for versatility, our PU heat transfer vinyl can be applied to an array of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more. From casual tees to athletic wear and elegant garments, this vinyl effortlessly adapts to any textile, unleashing your creativity across various projects. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast exploring new crafting horizons or a professional seeking a reliable solution, our vinyl delivers exceptional results every time.

Application Is A Breeze!

The worth of vinyl not only lies in its beauty but also how user-friendly it is. The heat-activated adhesive backing of our PU heat transfer vinyl simplifies the application process, allowing you to effortlessly transfer your designs onto various fabrics using a heat press or a household iron. All you need is a cutting machine, heat press, cutting mat, and a squeegee. If your design is simple, you can even work with a pair of scissors. 

Choose the color of our PU HTV that best complements the shade of your fabric. You can use the one in stark contrast for a mesmerizing effect. Simply finalize the design on the software that comes with your cutting machine, mirror the image, and let the cutter do its job. If you want to be an expert in HTV printing, it is better to invest in an automated vinyl cutter for precision and a professional look. 

Once the design is cut, weed out excess material using a tweezer, weeder or a weeding pen. At TeckWrap Craft, we not only sell premium quality vinyl but all the necessary tools as well to make it a one-stop shopping experience for you. Get the tool you are most comfortable with, and start taking out the negative pieces. 

Though weeding is a time-consuming task, you can do it far more quickly with our PU heat transfer vinyl. Our vinyl lifts off easily with a weeding tool and you will get an accurate and clean final look. When the design is ready, place it on the fabric where you want it to be. Put a parchment paper or Teflon sheet on top and apply heat and pressure. Use the recommended settings for the PU HTV for optimum results.   

Once the time is up, remove the parchment paper and the carrier sheet slowly. Your exquisite and vibrant PU heat transfer vinyl bespoke design is ready to flaunt!

The Amazing Crafts You Can Make!

As far as the usage of our PU heat transfer vinyl is concerned, there are many ideas that you can employ. Here are some to get you going:

Embellish That Mundane T-Shirt

That boring old t-shirt that has been hanging in your closet needs a revamp. Why not apply a superb, flamboyant PU design to it? You can transform your wardrobe adding glamorous pieces to it bedecked with our PU HTV. These include shirts, jeans, trousers, and even shoes. You don’t have to buy anything new. Simply redesign the old ones for a fresh new look. 

Plain Tote Bag - No More!

If you have that off-white tote bag that you love to carry but it's too dull, it’s time to infuse life in it. Use our colorful PU heat transfer vinyl to add amazing letters to it. Write a message, your initials, or a witty wisecrack. This will not only personalize the bag instantly but will make it highly captivating and unique! A piece that no one else has. 

And why just that bag? You can apply our PU heat transfer vinyl to any other soft accessory you have like your headband, wallet, scarf, and so on. If you have a compatible fabric, add your personal touch to it making it distinctive. 

Pillowcases To Die For

Every house has amazing colorful pillowcases but the ones you have should be different. This is possible with our PU heat transfer vinyl. If you have a super cozy couch in your home, add some small pillows to it for a more comfortable look. Design distinctive covers that will instantly make this piece of furniture a captivating feature of your house. 

When you are embellishing the pillowcases, why not the coverlet too? A contrasting fabric can be used for it with an exquisite decal. You can make soft wall decorations and customize table mats, fabric coasters, and curtains as well. Your whole house can depict your personal signature and style. 

Party Favors And Giveaways

You can make unique, small cloth bags to put little party favors in. Each bag can have the initials of the guest it is presented to so it can be a keepsake. If you own a small business, you can even design giveaways using our PU heat transfer vinyl to present to your ardent customers. These can include t-shirts and caps with your company’s logo on them. 

Get The Best PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Now!

Do not miss the opportunity to unlock your full creative potential with our amazing PU HTV. Elevate your designs, express your unique style, and leave a lasting impression with every custom creation. With its perfect roll length and an extensive range of eye-catching colors, this vinyl becomes your trusted companion in transforming ordinary fabrics into extraordinary masterpieces. Get ready to make a statement, ignite your passion for customization, grab a few rolls and head for checkout!

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