Influencer Collab

Influencer Collab

Crafting through vinyl is not only a way to express your creativity but also a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and gain inspiration from others. TeckWrap Craft is thrilled to present its Influencer Collaboration Collection, a remarkable assortment of vinyl products created in partnership with talented social media influencers. Get ready to be inspired and take your arts and crafts projects to new levels of imagination.

At TeckWrap Craft, we are well aware of the fact that influencer collaborations have become an increasingly popular trend, bridging the gap between creative individuals and their dedicated followers. Here is why influencer collaborations in the vinyl world are so exciting and we have tapped this potential:

Rare and Collectible Designs

Influencers bring their individual styles, ideas, and expertise to the collaboration, resulting in a collection of craft vinyl products that are truly one-of-a-kind. These designs are often inspired by the influencer's personal experiences, interests, and creative journeys, offering a fresh and unique perspective.

We don’t want our ardent customers to settle for what’s available in every other vinyl store, hence we created these special vinyl films that are distinctive and truly amazing to work with. We have many new shades, designs and finishes in this collection that will surely inspire you. 

Fresh Inspiration

Collaborating with influencers exposes crafters to fresh ideas and techniques they may not have considered before. By incorporating an influencer's signature style into your own projects, you can infuse your work with a new level of creativity and innovation.

You can also gain inspiration from their tutorials, tips, and techniques. These can spark your creativity and help you explore new possibilities with craft vinyl. Whether it's discovering new colour combinations, experimenting with different textures, or learning unconventional applications, their expertise and passion for the craft can inspire you to push the boundaries of your own creativity and create truly alluring and eye-catching designs.

Community Building

At TeckWrap Craft, we aim to create a community of like-minded crafters who love to design with vinyl. This fosters a sense of inclusion and connection among artists. Engaging with vinyl products created in collaboration with influencers allows you to be part of a larger community of creative individuals who share your passion for the arts.

What makes our collection truly special are the unique perspectives and choices our customers get. By working closely with these influencers, TeckWrap Craft ensures that the products meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. 

The Exclusive Variety

We love to infuse your life with novelty. The collaboration with different influencers offers never seen styles and designs that will knock your socks off. Some items in the collection may be available as limited editions, adding a touch of exclusivity to your crafting projects. 

These vinyl products provide a special opportunity to incorporate captivating designs into your creations, making them extraordinary. Our most recent collaborations with some inventive influencers include:

Milk MilkSugar Boho Bundle

These funky designs capture the eccentric personality and charm of MilkMilkSugar, a renowned graphic designer. This bundle includes both matte and glossy finishes in shades: Shell Pink, Pastel Pink, Vanilla, Coconut White, Liveable Green and Apricot. You will get six 12" x 10ft rolls of adhesive vinyl in these amazing mellowed pastel shades. The SVG file includes beautiful floral patterns. 

Decal Spring Butterfly Bundle

Prepare for the best season of the year with this to-die-for bundle and SVG file. All these rolls are bubble free and will aid you in creating jaw-dropping pieces this spring. Choose from hues like Mirror Chrome Iris Purple, Mirror Chrome Camouflage Olive, Textured Metallic Champagne Gold, and Matte Coconut White

You will get 12" x 5ft rolls of all colours except Matte Coconut White. For it, you will get a 12" x 10ft roll. The SVG file includes pretty butterflies and flowers.   

Beverly Garcia's Fav Bundle

Craft enthusiast and influencer, Beverly Garcia has picked out 8 vinyl rolls included in this dream bundle. It features some of our most glamorous finishes and textures such as opal, holographic, shimmer, glitter and matte. Now, you too can match her aesthetic!

These amazing vinyl films are available in beautiful shades. In opal and holographic series, you will get Glass Flower Fuschia, Mirror Chrome Red, Mirror Chrome Blue, and Cobblestone Aqua. In shimmer and glitter, you will get Shimmer Gold Pink and Colorful Glitter Lilac. All these are available in 12” x 5ft rolls. In the matte series you will get 001 Matte Liveable Green and New Matte Cyanine Blue both in 12” x 10ft rolls. 

Tessmadeit_ Retro Mushroom Bundle

Tessmadeit_ Retro Mushroom Bundle is an excellent vinyl bundle that will help you create the amazing mushroom design crafted by Tess. You will get the 6 oz Libbey Glass SVG file when you purchase this bundle to replicate the decal. You will receive four rolls of 001 mattes in Coconut White and Sweet Pink, textured metallic in Rose Gold and bubble-free mirror chrome in Begonia Rose shades. The matte vinyl is 12” x 10ft in size while the others are 12” x 5ft.

Barbie Designs Mother's Day Bundle

Show your love for your mom this year by giving her a handmade craft using this amazing vinyl bundle. If you want to replicate the design, you will get the SVG file for it when you purchase the bundle. Or you can create something of your own getting inspiration from this design. 

In this, you will receive three rolls of supreme-quality adhesive vinyl. These include 12” x 10ft rolls of our 001 matte series in Piggy Pink and Liveable Green and a 12” x 5ft roll of Textured Metallic Champagne Gold.

Crafty Cutter X Good Vibes Bundle 

If you love the sun and the beaches, you will definitely get this bundle to recreate the exquisite design. Create t-shirts for yourself and your friends for that visit to the beach or make a tote bag perfect for carrying the essentials for a picnic on the sandy shores. 

You will get four 12” x 5ft  rolls of PU Heat Transfer Vinyl  in Orange, Pink, Lemon Yellow and Tiffany, and one 10” x 5ft  roll of Black Color Puff HTV.

CheekyBia X TeckWrapCraft Mushroom

This influencer has created cute little mushrooms with pink flowers. This is a truly captivating design that will make your jars or drinkware stand out. In this bundle, you will get five rolls of adhesive vinyl, out of which three 12” x 10ft will be from 001 matte series in Vanilla, Grass Green and Sweet Pink colors. Two rolls of 12” x 5ft will be in Red Mirror Chrome and Black Textured Metallic adhesive vinyl.

Another design from CheekyBia involves transfer on garments through sublimation paper and glitter HTV. It spreads happy vibes with a smiley face. You will have to buy the SVG file separately. The link has been provided.

Totally Posie Bundle

Designing your t-shirt using the Totally Posie style is for the bold and confident. You will get a 12” x 5ft roll of PU Black Heat Transfer Vinyl and three 10” x 5ft rolls of White, Yellow and Coral Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl. You can purchase the SVG file separately or you can just borrow the look and change the message to suit your liking.

Babe Cave X Strawberry Kawaii Bundle

Babe Cave X Strawberry Kawaii Bundle influencer has worked with cold colour-changing vinyl to create a magical cute design featuring pretty dolls on a beer can. When you pour a cold beverage into it, they get cute pink dresses. You can buy the SVG file separately.

You will get six rolls of adhesive vinyl for it. These include two 12” x 10ft rolls of Ink Black and Coconut White 001 glossy series, and four 12” x 5ft rolls of cold colour-changing adhesive vinyl films in shades of Pink, Red, Green and Yellow.

JCH Creations Bundle

This includes the highly recommended adhesive vinyl rolls by JCH Creations.  These are no doubt the most amazing, consisting of three 12” x 10ft rolls of 001 series in matte Sweet Pink, Glossy Sweet Pink, and Glossy Ultra Pink, and two 12” x 5ft rolls of  Transparent Leopard and Sparkle Rose Gold.

Let’s Have Some Fun Crafting!

These are not the only influencers featured. You can also get amazing ideas from Honey & Hope, The Salty Yankee, Cute Kitty, Cheer and Cherry Design and Love Vibes. They have presented their work and recommended vinyl rolls that will help create these beautiful pieces of art. 

Teckwrap Craft's Influencer Collaboration Collection showcases the incredible craft vinyl products resulting from these partnerships, providing you with a wealth of inspiration for your projects. Discover the magic and explore our catalog today on our website!

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