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How to Use Transfer Paper with Vinyl
If you’re new to making vinyl craft stickers, you’re going to have to deal with transfer paper. But wait, how do you use transfer paper with vinyl? The concept is pretty simple: cut and weed the vinyl, transfer the vinyl to the transfer paper, then transfer the design to the merchandise.
How to Put Vinyl on a Cup: Tips, Steps, and Project Ideas

Have you ever wondered why those Pinterest projects look so pretty? How do they put vinyl on a cup? Well, that’s simple, with a cutting machine, permanent vinyl, and transfer paper, you can put vinyl on any cup you want. Surely you can’t wait to create your next personalized cup project, but there are many things you need to know yet. Read further to know more tips, steps, and project ideas you can create with permanent vinyl.

How to Transfer Vinyl to Transfer Tape
If you’re a first-time crafter, you may have encountered the words ‘transfer tape’ several times, but what is it for? Here is when and how to use it properly
How to Seal Vinyl on Wood: Tips and Tricks
There are many creative ways to use Vinyl on wood, but you should not just apply the vinyl and seal it. There are steps to prepare the wood for maximum adhesion. Read more here.
How To Transfer Vinyl Without Transfer Paper [Step-by-Step Guide]
Ran out of transfer paper in the middle of a project?Don’t fret, there are a couple of vinyl transfer paper (interchangeably we will also refer to as transfer tape) alternatives that you might just have in your craft box.
How to Seal Vinyl on Tumblers: Ultimate Guide for Every Crafter
Make sure that your tumblers that you personalized with vinyl keep the design your years to come! Seal them securely and here are ways you can do it.

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