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Easy Tips on How to Get Vinyl to Stick to Canvas
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Can You Sublimate on Cotton? Sublimation Secret Revealed!
Sublimation on cotton garments? Yes, you can do that! You can sublimate on cotton in two ways — using heat transfer vinyl or a sublimation coating spray. You may have initially learned the basic rules of t-shirt printing that do not recommend sublimation on cotton shirts or dark-colored garments.
How to Sublimate on Dark Shirts
Direct sublimation printing is recommended for printing on light-colored shirts only. But if you want to sublimate on dark fabrics, you will learn the secret technique today. Read on to know more.
How Does Vinyl Stick to Canvas: Tips & Techniques
Adhesive vinyl sticks best to smooth, flat, and hard surfaces like wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, and tile. Yes! Vinyl also sticks to fabrics like Canvas. Vinyl can stick to canvas if you prepare and apply it correctly. Here are some tips and tricks.
How to Get Vinyl to Stick to Wood
Yes, vinyl can certainly adhere to any wooden surface. Here are tips on how to get vinyl to stick to wood and reasons they do not.
How to Put Vinyl on a Curved Surface: Know the Basics
You may be wondering how to put vinyl on a curved surface effortlessly.  If you find yourself struggling to apply with curved surfaces read on.
How to Use Premium Vinyl: A Step-By-Step Guide
Premium vinyl or the permanent adhesive vinyl from TeckWrap Craft is one of the most preferred vinyl especially for outdoor or permanent applications. Read on to know how to use premium vinyl and get project ideas too!
How to Use Printed HTV in a Few Simple Steps
 Using printed HTV goes through almost the same procedure as other heat transfer vinyl. However, the difference lies in how you position the printed vinyl or patterned HTV on the cutting mat and how to apply it properly. Read on to know more.
15 Tips on How to Weed Iron on Vinyl Like a Pro
To weed iron on vinyl, you need to have the right tools, follow the correct settings and have good lighting. But if you want to do it like a pro, you need to know these tips on how to weed iron vinyl like a pro. 

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