Aiming to give your projects a dash of ultimate style? Experience endless possibilities and unleash your ingenuity with our superior 001 series adhesive vinyl. Whether you are an art expert, an accomplished crafter, or someone who loves DIYs, our versatile vinyl will elevate your crafts and promises to give you immense creative satisfaction.

Unique Characteristics

Take advantage of the amazing vinyl from our 001 line and show off your artistic skills! This is permanent vinyl with a high tack that is durable and long-lasting. Your creative world is transformed by our 10ft craft vinyl, which is available in matte and glossy finish. The variety of colors, including subtle pastels and vibrant basics, is sure to amaze and inspire.

The pastel hues of our vinyl whisper elegance while the strong basic colors are attention-grabbing. Our 001G and 001M series is a remarkable product that has been crafted to perfection with great precision and quality. It is perfect for transforming everyday items into spectacular works of art! 

Our 001 vinyl is waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors without any hassle. It can endure harsh environments and will give excellent performance. You can apply it to a range of surfaces including walls, glass, metal, plastic, and more. The only condition is that the substrate should be hard, smooth, clean, and dry.

Our vinyl is packaged to perfection with a protective layer on top which has to be removed before you start working on it. The test cut is highly recommended. It is thin and soft to the touch and gives a luxurious feel to your crafts. You cannot only get rolls but sheets as well of different colors and if you want our 001 in bulk, you can get bundles of 5ft rolls in different shades. 

Ease Of Application

Say goodbye to installation mishaps and hello to perfection! Our 001 adhesive vinyl is super easy to apply. It is compatible with all craft cutters, die cutters, and sign plotters. Choose the color that best suits your needs and visualize a design. You will have to finalize it on the software that comes with the automated cutter you are using. 

Do not forget to size it according to the space you have on the substrate. Place the vinyl on the cutting mat and load it into the machine. After the vinyl is carved, it’s time to weed out the negative pieces. You can use the weeding tools available at TeckWrap Craft, such as a tweezer, weeder, or weeding pen. The flexibility of the vinyl along with the efficiency of the weeding tool makes this task quite easy and far less time consuming.

Now that you have your final design, apply transfer tape to it and smooth it out with a squeegee to ensure adhesion and remove wrinkles. Take off the backing from the adhesive vinyl and apply it on the substrate where you want it to be. Squeegee again for robust adhesion then slowly remove the transfer tape at an angle. 

Your amazing decal is ready to flaunt. With our 001 adhesive vinyl, achieve flawless results without compromising the integrity of your vinyl. Now you can relax and enjoy a worry-free creative trip knowing that our vinyl will protect your artistic vision from harm in addition to dazzling you with its vivid colors.

The Multifarious Uses Of 001 Series

Our 001 series is ideal for designing personalized gifts and mesmerizing wall decals. Here are a few ideas that you can employ using this amazing adhesive vinyl:

  1. Utilize our vinyl as a powerful advertising instrument. Enterprises can craft captivating promotional campaigns with our glossy or matte vinyl, whatever suits their vision. Our versatile material finds extensive usage in creating signage for diverse establishments such as businesses, schools, and various organizations. By skillfully shaping the vinyl into letters, logos, or other forms, it can be seamlessly affixed to different surfaces including walls, windows, and vehicles.
  2. The resilience of permanent vinyl against harsh weather conditions ensures a durable advertising solution. Moreover, its customizable nature allows for the incorporation of vivid colors, striking graphics, and captivating images that effectively capture the attention of the intended audience. Consequently, your advertisement will effortlessly distinguish itself and garner the desired recognition.
  3. You can add decorative elements to various surfaces with our 001 series. These include your accessories for example, vinyl decals can be used to create custom designs on mugs, phone cases, scrapbooks, albums, and laptops.
  4. Decorating mugs and cups with vinyl is a popular way to add a personal touch to your drinkware. Since the vinyl has a high tack, it does not get off even after numerous washes hence you can easily apply it to utensils that you use every day. You can also use our vinyl for labeling products, equipment, and other items. You can apply these to jars and bottles including those made of plastic, metal, and glass. 
  5. You can create amazing wall decals with our vinyl. You can carve a quote, a phrase, or a graphic and apply it on the feature wall that complements the room's decor. Bare walls can be boring. With an exciting image created with our 001 glossy or matte vinyl, you can enliven the environment of the room. 
  6. You can use our vinyl to decorate your doors and windows as well. Create privacy, add a design element, or even a cute phrase on your windows. You can decorate your front door, pantry door, or even your fridge with our permanent vinyl. 
  7. You can also decorate wooden furniture with our superb adhesive vinyl. It can be applied to tables, chairs, and dressers. You can also apply an artistic design on mirrors, particularly in the bathroom or bedroom. You can create a motivational quote, add a graphic, or even your favorite song lyrics. There is no dearth of ideas where home decoration with our 001 vinyl is concerned. 
  8. Vinyl decals made from our 001 series can be used to display your favorite sports team or brand on your vehicle. Yes, you can use our vinyl for small car decals. These can be applied to the windows, bumper, or body of the car. 

Vinyl lettering can be used to display your name, business name, or other text on your vehicle. You can also apply a witty wisecrack just for fun with our vinyl. These can be installed on the rear windshield, rear window, or exterior of the vehicle.

With our 001 vinyl, you can add pinstripes to the body of your car in a variety of colors for a unique touch. You can also create custom designs that are distinctive and personalize your vehicle. This could include graphics that match the color scheme or style of your car, or designs that reflect your personal interests or hobbies.

Get ready to transform your creative pursuits and bring your dreams to life with our vibrant and durable 001 vinyl! It is the ideal way to take your crafts to previously unthinkable heights of brilliance!

Bag The Best Vinyl!

With our 001 vinyl series vinyl, you can unleash your creativity without limits, and achieve an exceptional outcome that surpasses any other. It can be utilized to design visually appealing decals to enhance the ambiance of various spaces. The opportunities are endless, ranging from artistic signage and designs on coffee mugs to crafting beautiful scrapbook pages and beyond. 

Our 001 range is a durable adhesive vinyl film in awesome shades. It bravely endures the test of time and gives you the best value for money. Get a few rolls to make amazing crafts. And when you come back for more, avail our bundle offer. It’s time to make the world a more beautiful place with our superb 001 vinyl!

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