is holographic vinyl permanent

Is Holographic Vinyl Permanent? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you want your art projects to shine with a dazzling array of holographic colors? The holographic trend gives that multicolor shine that can quickly add life to any crafty project - it is all about where your creative imagination takes you! Its multicolor shimmering finish instantly holds the attention and is perfect for making:

  • Attractive lettering
  • Decals
  • Banner art
  • Signage
  • Window graphics
  • Scrapbook art
  • Other art projects!

Holographic Pattern Adhesive Vinyl 

(Available in Peach Yellow Pink Leopard, Peach Yellow Mermaid Scales, Peach Yellow Rose, Peach Yellow Glitter Rhombus, Lilac Mermaid Scales, Green Mermaid Scales, Rose Red Dots, Silver Ice Cubes, Transparent Mermaid Scales, Transparent Leopard, Rainbow Leopard, Rainbow Mermaid, Rainbow Hearts, Rainbow Diamond, Mirror Rainbow Paint and Rainbow Paint)


    Holographic adhesive vinyl is easy to transfer across various surfaces. It has a strong adhesive that doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue. This makes it ideal for art projects.

    Teckwrap holographic vinyl is all about a rainbow of hues and unlimited creativity! This multicolor and shimmering makes eye-catching creations and accents. Create easily removable decals, labels, window decors, kitchen containers, electronic device covers, media covers, car windows, and any personalized decor.

    Teckwrap Vinyl is cuttable, easy to apply and remove without residue. This is perfect for special occasions and seasonal crafts plus everyday celebrations! Simple instructions are provided when you use all Cricut cutting machines.



    Holographic Glossy Rainbow Adhesive Vinyl in Silver

    (Also available in Matte Rainbow Silver, Emerald Green, Gold, Rose Gold, Dark Grey and Pumpkin Orange)

    Holographic Cobblestone Adhesive Vinyl

    (Avaiable in Purple, Black, Red, Gold, Sapphire, Rose Pink, Silver, and Aqua)


    More Facts About Holographic Vinyl

    Holographic vinyl cutting is approximately the same as other vinyl types you may have used. HTVRont Holographic vinyl comes in 16 different color schemes. The holographic vinyl exhibits a highly-reflective sheen of metallic.

    Holographic vinyl will often exhibit hues of silver, purple, gold, turquoise, and many more. On the one hand, holographic vinyl is also iridescent vinyl. This means that holographic vinyl, no matter how you look at it, can appear in multiple colors depending on the changes in the lighting.   

    Holographic vinyl is flexible and versatile to use. Holographic permanent vinyl can easily adapt to curved surfaces like glass, metal, plastic, wood, and ceramic.

    Holographic Glass Flower Adhesive Vinyl in Rose Gold (Also available in Fuchsia, Lilac, Aqua, Silver, and Black)

    Given the growing popularity of holographic vinyl among crafters, holographic vinyl is a difficult material to cut and weed. It is advisable to use a cutting machine with the correct cut setting when handling holographic vinyl.

    Holographic vinyl is easy to apply with transfer tape. When burnishing, you can use a scraper and peel off the tape along with the vinyl. If you are struggling to remove the vinyl decal, you can do reverse weeding where you flip and peel off the backing leaving the vinyl decal on the transfer tape.

    Features of Holographic Vinyl

    • Durable and dust-resistant
    • The colorful holographic effect in 22 unique colors options
    • Easy cutting and weeding of small letters and fine designs
    • Smooth, glossy finish
    • Easy transfer with zero sticky residue
    • Waterproof adhesive
    • Ideal for making wall decals, window graphics, signage, banner art, scrapbooking
    • Incredibly versatile
    • Compatible with most craft cutters and vinyl plotters


    Holographic Sparkle Rainbow Adhesive Vinyl

    Is Holographic Vinyl Waterproof?

    Multicolor holographic vinyl is water-resistant. Holographic vinyl’s crystalline effect is eye-catching for every craft creation. For glassware and indoor decors, it is best to use permanent premium vinyl.

    Do I Have to Mirror Holographic Vinyl?

    Yes, you have to mirror your image design when using holographic vinyl. When loading the vinyl to the Cricut cutting machines, the shiny or color side should face down while the adhesive side is facing up.

    Why Is My Holographic Vinyl Not Sticking on Wooden Surfaces?

    Holographic vinyl can be used to decorate wooden surfaces. However, you may find yourself struggling to stick it onto a freshly smoothened piece of wood.

    To remedy this, you can add a layer of paint or varnish. Make sure that your wooden surface doesn’t have loose splinters or dust residue that may stick to the vinyl.

    Is Holographic Vinyl Permanent?

    Yes, holographic vinyl is permanent. It is made of strong adhesive backing great for both indoor or outdoor use. These days many home decors use holographic permanent vinyl. DIY home projects commonly use specialty holographic vinyl sheets and cutting machines.

    Can You Iron-on Holographic Vinyl?

    If you are using holographic sparkle, foil, glitter, or flocked iron-on don’t layer over with iron-on vinyl. The top layers will gradually peel off when washed. Instead, you can layer over an iron-on lite with holographic sparkle, foil, glitter, or flocked iron-on.

    Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Is Vinyl Washable?

    Before washing a material with freshly-placed vinyl, allow at least 48 hours for the vinyl to completely adhere to the material or surface before washing it. It is better to let the vinyl and the surface rest for a much longer period.

    Is Holographic Vinyl Cold Peel?

    Read the label of your vinyl. Teckwrap holographic vinyl is a cold peel. A cold peel means that you need to wait for a few minutes until the vinyl and the surface cool down before peeling off the carrier sheet.  

    If you peel the carrier sheet right away after exposing the vinyl and surface to a heat press or iron, then you will encounter a lot of issues.

    Holographic Sparkle Adhesive Vinyl

    (Available in Rose Red, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Red, Green, Bright Blue, Purple, Glitter Mermaid Pink, Crystal Rose Gold, and Blue)

    Can You Use Holographic Vinyl for Car Decals?

    Yes, you can use holographic vinyl for custom car decals and accent stripes. If you have plans of pimping your ride, you can’t go wrong with holographic vinyl.

    What’s the Difference Between Removable Vinyl and Permanent Vinyl?

    Permanent outdoor vinyl usually has a glossy finish while removable indoor vinyl has a matte finish. Permanent vinyl is great to use for outdoor signage, car decals, glassware, or any item that needs to be washed frequently. Removable vinyl, on the other hand, is ideal for indoor items and those that don’t require constant use or washing.

    Holographic Pattern Adhesive Vinyl in Rainbow hearts

    What Is the Best Setting to Cut Holographic Vinyl?

    If you are using a Cricut machine, use the fabric cut setting. For the Silhouette Cameo machine, adjust your cut settings to blade (5), thickness (20), and speed (5). It is recommended to follow the ideal settings for the best results.

    Can You Overheat Vinyl?

    Yes, vinyl can overheat. Avoid overheating the vinyl if you are using a neon-colored one because it will come out tacky. 


    Why Did My Holographic Vinyl Change Color?

    If you peel the carrier sheet of the vinyl while it is still hot, there is a tendency that some HTV is lifted with the carrier sheet. The vinyl did not properly bond to the fabric or surface.

    It is advisable to let the vinyl cool down before peeling the carrier off. On white, Holographic Pearl turns pink and yellow. Holographic Pearl becomes green, blue, or purple on black and gray.

    What Temperature Do You Use for Holographic Vinyl?

    The best setting for a Teckwrap holographic HTV is at 150℃(302℉) to 160℃(320℉). Press it only for 8-12 seconds at medium pressure with a cold peel. Before heat pressing all fabrics, it is best to preheat them. Then, wait for it to cool down before peeling the carrier sheet off.

    Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl in Geometric Pattern

    Can I Use Holographic Vinyl on Cups?

    Yes, you can use holographic vinyl on cups. First, you have to remove any dust, oil, or dirt particles from the cup by using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. A clean cup will help the vinyl adhere perfectly to the cup.

    What Kind of Vinyl Do You Use for Wine Glasses?

    A permanent adhesive outdoor vinyl is ideal for wine glasses. This type of vinyl can withstand frequent hand washing. The adhesive of permanent vinyl is so strong that it can stick well to glass even with smaller designs.    

    Washcare Instructions for Holographic Vinyl (On Tumblers, Mugs, or Cups)

    1.     You have to wait at least 48 hours for the vinyl and surface to adhere completely before washing the item.

    2. To ensure the longest life possible for your shirt vinyl decal, wash and dry the embellished item inside-out on a delicate cycle.

    3.  If necessary, iron from the backside of the garment.

    4. If areas of Iron-On material lift after washing, you need to reapply the vinyl. To reapply, accurately follow the application instructions to avoid reapplication.


    Holographic Pattern Adhesive Vinyl in Rose Red Dots


    1. Can You Remove Holographic Vinyl?

    Holographic vinyl is a removable vinyl. It can be removed using a craft stick or scraper to burnish the tape onto the vinyl. In removing the holographic vinyl, you have to tilt and peel off the vinyl liner at a 45-degree angle.

    If the vinyl doesn’t detach from the liner, you can burnish the transfer tape once again. Keep doing this until the vinyl separates from the liner.

    Holographic Pattern Adhesive Vinyl in Lilac Mermaid Scales

    Summing Up

    Everyone is excited about the holographic vinyl trend! With holographic vinyl, you can create cute unicorn or mermaid designs!

    Let your creativity take you a step higher by using holographic permanent vinyl for your next DIY craft project. The crafts you can make with holographic vinyl are limitless.

    Check out TeckWrap Craft’s vinyl collection of premium quality material perfect for your next crafting project. Holographic vinyl is a worthy addition to your vinyl collection. Use TeckWrap Craft’s holographic vinyl and don’t forget to share your awesome craft project with us!


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