17 Aesthetic Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas


From Jonis Joplin to Chaka Khan, celebrities or not, young or old, boho style is a crowd favorite - and you can have that Boho Bedroom without spending much!

 Here are 17 Aesthetic Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas you’ll surely love for your bohemian space.

They say the bedroom is the space in the home that truly reflects one’s personality.   So show yourself! This article is for you if you are thinking of esthetic modern Bohemian bedroom decor, plus some tips on using vinyl for some bohemian designs.

Aesthetic Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Just imagine the bohemian style of sunny shades and natural lighting makes you too excited to start decorating your bedroom.  Plus, the idea is that you can add all sorts of bohemian-style wall decals for a boho atmosphere!   Get that Boho vibes now!

What is a bohemian-style bedroom?

Bohemian Style Bedroom


To create a diverse, global look, a bohemian-style bedroom has multiple patterns, colors, and textures.  

You will see many layered blankets with colorful tassels.  Everything seems to exude patterns- throw pillows and funky oversized light fixtures.

Bohemian bedrooms should scream of carefree aesthetic and lifestyle.  

It does not welcome the idea of minimalism as the design combines striking colors, and vintage that’s glamorous and earthy simultaneously.

You can go daring with wallpaper designs and paint colors that burst with life!  

A Boho bedroom can also be relaxed, like the calm setting and rising of the sun, yes, those neutrals and mixed earth tones that give you that boho vibe you’re aiming for.

Boho Style Is:  

Earthy colors with a splash of striking colors

Natural elements with lots of plants

A mix of textured patterns

Globally inspired

Calm and cozy



Boho Style Is Not:

 Matching decor

Only plain colors



Best Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian rooms are becoming extremely popular because it exudes a carefree personality.  Here are the best Bohemian Bedroom Ideas to help add that bohemian vibe to your personal space.

  1. Go Tropical

tropical bedroom theme

Photo from Pexels

Justina Blankeney of Jungalow, the blog that celebrates color, patterns, and leafy motifs, shares how she incorporates the tropical rainforest into her boho-style design.

Boho bedrooms should exude the feel of the great wildlife in the jungle.  How?

  • No rules
  • Put together whatever colors, patterns, and textures that feel right
  • Bold prints
  • Layered textures
  • Saturated hues
  • Plants on plants
  • Wild
  • Whimsical
  • Tropical and lawless
  • You need to feel like you’re in the jungle

Style is about harnessing your inner free spirit.” says Justina.

How to achieve the tropical bohemian room design?

  • Find a wallpaper that has a tropical design (leaves, trees, flowers, etc).
tropical bohemian design
  • Tropical designs for your pillowcases are also going to add a more earthy vibe
tropical inspired bedroom design
  • You can also add wall art; of course, it has to have the tropical design
  • A tropical throw blanket and rug will help solidify the vibe
  • You have to remember not to put too much in your bedroom, or you’ll drown with the design.  Just the right amount with warm colors like greens and browns will add more to your boho vibes.
  1. Relief Painting and a Gallery Wall

relief painting on bedroom wall

Relief painting is a natural part of a Boho room; It gives that Bohemian vibe and, at At the same time, shows off the inclination for a kind of painting that  also leans toward sculpting.

A Boho bedroom can be achieved by adding artwork that represents you through a gallery wall and designs that give that Boho feels like the presence of a relief painting.

One of the Egyptians’ most valuable contributions is their art, and one of these arts is relief painting.  Relief painting is carved, creating a “raised” two-dimensional surface painted afterward.  

Native Americans also used relief painting for totem poles in the United States.  As time passes, relief painting has lost its spark but not its beauty that suits even the smallest boho bedroom.

  1. Sparkle with Fairy Lights

fairy lights in bedroom

Do you love sparkle?  One of the most sought-after bedroom decors, especially, for teens, is the fairy lights. It illuminates the bedroom and gives that atmosphere distinct for a dreamy boho vibe.  

'Bedroom fairy lights suit any style of room and inject a fresh feel in seconds.' says Becky Tasker, PR manager of Lights4Fun.

fairy lights in bedroom

This Bohemian room decor may seem childish to others, but here are simple ways to make your boho-themed bedroom achieve a bohemian design that’s chic and stylish:

  • You can accentuate your bed frame with these fairy lights as the bed’s natural accents are emphasized by the glow of the lights.
  • You can also use these lights as wall hangings.  Some wall hangings even have additional decors, like strips of photos from your memorable years and achievements.
  • You can also use fairy lights to add that instant fire effect to your fireplace.  Well, this will be good, especially when you won’t need to add heat to the room but just a glow to light up your boho bedroom. 


bohemian style room
  • Put these lights to emphasize the part of your boho bedroom where you need highlights. They could be on your bookshelves, table, mirrors, or wherever you want them to be.
  • Put lights on a plain corner, so it will still complement the whole set-up of your boho bedroom. 
  • These fairy lights will also look fabulous cascading down from the ceiling of your boho room.
bohemian style room with fairy lights
  1. Add in the Throw Pillows

 bedroom style ideas

Your bohemian bedroom pillows will easily stand out because they can be designed to exude texture, pattern, and color to make your boho room come alive.

Boho Throw Pillow Ideas

Boho Throw Pillow Ideas
  1.  The classic white, textured throw pillow will never go out of style, plus it will match a boho chic room you want to create.
Boho Throw Pillow Ideas
  1. Rainbow-designed throw pillows, textured and bright.  This pillow will surely catch anyone’s attention.
  1. Your boho bedroom should shout your presence, and if you want to do more than just decorate it, put your more personal touch by making a DIY photo pillow.  This is easier with TeckWrap Craft’s sublimation paper.  If you want to learn more about sublimation printing, you may want to check this guide.
sublimation paper by Teckwrap craft
  1. Bright and Oversized pillows will also do great for your boho bedroom.
bohemian inspired throw pillow design
  1. Tassled pillows for that classic bohemian bedroom vibe
Tassled pillows for that classic bohemian bedroom vibe
  1. Hanging Plants Never Go Out of Style


Hanging Plants Never Go Out of Style


There are really no rules set when it comes to using plants to beautify your boho-chic bedroom.  The more plants, the better!

Plants help bring a lush feeling while adding different colors, textures, and shapes to your boho bedroom.


bohemian inspired bedroom


Use large floor plants for empty corners.

large floor plants for empty corners

Suspend multiple plants from hangers

  1. The Ever-Colorful Rug
colorful rugs for the bohemian vibe

Vintage Moroccan rugs are the main attraction of a boho bedroom. Combined elements of boho chic, mid-century modern, and glam all in one.

Vintage Moroccan rugs

A boho bedroom creates tons of attraction stimulating to the eye like layered rugs.

  1. Boho Chic Combinations

Boho Chic Combinations

Do you want to infuse the boho chic bedroom ideas in your bohemian lifestyle?   This kind of boho bedroom has a strong hippie influence, the influx of accessories made of natural materials like rattan, wood, or hemp is common in boho-chic interior decor.

  1. Get the Bohemian Flair

bohemian Flair


With Bohemian Decor it is always “more is more”.

When embellishing your bedroom to exude that Bohemian Flair, your boho bedroom has a range of color schemes, from warm earth neutrals to eye-catching jewel fashions.

3 Boho Bedroom Ideas With the Modern Flair:

  1. Hang a patterned rug or tapestry on a sturdy bamboo pole.  You can then use this as a backdrop.  Identify the main accent to use in your boho bedroom.
  2.  It’s all in the details, like hanging ivory tassels on drawer knobs to convert a modern nightstand to look more bohemian.
  3. With boho, there is no fixed design.  You are welcome to fill your boho bedroom with many contrasting colors.  Notice how this boho bedroom looks.

Get the bohemian modern flair with the modern boho decor!

modern boho decor!


  1. Boho Style Accent Wall

Boho Style Accent Wall

The layering of the plush rugs and bed linens is one thing, the way the wooden headboard layers on the accent wall is another.  Plus the effect that the curtains drape over the windows is another bohemian bedroom inspiration.

  1. Tune In With Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones


Boho bedrooms love boho-chic decorators who use elements inspired by nature. These earthy tones give boho bedrooms the reputation of being gender-neutral.

  1. Colorful Bedding


Colorful Bedding

When thinking of converting your master bedroom to one colorful bedding, remember to choose color schemes that will make your room feel more bohemian.

Your bedding is the main focus of your boho bedroom.  The bed will help build the boho the spirit that is relaxed, casual, and cozy.

What to look for?

Look for a comforter or duvet cover with natural colors like white, beige, and burnt orange.  It doesn’t matter if it will match your bohemian design, your bohemian room will show up soon.

Make sure your bedding has textures that are big like embroidered fabrics with playful accents.  This is where tassels and poms come in.  

Your bedding must have a relaxed feel while being strikingly playful in the eyes.

  1. The Showy Shag Rug

The Showy Shag Rug

Photo from Unsplash

When you enter a bedroom, you notice the bed, the bedroom decor, and also the shag rug. These rugs are a type of carpet with a deep, thick pile, giving the carpet a shaggy appearance.

Do not choose a rug that will just be hidden because it does not strike anything.  Choose a rug that will please the eye and will help highlight your big or small boho bedroom.

How to Choose a Perfect Rug

Select the right size

Before we choose the size, let us remember that there are three options for placing an area rug in a bedroom.

  1. Full bed on the carpet
  2. Partial bed on the rug
  3. Runners on the side of the bed
To help you decide the size of the rug that you need, do this:
  • Take masking tape and measure 36 inches from the wall of all sides and mark it with the tape.  Leave the wall with the bed on its side.  Now, the rectangular shape you get after considering these walls will be the size of your bedroom area rug.
  • The perfect rug should be at least 2 feet extended from the edges of the bed.  It must provide you space to rest on the carpet as you sit on any side of the bed.
  • If you plan to place a sitting bench at one end of the bed, add one foot to the length of your rug.
  • If the bedroom has a small space, select runners for both sides.  These are cheap compared to a rug as there’s a lesser area covered.
  • If the room is large with enough space for different furniture sets, you can select various rugs for each side to set the theme for a particular area.
Select the style

When choosing a style for your rug, what do you prefer?  Is it luxury or comfort?

  • If you choose a luxury wool rug, it is the right choice for your bedroom.
  • If a bedroom has a large space, choose a neutral rug color.  A bold rug will distract your attention and may disturb your sleeping pattern.
  • If your room has a small space, do not choose a rug that has bold color. It will be too much.
  • If the bedroom has solid colors, rugs with lively patterns will complement them,
  • If the room is filled with artwork, choose a solid wool rug.
  • Try to mix and match colors and patterns.
  1. Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket


Do you know that a throw blanket adds an inviting and cozy atmosphere to your bedroom?  A throw blanket can help turn a boring room into a lively boho bedroom.

A throw blanket made of a variety of materials, with a variety of vibrant colors and designs can spruce up your sleeping space.

  1. A Boho Make Over for Your Furniture

A Boho Make Over for Your Furniture

Photo from Unsplash 

A boho makeover for your furniture may be done to maximize resources.  Imagine your old furniture turned into a boho-inspired one with little cost.

No Paint Furniture Make-Over Using Vinyl

Yup! You read it right.  You can now change the appearance of your furniture without painting it.  Use smart vinyl!

Add those extra decor ideas to your furniture to make it feel more boho.  Remember, your bedroom decor must complement each other.

What Types of Furniture Can You Wrap with Vinyl?

The possibility is endless.  You can wrap every piece of furniture you can think of!  Whether you want to rehabilitate an old table with the look of real wood grain, or you’d want to have the brushed steel look to your bed and chairs, you may use vinyl wraps.

The bed adds that extra flair.  So if you want a boho chic design, you may also try chrome or metallic wraps.

These vinyl wraps may be used on the following:
  • Dressers
  • Book cases
  • Table tops
  • Desks
  • Doors
  • Bedpost
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators
bohemian bedroom

Photo from Unsplash

  1. Tribal Prints

Tribal Prints


Tribal Prints stand out with a bohemian bedroom.  The two seem synonymous in some ways.  

The Bohemian- Tribal style is a mixture of ethnic influences from around the world like the most prominent are Morocco, Africa, and Native American origins.  

These boho bedrooms feature stunning warm natural tones like sandy yellows, and warm browns with charcoal and ebony, and of course-whites.  It creates a dramatic yet natural comfortable look.

  1. Wall Decals and Custom Wall Paper

Wall Decals and Custom Wall Paper


Yes!  You’ll see interior designers adding smart vinyl to shelves, ceilings, and even walls.  The wallpaper is making a comeback from the 80’s when it became a craze.

Let’s see how we can use removable vinyl to bedroom walls, to get the expensive wallpaper look we wanted but couldn’t afford.

  1. Privacy Windows


Wall Decals and Custom Wall Paper


How would you like your windows covered with tribal prints?

Although we love big windows we still want privacy.  There are various ways to design your windows so both style and comfort will be met.

When you use removable smart vinyl, you can apply any boho design to it, making your own bedroom stand out.  A geometric pattern can highlight a bohemian bedroom, and also block in natural sunlight when you want to.

17.Wall Decals

Wall Decals


Teck Wrap Craft has a wide collection of vinyl choices that will match your creativity.  Choose from our catalog so you can achieve the boho feel that you want.

craft vinyl


And when you want the striking colors of Galaxy Rainbow which you can use making your tribal prints or wall decals, here is the link to the Large Vinyl Decals for Walls.

The article is a clear guide on how to create large decals using smart vinyl.  The following are the main points to remember:


craft vinyl for bedroom decors



To Sum Up

How can I decorate my bedroom “bohemian style”?

We have talked about the different ideas to create a boho bedroom.  Remember the following main contributors to a boho feel:

Elements of a Bohemian Style Bedroom

  • Tribal prints
  • Bleached wood
  • White walls
  • White bedding
  • Green plants
  • Leather poufs
  • Airy feel
  • Cool colors
  • Vintage pieces
  • Visual stimulation
  • Neutral colors
  • Jute rug
  • Modern art
  • Wall decorations
  • Fairy lights on bed frame
  • Eccentric Light Fixtures on reading nook
  • Tribal prints on bed frame
  • Tassled pillows of different shapes
  • Layered rags
  • Vintage decorative items
  • Wallpapers and Wall Decals

How do I make my room boho aesthetic?

To make your room boho aesthetic, consider the following:

Color Palette

The boho color palette is both plain and bold.  Whether you prefer a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple with just one or two, there must always be one foundation color to anchor all the colors you’ve chosen.

The aesthetic oftentimes includes warm and earthy tones, and a flair for patterns or layering textures.

For a boho feel, lean on natural warm colors into your color palette, like red, orange, and yellow, or just stick to the fairly cool white, giving you the boho feel.  A color scheme is as necessary as all the other color schemes to complement your bohemian bedroom.

Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures are the main dishes of a bohemian bedroom aesthetic.  Remember to use the following:

Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, cotton, and upholster

Layer with soft, delicate textures, including indoor plants and dried flowers

What is the modern boho style called?

bohemian style room


Modern boho style is also called urban boho.  It is a variation of bohemian style, adapting its most prominent elements.  

Elements of Urban Boho

  • Rattan
  • Macrame
  • Ethnic patterns on pillows
  • Rugs

What is modern bohemian bedroom interior design?

Modern bohemian bedroom interior design is a liberated mixture of sleek modern elements combined with boho-chic accents.  This design, especially when used to come up with a bohemian bedroom, mainly focuses on carefree layers of colors, patterns, and textures.

bohemian decor

Final Words

Aesthetic modern bohemian bedroom decor is from clean lines to eclectic.  A bohemian bedroom is both comfortable and cozy.  Bedroom decors contribute to the room feel, from the light fixture to the rugs, contribute to the main room feel.

A bohemian bedroom is creative and carefree, screaming of authenticity and freedom from the status quo contributing to the boho spirit. 

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