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What Vinyl to Use for Wall Decals Plus Tips on How to Apply It

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 If you’re a long-time vinyl crafter, applying decals on small things like mugs or tumblers is not that big of a deal. But what about wall decals? It may be intimidating at first. But with practice and learning tips from this very helpful article, creating wall decals will be easy-peasy in no time.

Before anything else, you might be wondering: what vinyl to use for wall decals? The answer is simple — adhesive vinyl. Never use heat transfer vinyl for your wall decals. Heat transfer vinyl is only used for garments like T-shirts or tote bags.

Also, here’s what you should remember: for outdoor use, permanent adhesive vinyl is recommended. For indoor walls, removable vinyl is fine. Now that you know this basic information, it’s time to learn how to create wall decals and useful tips on how to apply them effectively.

vinyl as wallpaper

Image from Wikimedia by Kakshyaachitra wall decals

What Kind of Vinyl Wall Decals Can You Do?

If you’re a vinyl crafter and have been making money in creating customized merchandise with vinyl, that’s great! Then it’s time to step up and offer wall decal cutting and installation. It’s a great business idea, plus this type of service is in demand for residential and commercial purposes.

Make your DIY wall decals into a business idea, and make good money out of it. So what kind of vinyl wall decals can you do with your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Maker machine? Here are several ideas:

Create a Wallpaper-Like Effect

vinyl as wallpaper

Wallpaper vinyl

Image from Pxfuel

First business idea you can do with vinyl wall decal is a wallpaper. If you’re a starter, you can start with your own wall decals at home. As seen in the photo above, that is an actual wallpaper bought in craft stores or supermarkets.

But do you know you can create these custom decals using adhesive vinyl and your cutting machine? Yes, you can! The design may be intricate, and the installation process may be tricky, but yes it is possible.

You can also cut small vinyl, like butterflies or stars, and stick it to the wall. From afar, this looks like one big wallpaper. This is a perfect idea for newly painted walls for the kid’s or baby’s room. You can do a lot of designs with vinyl decals, your creativity has no limits.

Letters, Quotes, or Sayings

vinyl as wallpaper

Image from Wikimedia by Sylwia Pietruszka

One of the best vinyl decal ideas you can do are letters, motivational quotes, or sayings. This is a great service you can offer to fitness centers, coffee shops, and even restaurants. In the photo seen above, removable vinyl was used indoors.

You can allow your clients to choose the sayings or quotes they want to be placed on their walls. Aside from plain black vinyl, you can also use other patterned or textured vinyl like holographic vinyl. Just make sure the wall and vinyl color contrast with each other so they can be seen clearly from afar.

Vectors or Images

vinyl as wallpaper

Image from Wikimedia by Pascal.manatee

Other than inspirational quotes or sayings, you can also create vector or images wall decals. This is an excellent idea for modern living room designs and even offices. As seen in the photo above, it has a minimalistic feel to it.

A world map with vectors of persons was used for this design. It’s a wonderful design and there’s so much more you can do with your Silhouette or Cricut Machine and of course, a TeckWrap Craft adhesive vinyl.

Business Signages

vinyl for business signages

Permanent adhesive vinyl on glass

Image from Wikimedia by Itsjustaliceok

If you want to go big with your business, then you can start offering this service to commercial establishments for business signages. Once you have offered this to a business, you’ll have more referrals in the future if everyone sees your work.

In the photo above, the vinyl was used on the glass door. Just like outdoor wall decals, permanent adhesive vinyl was used on the glass door window. With vinyl, you can create business logos plus their operational hours.

What Kind of Vinyl to Use for Wall Decals

As mentioned in the first part of this blog post, removable vinyl is recommended for indoor use. While permanent adhesive vinyl is recommended for outdoor use. Why? Read further to understand why it’s important to follow these recommendations.

Removable Vinyl (For Indoor Use)

Here’s a reality when it comes to indoor signages: nothing is forever and your clients might change their minds in the future. Removable vinyl is recommended for temporary application. It sticks well on the wall.

In case the client decides to remove it in the future, they won’t worry about the wall paint coming off. That’s why it’s important to remember this point. However, using removable vinyl outdoor is a big NO-NO.

When removable vinyl is used outdoors and exposed to different weather conditions. It may come off easily. Removable vinyl may only last outdoors for about a year for up to three years. While permanent vinyl may last outdoors for up to eight years.

However, if your client requests that they want a temporary vinyl for outdoor application, you may use removable adhesive vinyl. Establishments like malls use removable vinyl outdoors for different events like Christmas sales or Easter decorations.

Image from Wikimedia by

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl (For Outdoor Use)

For outdoor use, may it be for walls, wood signages, or glass windows, if you want the vinyl to last for a long time, using permanent adhesive vinyl is recommended. This is important to remember so as not to frustrate your clients.

Permanent adhesive vinyl lasts longer than removable vinyl. Additionally, permanent vinyl can withstand different weather conditions. Aside from wall decals, you can also use permanent vinyl on other merchandise like:

  • Tumblers
  • Mugs
  • Cutting boards
  • Wine glasses
  • Mason jars
  • Car decals

Permanent vinyl is hard to remove, so make sure to clear this out with a potential client. Always ask for their purpose or intention for the sign. When you have already installed permanent vinyl on any surface, removing it will not be easy. 

Removing permanent vinyl will require a commercial dryer, adhesive remover, a lot of scraping, and may possibly damage the painted wall. On the other hand, removing removable vinyl is as easy as removing the scotch tape, without worrying about damaging the wall paint.

vinyl for doors

TeckWrap Craft’s Diagonal Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl on glass door

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl for Wall Decals Available at TeckWrap Craft

There are many types of permanent adhesive vinyl available at TeckWrap Craft. You don’t need to stick to plain colors, there are many available textures, patterns, and colors. Here are some of the permanent adhesive vinyl you can use for wall decals, only available at TeckWrap Craft:

  • Rainbow Stripes vinyl
  • Christmas Plaid vinyl
  • Reflective vinyl
  • Galaxy vinyl
  • Opal and Holographic vinyl
  • Color-changing vinyl
  • Glow-in-the-dark vinyl
  • Pattern vinyl
  • Textured metallic vinyl
  • Shimmer and Glitter vinyl
  • Matte finish vinyl
  • Glossy finish vinyl
  • Smart vinyl
vinyl as wall decors

 Vinyl wall Sticker Domitilla Taj Mahal

Image from Wikimedia by Pascal.manatee

Tips for Cutting out a Large Wall Decal

Now that you’re aware of the type of vinyl to use for indoors and outdoors, it’s time to be aware of the tips before you cut vinyl for large wall decals. One of the main issues in creating a large wall sign vinyl is the size of your cutting machine.

Cutting machines are available in different sizes. If you have a big commercial cutting machine at home, then you’re lucky. But if you’re a crafter, with the 12-inch cutting machine, creating large wall decals might be a challenge.

But creativity has no limits. If you’re creative, resourceful, and determined, you can create large wall decals with your 12-inch cutting machine. So here are some tips you can consider if you’re in the process of cutting the vinyl:

  • Depending on the design, you can break the vinyl into smaller parts.
  • TeckWrap Craft vinyl is available in different sizes: 12" x 10 ft, 12" x 5 ft, 12" x 82 ft. Depending on your design, use the right length. You don’t want too much excess vinyl or you don’t want to run out of vinyl in the middle of cutting.
  • Make sure to remember the limits of your cutting machine when it comes to the size of your vinyl. The width should not exceed 12 inches, but the length of the design should be appropriate to the length of the vinyl roll.
  • Unselect the mat option of your Silhouette or Cricut Design Space.
  • Attach the roll feeder to the bottom of the cutting machine. This allows consistent and smooth cutting of vinyl, especially for large outdoor signs.
  • Make sure to change the image size to reflect the size of your design.
  • Always weld the font or image to make sure it’s not overlapping.
  • Always make sure to use mirror design.
  • For freshly painted walls, make sure to wait at least 14 days before applying wall stickers or decals.
  • For wall decals, you can install the vinyl on walls with a non-porous surface. Avoid porous surfaces like cement and brick.
  • Avoid cracked walls when installing vinyl.
  • When installing outdoor vinyl, it’s not the best time to apply vinyl when it’s raining or drizzling.

Do’s and don’ts regarding the surfaces where vinyl can be installed:

Acceptable surface

Non-acceptable surface

  • Non-porous surface
  • Painted walls
  • Flat metals
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Finished wood surfaces
  • Plexi-glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Doors
  • Porous surfaces
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Unfinished walls
  • Drywall
  • Cement
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Porous aluminum
  • Cinder block


vinyl as wall decors

Check out this video on how to attach a roll feeder on your cutting machine

YouTube Source: Brother ScanNCut DX

Supplies Needed for Creating Large Wall Decals

So the mentioned tips above are definite must remember tips. So what’s next? Of course, you need to gather the supplies needed. Here are some things you’re going to need:

  • Cutting machine
  • Measuring tape or tape measure
  • Weeding tool
  • Squeege
  • Transfer tape
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pencil, crayons or chalk for marking
  • Damp cloth or sponge
  • Other supplies for cleaning: water, rubbing alcohol, soap
vinyl for wall decors

Image from Flickr by Andrew Bowden

How to Apply a Wall Decal (From Start to Finish)

Now here’s the tricky part, and you have to pay close attention. Takedown notes of these tips to get familiarized with the whole process, from the cutting to the installation of the wall vinyl. Here’s a step-by-step process:

Measure the Wall

Measure how big the wall decal you want to be. This is to ensure you’re cutting the right measurements of the vinyl. Use a measuring tape for this.

Choose the Vinyl Design You Want to Use

Make sure the design matches the design and should have a contrasting color with the background for the vinyl to pop out. Also, choose the right length of vinyl. If the design is too long, use the 82 ft vinyl roll.

Prepare Your Design on Your Cutting Machine Software

Manually input your desired size. If the design is not proportionate to the length of your vinyl roll, break the design into different parts and cut it one at a time.

Cut the Design on Your Design Space

If you’re confident with the sizes of your design, it’s time to cut the vinyl. Make sure the roller feeder is attached, and the image has been set to mirror settings.

Weed the Vinyl

Once all vinyl has been cut, it’s time to weed the excess vinyl with a weeding tool. Be careful, especially if you have an intricate design.

Transfer the Vinyl to a Transfer Paper

Transfer the design into a transfer paper. For designs broken down into smaller pieces. If you have broken down the design into smaller pieces, this is the time to install it correctly to the transfer paper to make it a one whole wall decal.

Check out this video tutorial on how to cut, weed and transfer vinyl: Beginner Craft Tutorial | Customize a Libbey Cup with TeckWrapCraft Adhesive Vinyl.

Clean the Wall’s Surface

When the design is ready, it’s to clean the wall’s surface. Use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe down the wall. Use rubbing alcohol or soap with water as your cleaning solution.

Place Guide Marks

Make sure to stick the vinyl correctly by placing reference marks using a pencil or chalk. Use a measuring tape to ensure the right position of the wall decal. Take a step back and envision that the design is not tilted.

Take Away the Paper Backing

Take away the vinyl backing or carrier sheet because you won’t need that when placing the vinyl on the wall. All you need is the vinyl and transfer tape.

Place the Vinyl on the Wall

Using the guide marks; it’s time to stick the vinyl with the sticky side exposed against the wall. In case you made a mistake, slowly peel off the vinyl decal and reapply. Do this process slowly but surely.

Eliminate Air Bubbles

Once you’re satisfied with the position and placing of the wall decal, it’s time to eliminate air bubbles using a squeegee. Start at the upper part of the decal and work your way down.

Smoothen the surface until all bubbles are eliminated. Repeat this process twice to ensure the decal securely sticks to the wall.

Peel the Protective Paper

Once you’re confident that all bubbles have been eliminated, it’s time to carefully peel off the protective paper from the design. Start at the top corner, slowly peel back with a 45-degree angle until the protective paper is completely removed.

Once you’re successful doing this on your own, you are ready to accept bigger projects. It may be hard at first, but when you see your creation, it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world.

vinyl as stickers

Image from Wikimedia by

Project Ideas You Can Do With Vinyl Decals

There are a lot of projects you can do with vinyl decals and a Cricut Maker. You can stick vinyl to any type of smooth surface. So if you want to shift the gear, and turn your love for crafts into a business, here are some project ideas you can do with vinyl.

vinyl sticker business

vinyl ideas for decors

Adhesive vinyl on wooden sign

Image from TeckWrap Craft Facebook Page

Permanent adhesive vinyl was used in this wooden sign. This is a perfect outdoor decoration for weddings and any outdoor celebration. A few different types of vinyl were used for the design seen above.

You can also use this as a household decal, especially in the living room. However, if you intend to hang this indoors, then a removable vinyl will do. You can buy this blank wooden sign online on Etsy or at a craft store.

vinyl on flat surface

vinyl sticlers on glass

Adhesive vinyl on mirror

Image from TeckWrap Craft Facebook Page 

Are you thinking of unique gift ideas? Or business ideas that surely sell? Perhaps another decoration at home you can brag to your guests? Then a mirror with custom-printed vinyl is a good idea.

If you want, you can add glass-etching to the mirror. A custom-made gift will always be greatly appreciated. So when you give this gift to a friend or a loved one, they’ll truly appreciate this. Aside from gifting ideas, you can also sell pre-made stickers online to broaden your market.

permanent vinyl on glass

TeckWrap Craft on photo frame

Image from TeckWrap Craft Facebook Page

Give inspirational or motivational quotes as a gift idea to your friends and family, using metallic vinyl on a photo frame. This is an excellent idea, especially with a gold-coated frame. You can use metallic vinyl to match the frame for a better effect.

Coffee shops or restaurants would love this idea. You can offer this product to them and make a profit out of it. You can also use removable vinyl on this type of board, for a restaurant or coffee shop’s menu board.

removable vinyl stickers for indoors

Wall letterings

Image from Wikimedia by Bic - Paul Snoek - Een zwemmer is een ruiter

As seen in the photo above, paint was used for the letterings. But mind you, you can use vinyl for this type of wall decal too. Since this is a bigger design, you’re going to need to break this into smaller pieces.

Depending on the desired size of the design, you can first cut 3-4 lines, and so on and so forth until you finish cutting the whole design. This is a big project and you can use dark-colored vinyl with a glossy finish on white walls for the color to pop out well.

vinyl decors for walls

Image from Pxhere

Coffee shops and restaurants look blank without decorations. You can offer wall decals to coffee shops or restaurants to create their business signages, menus, and inspirational sayings. In the photo seen above, paint was used to create this wall decor.

However, you can create this design using vinyl too. As you can see, in a dark-colored wall, a light-colored vinyl was used so the colors contrast. As you can see, the print pops out well even from afar. This is an important thing to remember when creating wall decals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vinyl Decals Be Used on Walls?

Yes, vinyl decals can be used on walls. However, finished and non-porous walls are the ones recommended. Vinyl won’t adhere properly to unfinished or porous walls.

Do Vinyl Wall Decals Come Off Easily?

Yes, removable wall vinyl comes off easily. Removable vinyl can be used easily without damaging the wall paint. However, permanent vinyl does not come off easily. You’ll need an air dryer and a lot of scrapping to peel off permanent vinyl.

How Long Do Vinyl Wall Decals Last?

Vinyl wall decals last for a long-time, depending on the type of adhesive vinyl you used. Removable vinyl typically lasts for one to three years. While permanent vinyl lasts for three up to eight years.

What Is the Difference Between Decals and Vinyl?

Typically, decals are of one or monotone color designs. On the other hand, vinyl has two or more different colors. Both vinyl and decals are terms used simultaneously.

Does Vinyl Stick To Painted Walls?

Yes, vinyl sticks to painted walls. Ensure that freshly painted walls would dry off for at least 14 days before applying the vinyl sticker.

Can Wall Decals Be Applied on the Bathroom Wall?

Yes, you can place wall decals on the bathroom wall. Ensure to dry out the walls completely. There should be no moisture or humidity on the bathroom walls even for the tiles.

Can Vinyl Be Applied to Wood?

Yes, vinyl can be applied to wood. Permanent and removable vinyl decently sticks to both finished and unfinished wood. If you want the vinyl to adhere easier, sand, coat, cure, or paint the wood.

Can You Use Heat Transfer Vinyl on Walls?

No, you cannot use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on walls. Heat transfer vinyl is only used for garments or fabrics like T-shirts. You’ll be needing a heat press machine to transfer HTV to a garment.

Do Vinyl Decals Ruin Walls?

No, vinyl decals will not ruin walls if you use removable vinyl. Removable vinyl does not ruin the wall paint when peeled off. However, when you use permanent vinyl on walls, you should be careful in removing them as it may cause damage to the wall’s paint.

vinyl as wall decors

Image from Wikimedia by Green Design Studio

Bottom Line

There you have it! A Cricut or Silhouette must be your favorite machine in the world. You can do so many things with it. You can personalize different merchandise like mugs, tumblers, and notebooks. Also, you can make a profit out of it.

Once you’re ready to engage in bigger projects, offering wall decals may be a great business idea. Just remember to take note of the tips above. It may be challenging to create wall decals if you’re not aware of the basic tips and steps.

In the long run, with practice, you can master this craft. Who knows? This may turn into a bigger business. You can monetize your love for crafts, and still enjoy what you’re doing. All of this from the comfort of your home, with a cutting machine and using TeckWrap Craft vinyl.

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