Five Unique Ways to Use Vinyl

Since purchasing my first cutting machine, I have explored so many different ways to use vinyl through my projects. Not only has using vinyl made my creative projects easier and more professional looking, but it has also aided me in home organization, creating personalized gifts, adding fun elements to decor, and so much more!

Today I am sharing 5 unique ways you can use vinyl in your crafts and everyday life.

Nail Art

When I first got my Cricut and started crafting with it, I never imagined being able to create something like nail decals! As I started to learn how to create designs to cut that were incredibly detailed yet still small, I started thinking of “out of the box” ways I could use small decals.

The key to a good nail decal is to avoid thin outlines and stick with more of a solid based design.

A good example is the orange design from my Orangina cut file pack. Make sure to apply a clear topcoat on the vinyl to keep your nails looking fresh for weeks!

Nail Art Vinyl

Car Decals

Ahh, the stick people family window craze! After this became increasingly popular, we started to see more and more people decorate their vehicle & windows with vinyl stickers.

At this time most Cricut or Silhouette users were starting to see the possibility of being able to design their very own decal, and also being able to sell them for significantly less than what was available in stores.

Removable vinyl allows you to adhere literally ~whatever~ you want to your vehicle in a completely weatherproof way, while still being able to easily remove it when you change your mind. We have seen A LOT less stick families lately. Here’s a fun example using my “FREE BRITNEY” (yes, I am a Britney stan) cut file bundle with removable vinyl.

Car Decals


When I first found out about heat transfer vinyl, I could NOT stop making custom clothing. It felt like there were endless possibilities of things I could make myself instead of purchasing.

I started making hoodies with logos for my friends' businesses, family reunion shirts for events, customized varsity name sweaters, funny hats for St. Patrick's day and the list goes on! At first options were sparse, but now we have glitter, neon, textured, and glow in the dark iron-on vinyl.

My absolute favorite heat transfer vinyl is the Neon Collection by Teckwrap. I was afraid that the “wow” factor of the neon would fade after I applied heat and pressure, but was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant the color remained! Here are the sweaters I created for my very own business using the Neon Collection:

Clothing Vinyl

Spice Labels

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with organization. Everything in my home needs to be labeled, boxed, or stored in some way that makes it easy to find what I'm looking for.

There are pretty much vinyl labels in every room of my home, but my spice jars have to be my all-time favorite; partly because I love cooking and partly because they are just pretty to look at!

For this project I used Teckwrap’s Holographic Glass Flower Vinyl in Black to give some dimension, bamboo lid spice jars from Amazon, and white lid spice jars from Amazon.

Spice Labels with Vinyl
Spice Labels with Vinyl

Custom Shirts Christmas Ornaments

This was my first holiday season in a while where I wasn’t moving or traveling, so I was finally able to put up and decorate my Christmas tree!

I have been busy designing my own custom blank ornaments that match the style of my home. I started creating ornaments for friends' first homes, pet portraits, and even memorial pieces.

This is a fantastic gift idea for family and friends, and even a great product to sell around the holiday season. I recently made memory ornaments for a friend's loved one that had passed away; beautiful glass bulbs with a little ladybug to remember her by.

For this special project I used Teckwrap’s solid color vinyl in Red and Black.

Christmas Ornaments with Vinyl

I hope this helps to get the creative juices flowing and shows you that the possibilities are truly endless with vinyl and a cutter! I can’t wait to see all the unique things you create using Teckwrap vinyl.

Thanks for reading and see you back here next week!

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