TeckWrapCraft Vinyl Roll Storage with 24 Compartments

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Proper storage of vinyl rolls is highly imperative for their longevity and right maintenance. In order to make your work area clutter-free, TeckWrap Craft brings you the ultimate solution - its amazing Vinyl Roll Storage with 24 Compartments. This product promises to enhance the shelf-life of your vinyl and gives easy access to your required color at all times. 

Special Features 

This storage is an innovative solution for keeping your craft vinyl safe – a remarkable wall-mounted system that guarantees organization and protection. Our Vinyl Roll Storage is meticulously crafted to securely accommodate rolls of various sizes using wide, durable black elastic bands. These are neither too tight nor too loose. They hold the vinyl snugly without damaging or leaving any marks on it. 

This way, the different colors of the films are always displayed in front of you so you can pick whichever you want according to your craft requirements. You can keep twenty-four rolls in it without any hassle. You will also get twenty storage bags for 12x12 inches vinyl sheets. Hence not only your rolls but also your sheets will be protected as well. 

Apart from effortless access, it also safeguards your rolls from any potential damage or creasing. It is always best to keep the rolls in a vertical position and this product will facilitate doing just that. You have the freedom to arrange your vinyl rolls by type or color, tailoring the setup to your preferences.

Additionally, the storage unit also features convenient small pockets designed to hold essential tools like weeding pens, tweezers, and craft knives. Whether you choose to hang it on a door, wall, or inside a closet, the choice is entirely yours. Embracing this efficient storage solution not only keeps your vinyl rolls in perfect order but also optimizes space, resulting in a clean, organized room.

Our Vinyl Roll Storage is made of sturdy material that will ensure durability and long-lasting performance. It is secured by grommets and has strong straps for hanging. These have stainless steel hooks that secure firmly making it easy to hang the product. Giving the convenience of keeping both the rolls and sheets, our product offers double-sided use keeping your vinyl protected against damaging elements. 

How To Store Vinyl?

In order to get the most out of our Craft Vinyl Roll Storage and maintain the quality and usability of the vinyl, take the following steps:

  • Before inserting the vinyl rolls in the elastic bands or keeping the sheets in the bags, ensure that they are clean and free from any dirt or debris. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the surface of the rolls, removing any dust or fingerprints. 
  • Once you have cleaned the vinyl, we suggest investing in protective sleeves designed specifically for craft vinyl rolls. These are typically made of clear plastic or polypropylene and are available in various sizes. Slip each vinyl roll into its own sleeve to prevent scratches, dust, and damage then secure it with the elastic of our storage. 
  • For further organization, consider labeling the protective sleeves with the type, color, or design of the vinyl roll. This labeling will make it easier for you to locate specific rolls when needed, saving you time and effort.
  • Our storage will keep the vinyl rolls vertical which is quite beneficial. Excessive pressure on a roll can result in surface damage known as mottling. This can cause irreversible harm, especially if multiple rolls are stacked on top of each other or if a full roll is left resting on its side for an extended period. This can leave pressure marks, with glossy and dark-colored vinyl being more prone to showing these compared to light-colored ones. 

To mitigate this risk, it is advisable to store rolls vertically instead of horizontally. This is where our Vinyl Storage comes in handy. Besides offering ergonomic benefits, our product keeps the vinyl vertical which significantly reduces the amount of pressure exerted on the rolls. 

  • You can hang our storage at any convenient place away from damaging elements. Craft vinyl rolls are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. It's best to store them in a cool, dry environment with stable conditions. Avoid areas that are prone to temperature fluctuations, such as attics or basements, as these can lead to warping or adhesive damage. This will also damage the release liner resulting in waviness along the edge of the vinyl.
  • Sunlight can cause fading and heat damage to craft vinyl rolls. You can hang our storage in a location away from direct sunlight or any other sources of UV rays to preserve their colors and quality.
  • It is also important to avoid storing vinyl rolls near heat sources such as radiators, heating vents, or appliances. High temperatures can affect the adhesive on the rolls, making them difficult to work with. 
  • Our Vinyl Roll Storage also ensures minimum touch. When handling craft vinyl rolls, you have to be gentle and avoid touching the adhesive side. Hold them by the edges or inner core to prevent fingerprints or accidental damage.This is made possible with our product.
  • It is important to periodically check your craft vinyl rolls for any signs of damage, such as wrinkles, tears, or adhesive issues. If you notice any problems, take appropriate action, such as using them sooner or considering replacement. With rolls displayed right in front of you in our Vinyl Roll Storage, you can easily check each one to make sure they are well protected and in impeccable condition. 

By using our premium quality Storage and following these guidelines, you can ensure that your craft vinyl rolls remain in excellent condition, ready for creative projects.

Get The Best Roll Storage!

Save your investment, make your workspace clutter-free, and ensure an organized and efficient set-up with our Craft Vinyl Roll Storage. This excellent product is a must-have for those who take their crafting seriously and settle for nothing less than perfect!

Features And Specifications

  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Made with sturdy material.
  • Keeps vinyl rolls safe from detrimental elements. 
  • High-capacity vertical storage. 
  • Elastic bands for keeping the rolls in place.
  • 24 compartments for rolls.
  • 20 bags for 12x12 inch vinyl sheets. 
  • Color: Black.
  • Pockets for storing craft tools.
  • Double-sided use.
  • Wall mounted or hung on doors or in closets. 


Customer Reviews

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I love this product, I was able to put my rolled vinyl and sheets of vinyl in this one storage holder. I will be purchasing another on in the future.
Thank you 😇🥰

Laurie Wilson
What was I waiting for?!!

I ordered two of the vinyl roll storage racks and I couldn't be more pleased. I now have more room to walk in my craft room as my rolls were previously in bins on the floor. I should have done this sooner!


Can’t move it from place to place

Katie Keating
Perfect for vinyl storage

I love this! I’m able to see what I have and have it easily accessible. I appreciate that it came with hooks to hold it on a door or wall. I decided to hang it on the side of a tall cabinet and it works great!


It's good for holding vinyl. Would be better if it had 4 holes (2 holes at each end) and 2 straps to hang. With the 2 holes close together in the center, and almost full, it folds in, in the center. With less rolls it folds in even more. Maybe if the back is full of 12x12 sheets it might not fold in.

TeckWrapCraft Vinyl Roll Storage with 24 Compartments

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