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Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl
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Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Peach Yellow Rose
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Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl
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Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl 5ft Rainbow Hearts
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Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

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Pattern Vinyl 

Attention crafters! Are you ready to take your projects to the next level? The Pattern adhesive vinyl at TeckWrap Craft might be just the tool that you’re looking for! This versatile crafting material comes in an array of designs offering numerous applications. Use eye-catching patterns to add a personal touch to your projects and make your designs highly distinctive.

pattern vinyl

The Amazing Variety in Pattern Vinyl


Our Pattern vinyl collection has an incredible variety of designs for every style, preference, and occasion. It offers a world of creativity and aesthetic possibilities in the realm of crafting and DIY projects. Its beauty lies in its ability to effortlessly transform ordinary items into personalized works of art.  We offer the following in this category:

opal blue pattern vinyl

Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

Want to add a touch of glamor and brilliance to your project? Our Holographic Opal Pattern adhesive vinyl is definitely your best bet! Available in 11 different styles, colors, and patterns, this vinyl material has a unique and exquisite look.

It is a mesmerizing material that captivates with its ethereal beauty. Its stunning, shifting colors and iridescent shimmer create a dazzling, almost magical effect that sets it apart from other crafting materials. When applied to various surfaces, from notebooks to phone cases, or even as embellishments on home decor items, it adds an enchanting and otherworldly dimension.

This vinyl reflects and refracts light in a way that seems to create an ever-changing, prismatic display, giving any project a unique, almost cosmic allure. It has a glossy and smooth finish and is available in different patterns such as leopard, mermaid scales, rose, geometric, red dots, and ice cubes. Our vinyl has the ability to infuse a touch of enchantment into creations, turning them into extraordinary works of art.

Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl

This is another one of our best-selling products. It is available in two colors: plaid green and plaid white. The pattern is perfect for Christmas and holiday-themed projects and decorations. It’s incredibly easy to cut and weed, and the smooth, matte finish ensures that your designs will always stand out!

Buffalo plaid holds cultural significance as a symbol of rugged heritage and outdoor traditions. Over the years, it has evolved from a practical pattern into a fashion icon and holiday symbol, representing both a rustic charm and a touch of rebellion. Our Buffalo Plaid adhesive vinyl takes this classic and iconic pattern to a whole new level of creative expression.

With its adhesive backing, this vinyl is a versatile and user-friendly crafting material that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Crafters can easily transform everyday objects into stylish, on-trend pieces with the instantly recognizable color combinations that buffalo plaid is known for. Our vinyl not only pays homage to the rich heritage but also allows crafters to infuse their DIY creations with a classic yet contemporary flair.

Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

This is also our top seller. It’s perfect for transforming your art projects from a simple, classic look to something fun and creative! It is available in two patterns: rainbow leopard print and rainbow hearts. It is abreathtakingly beautiful and enchanting material that sparks creativity and wonder in crafters and artists alike.

Its allure lies in the way it mimics the stunning and ever-changing colors of the rainbow, creating a mesmerizing, iridescent effect that seems to dance with light. It adds an instant touch of magic and whimsy to any project. The holographic nature of this vinyl reflects and refracts light, producing a prismatic display that shifts and shimmers with movement, evoking a sense of enchantment and joy.

Durability at its Best!

Our Pattern adhesive vinyl films are durable and long-lasting. They boast a strong adhesive that forms a secure bond with a variety of clean, smooth, and dry surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastic, and paper, without peeling or lifting over time. They are able to withstand various environmental factors like moisture, UV exposure, and temperature changes without fading, cracking, or deteriorating. Hence they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

camouflage pattern vinyl


A wide range of color options in these allows for creative and customized projects. Furthermore, our Pattern vinyl is non-toxic and safe to use, so you can make items for children or embellish utensils that come in contact with food without any apprehensions about health hazards.

Ease of Application

Our Pattern vinyl is easy to cut, weed and apply. If you are a novice, you will be able to learn the method of application in no time. For professionals, making exquisite crafts with it is a breeze. Our vinyl films are compatible with all electronic vinyl cutters. Simply follow the recommended settings included on the packaging, and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

A very important factor for ease of application is to have the right tools to make work less time-consuming. If you are planning to take crafting seriously invest in an automated cutting machine, cuttingmat, weeding tools, and a squeegee.

Make sure that the surface you are applying our Pattern vinyl to is completely clean and dry. You can wash it and then wipe it with isopropyl alcohol to remove all traces of grease, dirt, and debris. Finalize a design then place the vinyl on the cutting mat and load it in the cutting machine. Once your design is cut, weed out extra vinyl using a weeder, tweezer, or a weeding pen. You can get all these accessories from us at TeckWrap Craft.

pattern vinyl

When you have your final design ready, apply transfer tape to it and smooth it out with a squeegee. Remove the releaseliner from the vinyl design and place it on the substrate where you want it to be. Apply the squeegee once again with a slight pressure to make the design adhere to the surface. Once it is done remove the transfer tape slowly at an angle and your amazing Pattern vinyl design is ready to flaunt.

The Myriad Uses of our Superb Craft Vinyl

Our Pattern adhesive vinyl is a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of DIY and craft projects. Its design adds a decorative element to your creations. Here are some of the craft ideas that you can employ:

  • Create custom decals for your laptop, phone, water bottles, or car windows using our Pattern adhesive vinyl. You can write your name or a witty message using our Holographic or Holo Rainbow Pattern vinyl. The design of the film adds a unique touch.
  • Youcan decorate various items in your home, such as vases, picture frames, candles, or mirrors. You can also create decorative wall art and decals. You can use Buffalo Plaid adhesive vinyl especially to make decorations for the holiday season.
  • Make your own party decorations, including banners, cupcake toppers, and party favors. Pattern vinyl adds a festiveand personalized touch to your celebrations. Design seasonal decorations for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. Our Pattern vinyl allows you to create festive and themed decor.
  • Make personalized gifts like mugs, coasters, and decorated glasses by applying our Pattern vinyl with names, quotes, or special messages. These hold a special place and act as meaningful presents.
  • You can also create stylish and functional labels for containers, pantry items, and storage bins. The patterns can add a pop of color and organization to your space.If you are into scrapbooking,incorporate our Pattern adhesive vinyl into it. You can use it to embellish pages, create borders, or make unique cards.
  • Decorate glassware like wineglasses, tumblers, or mason jars with our Pattern vinyl. You will have a set like no one else. You can even start a small-scale business selling these.
  • Craft your own custom jewelry pieces by applying pattern vinyl to earrings, pendants, or bracelets made from suitable materials like acrylic or wood. You can even turn craft blanks available with us into exquisite jewelry pieces.

Introduce Amazing Patterns to Your Crafts!

With patterned vinyl, you cantransform ordinary crafting projects into brilliant masterpieces and add your own personal touch to them. So what are you waiting for? Explore the Pattern adhesive vinyl collections available on our website, grab a few rolls, and express yourself like never before!

pattern vinyl