12 Ideas for Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

It is always a cake to look forward to when you’ve got hilarious, funny wedding cake toppers!  Just thinking about marriage entails thinking about these words from Groucho Marx, “Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?”  

That’s why wedding cakes with hilarious cake toppers have become the channels that show lots of hilarious things abounding in something as serious as a wedding.  

The Usual Cake Toppers




Back then, cake toppers were made of sticks and cardboard paper.  Years later, styrofoam cake toppers were born.  It was decades after when plastic, wood, and vinyl led the cake toppers industry.

Acrylic Round and Hexagon Discs Blanks as Cake Toppers

craft blanks for cake toppers

These are acrylic round and hexagon disc blanks from TeckWrap.  They can embellish the cake or cupcakes or be used with a stand to mark the items on display in a bakery or a small business.

You can even make keychains, pendants, Christmas ornaments, magnets,  coasters, and tags for backpacks, purses, and gifts with them.

When inspiration strikes, all you have to do is to get your creative juices flowing and start crafting an exquisite piece of artistry.    


  • Durable, thin, and long-lasting.
  • Made up of plain, acrylic, waterproof material that is easy to design.
  • Covered with a protective film for scratch-free delivery.
  • A single set contains 5 pieces.
  • Diameter: 8cm and 10cm.
  • Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Shipping: Worldwide

Ideas for Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Your cake toppers can be as catchy, creative, and hilarious as you want them to be.  Here are some ideas you can put on these blanks from TeckWrap or add to your crafting projects.

1. Hilarious Quotes

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny quotes are great add-ons to cake toppers.  Different cake toppers can embellish even cupcakes.  You can design a collection of special memories to top your special day cakes or cupcakes.

2. Funny Photos of the Couple

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers
Images from Canva

These shots are not only memorable but are also scene-stealers being on top of a wedding cake or cupcakes.  You may put pictures such as these on the craft blanks from TeckWrap.


Cake Toppers

3. Bride in Charge Cake Topper

This “Bride in Charge” cake topper is a hilarious depiction of how marriage is- the man giving in to the woman.  This cake topper shows the bride wearing her man’s pants under her wedding dress, and the man or groom is left pant-less and seemingly clueless about the entire scenario.

4. The Bridal Carry Cake Topper

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers
Photo by Elstef form PxHere

The groom carries the bride in his arms-one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back.  This known “carrying” position has been used to denote a romantic relationship, and as for marriage, it shows how marriage should be the man supporting the woman.

5. The Reluctant Wife Cake Topper 

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers
Image from Daily Mail Reporter

The Daily Mail Reporter, in its June 19, 2012, updated post, The Daily Mail Reporter featured this quite funny yet awkward cake topper.  In this cake topper, the groom drags his seemingly reluctant wife by the ankle.  You are right for thinking this cake topper is scandalous, but for the bride and groom who have decided to make their vows permanent, funny wedding cake toppers are surely memories they’ll keep.

6. Behind the Scenes Cake Topper

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers
Image from Etsy

This cake topper from Etsy may seem too sensual or direct, but humor such as this is greatly appreciated at weddings.

Made of the usual figurines used as cake toppers, this cake topper may be kept for a long time to seal memories made during your wedding day.  Although it may seem too bold, it depicts the real scenario between couples.

7. A Slappy Wedding Cake Topper

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Image from historymaniacmegan.com 

Dirty and bold, yes, this cake topper is.  Weddings must be serious about the vows, but the party after the ceremony should make weddings memorable.

8.A Match Made in Heaven Cake Topper

Classic and not scandalous, this sweet “Match Made in Heaven.” The cake topper is romantic and meaningful.

Many say, “Marriages are made in heaven but then again so are thunder and lightning.”

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

9.The Gangster Couple Cake Topper

Funny and cute, this cake topper shows the groom and bride holding weapons of defense, perhaps wanting to say that no one must meddle with their marriage, or else….

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

10.The Strong Bride Cake Topper

In a relationship, the man used to be seen as the one with a strong personality.  But in this cake topper, the woman or the bride is carrying the groom using just one shoulder.  Such a strong woman!

Wedding Cake Toppers
Photo by form PxHere


11. Honeymooners Cake Toppers

This honeymooners cake topper shows the bride and groom ready to be on their honeymoon.  Quite a show!

Hilarious Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

12. Customized Bride and Groom Photos Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers are fantastic!  Why not?  Make the paper bride and groom cutouts and customize them with your photo.

How to make your own DIY Cake Topper?

Let out your creative juices with Cricut cutting machines.  You can always think of more ways to make a cake topper exciting, not just for decorative purposes. Customize your own cake toppers now!

You may make your own cake topper.  You can bring your ideas to life!

A personalized cake topper will be extra special.  The details of the process are super easy.  Read on to learn more about it.

craft blanks for cake toppers
Like this editable template.

Things to Know in Customizing Cake Toppers in Cricut Design Space

A custom cake topper is fun to work on as you are the master of what output you want.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Difficulty:  Beginner

Materials:  Glitter Cardstock paper, spatula, scraper, tweezers and cutting mats set from TeckWrap, hot glue gun, double-sided tape or glue pen tools, and your cutting machine.

Tool Kit by TeckWrap

Teckwrap craftiing tool kit



The Process

  1. Click on images in Cricut Design Space and then type “cake topper” in the search bar.  More than a thousand results will show up.  Cake toppers for different occasions will fill the space.  Find the best one for your planned project using your Cricut machine.
craft blanks for cake toppers
  1. Also, when using this Cricut machine, customizing your DIY cake topper will be a breeze.  This machine is used for designing and cutting your vinyl.  The easiest way to design cakes is to add names to your DIY cake topper.
creating design for craft blanks
  1. Remember, the best material for a DIY cake topper is cardstock.  It is a thick and sturdy paper.
  2. When making Cricut cake toppers, you can change the material settings between cuts so they’ll match the different materials you want to use.
  3. Designing Cricut cake toppers in Cricut Design Space isn’t hard at all.  Just follow all the directions.
  4. You will load a new mat for each different color.  You’ll do this until your complete design is cut out.
  5. When removing a glitter cardstock from the mat, turn the mat upside down, peeling it away from the cardstock.
  6. For your topper stand you can use a wooden dowel, bamboo skewers, plastic floral sticks, paper straws, or toothpicks for your topper stand.  Your choice of a cake topper holder will depend on how tall you want your topper off the cake.
  7. You may glue the wooden stick to the back of your designs when your design has long stabs.  If your design doesn’t allow this, you may use a hot glue gun to glue straws or sticks to the back of the topper.
  8. Now, place the topper on the cake!  You are ready to DIY your cake toppers be that for a birthday, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, or any occasion.

How big are your cake toppers?

So, how big are cake toppers supposed to be?  Learn about these tips to ensure you’ve got the right-sized cake toppers.

If your cake is about 8” wide and will fit nicely on a cake of the same size.  If  you want to decorate a larger cake, you can increase the width to 10”.

But what if you have a small cake?  Well, it is not recommended that you cut the toppers smaller than their original size.

How big are cupcake toppers?

Cupcake toppers are like cake toppers, the smaller version, though.  They should be about 3” wide for the best effect!  So, you now know what to do for your next party.

Celebrate your big day with TeckWrap Craft!

Learning how to craft personalized toppers for birthdays,  anniversaries, weddings, or any occasion is a skill and a lucrative habit.  Before you know it, voila your habit is already a business!

For a festive cake topper with the sentiment you want to send, use quality craft materials that you’ll surely have fun creating your masterpieces!

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