Fun and Creative Family Vacation Shirt Ideas

Chameleon heat transfer vinyl
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Going on a family vacation is a great way to bond as a family. It can even be more fun and exciting when you travel in style! If you are a crafting mom, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make family vacation shirts to mark an important family trip.

Grab your vinyl and make your cutting machine do some magic. Nothing could be more priceless than seeing your whole family’s big smiles and wearing their custom shirts! This is a sign that you’re going to have a great vacation!

Why make custom family vacation T-shirts?

Customized T-shirts encourage unity and the togetherness of the whole family. If you are doubtful about making a family trip shirt or not, don't overthink, and just do it! Custom family vacation T-shirts are cool to look at and show the love of the whole family for each other.

Customized family vacation shirts keep the whole family excited and looking forward to the family trip.

So, before you head out the door, don't forget to pack the whole family’s customized shirt!

HTV Color Guide Chart

TeckWrap Craft offers a wide collection of heat transfer vinyl for you to choose from. You can make countless t-shirt decals using different HTV. You can layer different types of HTV to make your designs more attractive and one-of-a-kind. Here is a color guide chart for metallic, chameleon, glitter, holographic, and regular-colored HTV:

metallic chameleon and glitter htv

Image fromTeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


HTV color chart Image fromTeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you are a beginning crafter, you may find TeckWrap Craft’s PU metallic HTV very attractive, affordable, and maintenance-free. It is durable and simple to use for it is compatible with most craft cutters. It is easy to weed and can easily transfer to cotton fabrics.


PU Metallic HTV in Rose Gold
PU Metallic HTV in Rose Gold
Also Available in Rainbow Stripes, Silver, Dull Gold, Peacock Blue, and Flame Red


This smooth and luxurious-looking vinyl is stretchable and thin which is perfect for shirt decals, home decor, and many more. This vinyl can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Another equally amazing metallic vinyl that you may want to consider is the glossy pearlescent metallic HTV. If you are looking for a vinyl that adds shine and bling to your decal, this is the vinyl of choice! This vinyl is lightweight and durable making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer.


Glossy Pearlescent Metallic HTV in Gold
Glossy Pearlescent Metallic HTV in Gold
Also Available in Lilac, Mint, Rose Gold, and Cyan Blue


This vinyl can easily be heat pressed to T-shirts, hoodies, pillowcases, bags, and many more. This can strongly adhere to cotton fabrics, as well as to dry and smooth surfaces. It is compatible with most vinyl cutters.

When working with glossy pearlescent metallic HTV, you should adjust your heat-press settings from 130℃ (266℉) to 140℃ (284℉). Press the vinyl for 8-12 seconds with medium pressure. This vinyl is a cold peel which means you need to wait for the vinyl to cool down before removing its backing.

You may want to try TeckWrap Craft’s latest addition, the soft metallic HTV. You can hype up your fashion pieces with this eye-catching and tantalizing vinyl for your T-shirts, aprons, and hoodies. This vinyl is soft, durable, and stretchable making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer.


Soft Metallic HTV in Luxury Gold
Soft Metallic HTV in Luxury Gold
Also Available in Rose Gold, Purple Pink, Flame Red, Rainbow Silver, Sapphire Blue, and Apple Green

This vinyl has a strong adhesive that can stick well to cotton fabrics. This is a waterproof vinyl and can withstand multiple washes still looking brand new. This new collection is easy on the hands and a great fit for DIY crafters.

Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl

Making dazzling decals has never been this easy with TeckWrap Craft’s chameleon HTV. Chameleon HTV is a cotton-friendly vinyl that is durable and versatile making it suitable for shirt decals, designs for hats or bags, and even home decor.


Chameleon Heat transfer vinyl in Gold charm purple
Chameleon HTV in Gold charm purple
Also Available in Purple Charm Blue, Gold Charm Green, Purple Charm Red, Purple Charm Cyan-Blue,and Purple Charm Green


This HTV is compatible with most vinyl cutting machines and is easy to weed and transfer. For applying chameleon HTV on fabrics, adjust the heat press from 150℃ (302℉) to 160℃ (320℉). Apply medium pressure for 8-12 seconds. This is a cool peel HTV so you need to remove the backing once the vinyl has cooled down.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

For a glittery effect, you can definitely go for TeckWrap Craft’s glitter HTV. Glitter HTV can make you create amazing design patterns for T-shirts, bags, aprons, and a lot more for a minimal cost.

Glitter Heat transfer vinyl in Coffee Gold
Glitter HTV in Coffee Gold
Also Available in Black, White, Colorful White, Red, Silver, Gold, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Neon Peachy, and many more


This vinyl has a strong and waterproof adhesive that can be loaded onto the washing machine. It is stretchable, thin, and lightweight making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer. You can expect a clutter-free workspace with glitter HTV.

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you are looking for a vinyl that can make your t-shirt decal seem to dance when hit by sunlight, then the holographic HTV of TeckWrap Craft is highly recommended. Holographic HTV displays a rhinestone effect with 20 glistening colors.

Holographic HTV in Crystal Silver
Holographic HTV in Crystal Silver
Also Available in Sky Blue, Orange, Royal Blue, Pink, Black, Violet, Green, Purple, Gold, Aqua, Fuschia, Silver, and many more


This 3D prism-like vinyl is durable, thin, and flexible making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer. This can be used on T-shirts, pillowcases, bags, and other smooth surfaces made of cotton fiber. When working with Holographic HTV, adjust the heat press from 150℃ (302℉) to 160℃ (320℉). Press for 8-12 seconds with medium pressure applied. This is a cold peel vinyl.

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

You can’t go wrong with using regular-colored vinyl. Yes, if you are starting with crafting and experimenting is far from your mind, you can hit the jackpot with TeckWrap Craft’s PU heat transfer vinyl.


PU HTV in Fuschia
PU HTV in Fuschia
Also Available in White, Black, Yellow, Khaki Green, Red, Blue, Gray, Gold, Silver, Light Green, Purple, Green, Sky Blue, Orange, Pink, Lemon Yellow, and many more


PU HTV is a standard and classic vinyl that has a smooth and glossy texture. This is a thin and stretchable vinyl making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer. You can make various shirt decals or designs from team initials to slogans.

This HTV is durable and can withstand harsh outdoor environments. This HTV is compatible with most vinyl cutting machines. You can be creative with PU HTV for aprons, bags, bedsheets, T-shirts, pillowcases, other fashion pieces, and a lot more.


Family Vacation Shirt Ideas

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

Ideas for Family Vacation Shirts

Going on a family vacation is always a happy moment. A family vacation shirt is just a shirt, but it speaks volumes about your loving family and the importance that you instill in each one. Below are some design ideas you can get inspiration from for your next family vacation shirt:

Beach Vacation Design

Most families love the beach and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the waves and heat of the sun. Do you have a design idea in mind already? If not yet, the pictures below show some fantastic beach design ideas.


Beach design Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

For your design, you may use PU metallic HTV in rainbow stripe if you want to show off a rainbow design like the design above. You can use glitter vinyl for the palm trees. You can further enhance it by adding the names of each family member.

As for the sample design below, you can get creative using mirror chrome HTV and colorful splash HTV. Combining these two types of heat transfer vinyl looks amazing! The design is shouting out F-U-N!


Mirror Chrome HTV and Colorful Splash Vinyl
Screenshot Image by @sincerely.barbie from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Surfing Design

If your family not only loves the beach but also enjoys bonding over surfboards, then you may try out these design samples below. You can try combining PU HTV and holographic HTV. You can play around with different font styles and images.

You can also make a simple design like spelling out S-U-R-F by using different colors of HTV with an intricate and fun design incorporated into the letters. The design looks vibrant and cheerful, perfect for family vacation shirts!


Holographic HTV
Image by @hilocalligraphy from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page
surf design htv

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Family Trip to Disneyland

If Disneyland is your next go-to destination for your family vacation, then you should definitely go there with matching tees! You don’t have to stick with the conventional white or black T-shirts. You can experiment with other shirt colors as well as play around with different types and colors of HTV.

Image by @creations_byjulisa from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

For the sample design above, you may try the holographic HTV in stripe. You can create Mickey Mouse’s head and make decals with the names of each family member. If you want to keep it simple yet striking, you may use regular-colored HTV. You can make both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse designs as well as labels like Dad, Mom, Big Brother, Big Sister, and Baby.

Image by @mylittletreasuresco from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Road Trip or Camping

Aside from Disneyland and the beach, enjoying the woods and going camping is also a fun family trip. If you want to make a similar design as to the samples below, you can give chameleon HTV and colorful camouflage HTV a go!


Chameleon Vinyl
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page



Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Family Vacation T-Shirts When Traveling to Other Places

Thinking about a quick visit somewhere new? If the whole family is thinking of going to a different state or country for the summer or holidays, having a family vacation shirt is still awesome! You can play around with chameleon HTV or neon glitter HTV!


family vacation shirt ideas

Image by @anjelicamarie_designs from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


family vacation shirt idea

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

HTV Application

HTV is a fun vinyl to use. It can make your shirt crafting dreams come alive. With HTV you need to invest in a few equipment to support your crafting journey. You would need to invest in either a heat press or an iron, or both.

Working with HTV, you should take into account the types of fabric as well as decal size that would perfectly suit the fabric you are working on. If you are a beginning crafter, you may want to look into the different heat press settings when working with HTV.

Ready For Another Adventure?

Are you ready for the next big family trip? If yes, grab those vinyl and get crafting! Your excitement can fuel your mind for creative designs to keep on flowing.

There is no perfect time to make customized family vacation shirts. Now is the right time to make family vacation T-shirts that you can pack anytime without stress. What are you waiting for? Go, start crafting!

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