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Vinyl Craft Wholesale Program of TeckWrap Craft

If you need a bulk order of vinyl or want to resell TeckWrap vinyl, avail of the vinyl craft wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft. Enjoy big discounts by availing the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft. Simply send an email to craft@teckwrap.com and one of our professional representatives will get back to you soon.

TeckWrap Craft ships inside and outside the U.S. You can register on the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft and avail of the adhesive craft vinyl, heat transfer vinyl and the accessories too. Reach out to us now and send an email to avail of the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft

The Benefits of Buying Vinyl Wholesale

If you're a business owner of a printing shop or plan to be a distributor, you know that buying wholesale comes with plenty of benefits. Here are several benefits of availing the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft:

  • Avoid costly shipping fees
  • Buying in bulk means you can enjoy discounted prices
  • No more waiting time for the vinyl you wanted to be shipped to your house
  • A great business idea with small investment and big returns 

If you intend to become a reseller or distributor of TeckWrap Craft, whether in a walk-in craft store or online, you are carrying a craft brand that’s trusted and well-known. With minimal marketing, TeckWrap Craft products will sell themselves. 

Here at TeckWrap Craft, you can wholesale the following products — craft adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, beer can glasses and other crafting accessories like weeding pen, cutting mats and transfer tape. Here are the products available at TeckWrap Craft. 

Craft Vinyl Wholesale Program

Here are the craft vinyl products available at TeckWrap Craft. These are craft vinyl that can be used on projects like personalized tumblers, glass wares, greeting cards, wooden signs and many more. You’ll need transfer tape when using craft vinyl, which you can wholesale at TeckWrap Craft as well. 

  • 001G Series Craft Vinyl (Glossy)
  • 001M Series Craft Vinyl (Matte)
  • New Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • New Glossy Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Opal Adhesive Vinyl
  • Pearlescent Opal Adhesive Vinyl
  • Candy Color Craft Vinyl
  • NEW Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl
  • Clear Cold Color Changing Adhesive Craft Vinyl (Translucent)
  • Neon Cold Color Changing Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Heat Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl
  • Satin Brush Adhesive Vinyl
  • Mirror Chrome Adhesive Vinyl
  • Holographic Glossy Rainbow Craft Vinyl
  • Holographic Sparkle Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Diagonal Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Textured Metallic Adhesive Vinyl
  • Metallic Satin Chrome Adhesive Vinyl
  • Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Galaxy Rainbow Vinyl
  • Reflective Adhesive Vinyl
  • Glow In The Dark Vinyl
  • UV Color Changing Vinyl
  • Glitter Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl
  • Glitter Polka Dots Craft Vinyl
  • Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl
  • Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl
  • Holographic Glass Flower Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Holographic Cobblestone Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Holographic Starlight Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • 001G Series Craft Vinyl (Glossy)
  • 001M Series Adhesive Craft Vinyl (Matte)
candy color vinyl
opal craft vinyl
color changing vinyl
textured metallic vinyl
rainbow stripes vinyl
reflective adhesive vinyl
glow in the dark vinyl reference chart
patterned vinyl
buffalo plaid adhesive vinyl
shimmer & glitter adhesive vinyl
glossy craft vinyl

TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl comes in different colors and patterns. If you intend to create as many crafts or become a reseller, it is best to buy as many designs and colors as you can. If you’re unsure which product and color to purchase, TeckWrap Craft also carries starter packs.

Here’s the color catalog of craft vinyl for your reference: 

vinyl color catalogue

vinyl color catalogue

Heat Transfer Vinyl Wholesale Program

Aside from craft vinyl, TeckWrap Craft sells heat transfer vinyl too! If you take a look at the collections, you’ll be amazed at the custom t-shirts, canvas bags and many more projects you can create. When printing heat transfer vinyl on a fabric, you’ll be needing a heat press machine or an EasyPress machine. 

Here are the heat transfer vinyl you can purchase wholesale at TeckWrap Craft, coupled with several sample photos of the product: 

  • Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets (10"X12"X5 Sheets)
  • Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Opal Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Glow In The Dark Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Flag Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Colorful Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Snowflakes Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Glossy Pearlescent Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Neon Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • UV Clear Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • UV Neon Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Pastel Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • PU Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • PU Marble Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Neon PU Heat Transfer Vinyl 
PU Heat Transfer Vinyl
Color-Changing Vinyl
Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl
Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl
Animal print heat transfer vinyl
Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

Not familiar with the colors of the heat transfer vinyl at TeckWrap Craft? No worries! Here a quick view of the color catalog you can refer to: 

heat transfer vinyl at TeckWrap Craft product catalog

If you plan to avail the wholesale program, don’t forget to purchase the sample kits too! This way, you’ll know the actual color or pattern you want to order. The sample books come in 5 different color wheels, grouped into different categories, so you may want to get your hands in all of them. 

sample kits heat transfer vinyl


Other than the craft and heat transfer vinyl, TeckWrap Craft also carries other tools for your printing needs. All of which you can purchase wholesale. Here are other products you can buy for wholesale at TeckWrap Craft:

  • Silicone Slap Bracelets
  • Sample Book Set
  • Sample Kit
  • Mint Squeegee 
  • Tweezer
  • Cutting Mats Set
  • Scrap Collector
  • Plain Color Mermaid Weeding Pen
  • Mermaid Weeding Pen
  • Glitter Sparkle Weeding Pen
  • Glitter Green Weeding Pen
  • Opal Tool Pouch
  • Weeding Pen
  • Weeder
  • Tool Kit
  • 20oz 4 Beer Can Glasses With Bamboo Lid (NO STRAW)
  • 16oz 4 Beer Can Glasses With Bamboo Lid (NO STRAW)
  • Sublimation Paper 8.3"X 11.7" For Inkjet Printer With Sublimation Ink 100g (100sheets)
  • Transfer Tape
  • Red Grid Transfer Tape

Every crafter knows that you’ll not only need vinyl for any project, you need accessories as well. As a dealer, you should have these products on hand too! Expect top-notch quality accessories at TeckWrap Craft for a reasonably affordable price. 

Make the Most of Your Craft Vinyl and HTV Business Now!

What are you waiting for? Enjoy big discounts and buy in bulk at TeckWrap Craft. Whether you want to buy in bulk for your future craft projects or want to be an exclusive dealer of TeckWrap Craft, message us now at craft@teckwrap.com

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