Crafting and Heat Transfer Vinyl Store Near Me

Are you wondering, "is there a vinyl store near me?" If so, look no further than TeckWrap Craft Vinyl! We understand that crafters want access to high-quality heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and adhesive vinyl products.

That's why we've made it our mission to provide only the most premium vinyl sheets and rolls with a variety of sizes, height, colors, and patterns.

Here at TeckWrap Craft, we produce various products, from heat transfer vinyl to adhesive vinyl rolls; you'll find it all in our online store. You'll also find tons of great accessories that you should add to your cart!


Our vinyl and accessories are also compatible with various brands, including Cricut and Silhouette Cameo. With affordable prices, fast delivery, hassle-free online shopping, and excellent customer service, we're sure to become your go-to destination for all of your vinyl product needs!

Online Vinyl Store For Everyone

Our easy-to-use online store has vinyl products to suit everyone. Whether you're a complete beginner or a pro at making unique creations, you'll find something to suit you.

If you're a beginner, why not try our best-selling TeckWrap Craft Starter Sheet Pack? Our starter packs are perfect for new adhesive vinyl users and are incredibly versatile. Use them to create graphics, stencils, jar labels, party decor, and more!

vinyl sheets

All of our starter packs contain beautifully colored and designed vinyl, including:

  • Glitter

  • Rainbow

  • Holographic

  • Satin chrome

  • And even glow-in-the-dark designs!


vinyl rolls

Choosing The Right Vinyl Store For You

Although there are many vinyl shops out there, here at TeckWrap Craft, we aim to become your trusted and go-to online destination for all of your vinyl supplies. Here are some reasons why you should choose our online shop!

heat transfer vinyl


We know that arts and crafts can become an expensive hobby, especially if you decide to turn your passion into a business. We're committed to bringing crafters products that don't break the bank but still provide excellent standards.

adhesive vinyl


Exceptional products are very important to us, as is our customers' satisfaction. We take our quality control extremely seriously and will only ever ship products that meet the highest possible industry standards. This includes:

  • Adhesion

  • Appearance

  • Longevity

vinyl online store


Teckwrap craft bundles

We pride ourselves on our wide and unique range of adhesive vinyl stock, with something for everyone. We're proud to be able to constantly offer new and innovative products that the craft community wants and needs.

We are always working hard to come up with new products and improved designs, so don't forget to open our site regularly for updated products, news, and rewards.

Customer Support

vinyl art projects

We're always looking for ways to make your TeckWrap shopping experience better. You can expect excellent customer service from us whenever you shop at our online store! Wherever you are located, whichever state, city, or town, you can contact us for any orders or questions:

So what are you waiting for? Visit our online vinyl store, start online shopping, and stock up on your craft supplies without upsetting your bank account.

Get High-Quality Vinyl Products Delivered To Your Door

Thanks to our extensive range of vinyl products, you'll be spoilt for choice. We offer a range of different vinyl types, from adhesive to heat transfer vinyl. Below you'll find a breakdown of each type.

Adhesive Vinyl

adhesive vinyl by teckwrapcraft

Craft or adhesive vinyl is commonly used in arts and crafts. Our beautiful and vibrant craft vinyl styles are perfect for various projects. Each design has been carefully designed and produced to provide the best finish.

From beautifully textured metallic and shimmer patterns to quirky rainbow and color-changing designs, you're sure to find the perfect vinyl for your craft project.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

 Heat transfer vinyl at TeckWrap Craft

Are you ready to tackle some more challenging vinyl craft projects? If you're looking to customize or decorate clothing, HTV vinyl is for you. HTV is a specialty vinyl that you can use to personalize clothing and other fabric items such as purses and hats.

Unlike regular vinyl, heat transfer vinyl has a heat-activated adhesive back. This enables you to permanently transfer the vinyl to the fabric item when pressed with enough pressure, time, and the right temperature to the fabric.

Accessories to Make Your Work Efficient

Our range of accessories is just what you need to complete your craft project.

Vinyl Scrap Collector

Want to keep your work area tidy? Easy! Our TeckWrap scrap collector is the perfect place where you can place that excess vinyl! Constructed from tough silicone, the scrap collector has a suction bottom, meaning there's no risk of it tipping over and making a mess of your work area.

scrap collector at TeckWrap Craft

Slap Bracelets

Our slap bracelets will get the job done if you need to keep your vinyl rolls together neatly. These stylish and flexible silicone bracelets neatly store your vinyl rolls.

Manufactured from 100% silicone, our slap bracelets are soft with a firm grip. They can be easily and quickly wrapped around the rolls of vinyl to keep them ready to use later on.

slap bracelet 

Weeding Pens

Our weeding pens can help you make your job easy to weed out unwanted pieces of vinyl. Our stainless steel pen has a very lightweight tip, ideal for precision weeding.

With our specialty weeding pens, you can enjoy creating tiny letters and intricate designs with no hassle. Make sure to have this in your addition of accessories!

 Weeding pens available at TeckWrap Craft

Pick Up A Starter Sheet Pack To Test Out Our Service

If you're starting out with vinyl projects, why not try one of our starter sheet packs for starters? Shop our range of starter packs and discover the joy of creating unique and exciting vinyl items!


TeckWrap Craft Starter Sheets


TeckWrap vinyl colors

Worldwide Shipping Available On A Wide Range Of Products

We understand that you want to receive your new craft products as soon as possible. That's why we aim to dispatch your order as quickly as possible.

We offer free shipping to our international customers for purchases over $99! This means you can replenish your craft supplies easily and quickly, wherever you are in the world.

USA customers can also enjoy free shipping over $39, so why not shop our awesome product ranges and stock up on fantastic craft supplies? Whether you're from Ohio or New York, expect the crafts to be delivered to your doorstep ASAP!

TeckWrap Craft toolkit with cutting mat, weeding tool, squeege, and tweezer

Browse Our Site And Pick Up Some Quality Vinyl Today

For all of your heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl needs, check out our online store today! If you have a craft business or dedicate a lot of time to your hobby, you'll love our bundle deals. Order your best deals now!

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  • I bought some of your vinyl and I am in love! Thank you for such great and beautiful vinyl!

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