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Vinyl Mothers Day Shirt Designs and Other Gifts to Make For Mom

From the day you were born, until you grow old, your mom will always be there for you. That’s why on Mother’s day, it’s time to make her feel loved. How can you do that? Cook her dinner, invite the whole family, take her out, and of course, don’t forget her gift.

If you’re still searching for the best mother’s gift, may it be for your mom, grandmother, wife, sister, or a friend, perhaps you’ll find some great ideas in this post. We’ve compiled homemade or personalized gift ideas every mother will surely love.

morher's day gift ideas

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10 Vinyl Mothers Day Shirt Designs (Gifts for Mom)

If you have a cutting machine and EasyPress at home, perfect! You can print vinyl on any shirt with any design you want. It’s such a fun way to give your mom a shirt because she’ll surely wear it with pride and happiness.

You can simply buy a plain cotton t-shirt online or at Target and fire away with printing any design you want. Got no design ideas? We got you covered! Here are several shirt designs you can print using vinyl.

  1. Matching Personalized Shirts

vinyl mother's day shirt designs

Image from Pixabay by ZyrexPl

What about matching shirts for the entire family? Mom loves to wear matching shirts with the entire family for picture-taking purposes or during special occasions. Have this adorable gift ready in the closet for your mom and the whole family.

Just like the photo above, you can follow the jersey-type design, with ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daughter’, and so on and so forth, printed at the back. You can use a simple PU Heat Transfer Vinyl for this design. Rest assured for every occasion, she’ll want the whole family to wear these matching shirts.

  1. I just called to say Thank you, Mom!

vinyl mother's day shirt designs

Image from FreeSVG

Another t-shirt idea you can print is the design seen above. Even a simple quote like this can make your mom smile. For this project, you’ll need three colors of PU Heat Transfer vinyl, red, black, and white. This design would be perfect on dark-colored shirts like green or black.

  1. Got It from My Mom

vinyl shirt designs for mom on mother's day

Image from Pixabay by artdesignstore30

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Your look, your wits, and everything you have is from your momma! So why not choose this design, because indeed, you got it from your momma!

This design would be perfect on light-colored shirts, especially white. If you want to bring more sass to this perfect gift, you can use black and red Glitter heat transfer vinyl for this project. Mother’s day gifts should always be extra special, so you have to go the extra mile at all times.

  1. Best Mommy Ever

vinyl shirt designs for mom on mother's day

Who wouldn’t agree that you have the best mom in the world? You do! If you agree, then you can print this design for your mother’s day gift. She’ll love wearing this shirt because she knows she did her best to raise you well!

Aside from a t-shirt, you can also print on other merchandise like sweatshirts, hoodies, canvas bags, aprons, and basically any type of garment (cotton preferred). You can use either flock, PU, or glitter vinyl on a white shirt for this design. You may also want to try Puff heat transfer vinyl.

vinyl for shirts


  1. I Love You, Mom

mothers day or mom's birthday

Image from Pixabay by artdesignstore30

Sometimes, a simple ‘I Love You’ is what your mom wants to hear, this time is something she wants to wear. This shirt design is simple but perky but speaks a lot of volumes. The heart cavities may be challenging to weed, but a high-quality weeding tool will do the trick.

You can use neon blue HTV for the ‘I Love You’, and a simple black Flock HTV for the rest of the design. This design would look great on white or grey shirts. Aside from mother’s day, you can give this to your mom on Valentine’s day or on her birthday.

  1. The Flower Art Mom Design

vinyl shirt designs for mom on mother's day

Image from Pixabay by Clker-Free-Vector-Images

For chic moms who love flowers, this simple design printed on a shirt is a perfect mother’s day gift. Don’t get intimidated by the multi-layer design because it’s actually easy. You’ll only need 4 colors: pink, yellow, green and light green.

This design is not only a perfect print on shirts but for other DIY gifts like cups, tumblers, mugs, and many more. Most of which are mentioned below. This flower art mom design is perfect on light-colored shirts.

  1. Super Mom

Image from Openclipart by GDJ

It’s undeniable, that you have a super mom! How did she do all of it, when you were growing up? Your mom deserves a super mom shirt! This design can be tricky, with all the layers, but hey, your mom deserves the best right?

As an option, you can make this design simpler and use six colors. You can use Flock HTV with colors red, maroon, aqua blue, yellow, brown, and camel (for the skin). Set aside the shadowing if it’s a challenge to print this complicated design.

  1. Best Mom Ever

Image from Pixabay by freecdr

Another best mom ever designs you can print on a shirt, is this SVG file you see above. She’s guaranteed to love this design. If you want to make things more interesting, you can use Glossy Pearlescent Heat Transfer Vinyl, perhaps a light-colored vinyl, and print it on a dark-colored shirt.

When printing on shirts, make sure it contrasts so the print color will be visible even from afar. For instance, use black vinyl on a white shirt. Or use yellow vinyl on a black shirt. Make sure it contrasts perfectly. Avoid using the same color vinyl and shirt.

  1. Mama

vinyl shirt designs for mom on mother's day

Image from Pixabay by PandannaImagen

Now, this design is definitely a Happy Mother’s Day gift that’s one-of-a-kind. At first glance, this design may look complicated and intricate, which it is. But you can do this handmade gift at home.

You don’t necessarily have to follow the whole design, you can settle with three to four colors of vinyl. If you want, you can use one vinyl only for the flowers, you can try TeckWrap Craft’s Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl.


vinyl or mom's shirt on mother's day

TeckWrap Craft Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl

  1. I love you Mom!

vinyl shirt design for mother's day

Image from Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos

Another simple I Love You design you can print on a mother’s day shirt is design. This would look perfect on a shirt if you use Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl. This would also look great if you use glitter vinyl.


vinyl for shirts as gift ideas

Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to Print Mother’s Day Shirts Using Vinyl

For seasoned crafters who’ve been printing shirts for a long time, personalizing those shirts is a piece of cake. But for those who want to learn about this industry, pay close attention, because you’ll learn the whole process of printing on shirts.

Let’s start with the supplies needed:

Printing Process:

  • Choose a design from above
  • Upload the design on your cutting machine’s software
  • Adjust the sizing of the print depending on the t-shirt’s size (Make sure to read this post: Cheat Sheet HTV Sizing Chart: T-Shirt Printing Hack)
  • Mirror or Flip Horizontally the design
  • Load the vinyl (placed the vinyl on the cutting mat with the shiny side facing down)
  • Adjust any settings as needed (force and speed)
  • Do a test cut and try to weed it
  • Send to cut and wait for it to finish
  • Weed the excess vinyl
  • Turn on your heat-press machine
  • Input the desired heat and time settings (as recommended by the vinyl manufacturer)
  • Pre-press the fabric for 10-15 seconds
  • Place the design on the t-shirt neatly
  • Press and wait!
  • You’re done!

This short but complete instruction on how to custom print a shirt is all you need to know. Easy, right? If you want clearer instructions on how to print vinyl on a shirt, make sure to watch this tutorial video on YouTube: 3 ways to make custom t-shirts with Cricut Explore 3 & Easy Press 2 on Design Space | for beginners by Zyra Bañez.

12 Other Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

If you don’t think a custom-printed t-shirt is a great mother’s day gift, there are other options. There are a lot of other personalized and handmade gifts you can choose from. We’ve narrowed down some options for you.

1. Flowers on a Custom-Printed Vase

Image from TeckWrap Crafts Facebook Page

Who doesn’t love flowers? A classic yet, never failing mother’s day gift is flowers. But why not spice it up with a personalized flower vase? Do you see the photo above? That’s a personalized flower vase done at home using permanent adhesive vinyl.

With a cutting machine and blank canvas, you can do this at home too. You can even use the t-shirt design ideas above to print on the flower vase. Just like the project above, you can use metallic adhesive vinyl. Believe it or not, you can finish this project in under 20 minutes.

2. ‘Best Mommy Ever’ Mugs

mother's day mug

Image from PxHere

If you’re on a budget but want an extra special mother’s day gift, a personalized mug is an excellent option. With a simple personalized print using adhesive vinyl, this mother’s day gift will be truly appreciated.

Simply buy a ceramic mug from a dollar store, and pick from the t-shirt designs above on what you’d like to print on the mug. If you want your work to look extra special, you can use a specialty Candy color adhesive vinyl.

vinyl designed custom mug for mother's day


TeckWrap Craft creations mirror chrome adhesive vinyl on a coffee mug

3. Plant for Plant Mommies

plants as a mother's day gift
Image from PxHere

If your mom is a certified plant momma, what could be more perfect than giving her a new plant? This great gift can be made more special by custom printing on the vase. You can’t custom print on a terra cotta pot, but a ceramic vase will look great.

4. Pillow Cases

One of the most common homemade mother's day gifts is custom-printed pillowcases. It’s like printing on a shirt with a heat transfer vinyl. You can buy a blank throw pillowcase at a dollar craft store and print a mother’s day message on it. If you love to sew, this is a simple sewing project for you.

5. Cupcakes or Desserts

cupcakes for mother's day

Image from Wikimedia commons by Clever Cupcakes

If you love to bake and your mom loves desserts, why not bake her your homemade cupcake? You won’t spend too much on this gift, but your mom will truly appreciate the effort you’ve put into baking this cupcake.

This is also a great project to get the kids involved. Every mom will truly appreciate this sweet cupcake. If you want, you can also make her an edible bouquet. This way, you won’t have to giv her flowers for mother’s day anymore.

6. Color Changing Glasses

vinyl designed custom tumbler for mother's day

Creation by craftsbymarissa_ using Color changing vinyl at TeckWrap Craft

This cute mother’s day gift will surely make your mom smile. A color-changing adhesive vinyl was used for this product. You see the nutritional facts portion? It is so true! Your mom has unconditional love, patience, hardwork, and many more.

7. Labeled Spice Bottles

gifts for mother's day

Image from negativespace by Candace McDaniel

Every mom loves an organized pantry, especially their spices. This is one of the best mother’s day gifts you can personalize at home. With an adhesive vinyl, label each spice bottle, and of course don’t forget to fill them up.

8. Pampering Set

Photo from PxHere

Moms deserve to pamper after all the hard work they’ve put through in taking care of the family and good housekeeping. Why not give her a pampering set? Consider this as a mom survival kit to survive all the stress they experience.

In the pampering set, include some essential oils, probably a nail polish, bath bombs, bath salts, body scrub, shower gel, body lotion, and many more. If you want, you can purchase a gift certificate for her to a spa.

9. Personalized Products

TeckWrap Craft creations

There are plenty of DIY projects you can create with adhesive vinyl. Just like the photo seen above, you can personalize mugs, tumblers, or wall art. If your mom loves her wine, then you can custom-print a wine glass for her.

You can check out TeckWrap Craft’s YouTube page for more ideas on what merchandise you can personalize using adhesive vinyl. On the YouTube page, you will also see easy tutorials on how to personalize merchandise using adhesive vinyl.

TeckWrap Craft creations

10. Balloon Surprise Set-up!

TeckWrap Craft creations

If you want to go big with your mother’s day gifts, how about surprising your mom with this balloon set-up? You don’t need to spend too much money on this gift because you can make this gift at home.

You can use adhesive vinyl to print a special message on the balloon. For the set-up, YouTube is the answer. This gift doesn’t have to be a beautiful mess, there is plenty of easy tutorial on YouTube on how to create this balloon set-up. Check out How to Make a Balloon Garland by My Inspiring Designs.

11. Watch or Jewelry

Image from Pixabay by JessBaileyDesign

A lady’s first mother’s day should be extra special, so why not give her a piece of jewelry? Every woman loves to wear earrings, a new watch, or a memorable necklace. You can make this gift extra special by giving her a matching jewelry box like the photo you see below.

This acrylic jewelry box can be bought online and can be customized using adhesive vinyl. A piece of jewelry will surely make her smile, but it will make her feel extra special if you create a personalized gift just for her.

TeckWrap Craft creations

12. Picture Frame

Image from Pixabay by Glamazon

A picture says a thousand words, and one of the most memorable mother's day gifts is a picture frame. Include family photos of your mom’s favorite memories, and surely this wall art will make her smile.

You can also include her favorite photos when she was younger. You can also use a picture frame as a DIY gift. Instead of including a photo, you can create wall art, and print a sweet message on the blank space using adhesive vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts?

The best mother’s day gifts are flowers, chocolates, gift cards, jewelry, and beauty products. Other mother’s day gifts you can give is personalized products, tea towels, t-shirts, and many more. Personalized gifts are much appreciated by moms because they know it’s made with love.

What Is the Best Gift for Mom?

The best mother’s day gifts are personalized products like printed shirts with sweet mother’s day messages. Or you can personalize merchandise like coffee mugs, tumblers, or an acrylic jewelry box.

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Have You Decided Yet?

Did you have a lightbulb moment while reading this post? Surely, you now have a brilliant idea of what to give your mom as a mother’s day gift. Regardless of how much budget you spend, or the time you’ve dedicated to a handmade gift, it’s the thought that counts.

What’s more important is your presence during mother’s day. Your mom deserves all the love in the world, as what she did to you from the day you were born, until infinity. As long as you choose from the options above and personalize them with some love, your mom will truly appreciate it.

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