Craft Inspiration: Large Vinyl Decals for Walls

If you want to create large vinyl decals for walls, then TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive craft vinyl collection is your best buddy. TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl is of top-notch quality, affordable, and is available in 82 ft rolls, making it perfect for creating large vinyl wall decals.

Not to mention, TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl collection comes in different varieties, textures, patterns and vibrant colors. So whether you’re creating wall quotes, wall stickers for business establishments, maybe for your bathroom wall, or even just stickers to label your pantry, you can never go wrong with TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl collection.

If you’re finding craft inspiration for large wall decals, you came to the right page. Here are some craft inspirations, ideas you can create next time. Decorating your home has never been this exciting using TeckWrap Craft’s vinyl collection.

What do you need to create vinyl wall decals?

To create large wall decals, the main material you need is adhesive craft vinyl. As you may know, craft vinyl comes in two types — removable and permanent vinyl. Permanent vinyl is recommended for use on car decals and permanent applications.

If you want a wall decal that’ll last for many years to come, make sure to use permanent vinyl. While removable vinyl is recommended for use on temporary applications. If the wall decal is for temporary application, or you plan to remove it in the future, it’s recommended to use removable vinyl.

Other than the adhesive craft vinyl, the other supplies you need to create wall decals or stickers are:

  • Cutting machine
  • Cutting mat
  • Squeegee
  • Weeding tool or pen
TeckWrap Craft’s Tool Kit

How do you create large wall decals?

Creating large wall decals is pretty straightforward. If you want to create large wall decals, one tip is to use long rolls of adhesive craft vinyl. As you can see, adhesive craft vinyl rolls are available in different sizes.

At TeckWrap Craft, the adhesive craft vinyl sizes available are 12“ x 5ft, 12“ x 10 ft and 12“ x 82ft. Using 12“ x 5ft for regular-sized decal would work. But if you want to create larger decals, it is recommended to use the 12“ x 82ft vinyl roll.

So here’s how to create decal stickers:

  • Measure the surface area of the wall where you want to stick the decal.
  • Peel off the clear protective film of the adhesive vinyl before cutting.
  • Cut your custom design on the cutting machine. See the infographic below on the recommended cutting machine settings.
  • Clean the wall with a damp cloth and water. The decal won’t stick if the wall is filled with dirt and dust.
  • Take note that adhesive craft vinyl sticks better on walls with glossy paint. You can also stick the adhesive craft vinyl on wallpaper and finished wood. Adhesive craft vinyl won’t stick on an unfinished concrete wall and unfinished wood.
  • Using your weeding tool and weed the excess vinyl.
  • Transfer the design onto a transfer paper.
  • Using your squeegee, flatten the vinyl decal and remove bubbles.
  • Transfer the decal onto the wall’s surface.

That’s it! Are you ready to create wall decals? Here are some craft inspirations you can follow. 

Stickers for Business Establishments

Wall decals are popular must-haves on business establishments like restaurants, coffee shops, medical spas, and even corporate offices. If you’re a business owner and feel like the walls of your shop need a little life, it’s time to place wall decals!

For instance, if you’re a coffee shop owner, you can place inspirational quotes on the wall like this free SVG below. Feel free to use this SVG if you own a coffee shop, or maybe a coffee shop requested you a wall decal, or maybe for your kitchen wall to be inspired on your morning coffees.


Image from

There are wall decal inspirations for business establishments. Check out the image below. It’s a wall decal for an eyelash service salon. It’s what they call the “Instagrammable wall” where clients can take pictures upon visit. Also, this brings so much life to the establishment and a part of your advertising strategy as well.

Image from WikiMedia Commons by Maxilash


Just a tip, don’t limit yourself with using black adhesive craft vinyl, because there are plenty of colors and textures of vinyl available. Check out TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl collection and try to mix things up. There are shimmer, glitter, opal, holographic vinyl and many more.


TeckWrap Craft’s 001G Series Craft Vinyl


TeckWrap Craft’s Glitter Polka Dots Craft Vinyl

Fun Decal Ideas

Check out the image below, isn’t it a fun idea to place decals like these on restaurants? Adding a little bit of humor to the walls always brightens up your day. Also, you should know that adhesive craft vinyl does not only stick on walls but on glass surfaces as well.

Yes, you can stick vinyl decals on windows as well. But what about wall decals outdoors? Yes you can place wall decals outdoors using TeckWrap Craft’s permanent vinyl. Permanent vinyl is recommended for outdoor use as it can withstand extreme weather conditions.


Photo by Dan Gold on StockSnap


You can download or purchase SVGs of funny humor quotes and use it on your wall decals. Just another tip when it comes to wall decals, if you don’t want the wall decal to leave a sticky residue and plan to remove it in the future, it is best to use removable vinyl.

Wall Decals for the Bedroom

The bedroom is your haven of rest. Your bedroom expresses who you really are. So why not place wall decals on your bedroom to express who you really are? Perhaps place a wall decal to inspire you and make you happy. Check out several of these wall decal inspirational ideas below.


Large Vinyl Decals for Walls
Photo by Melike Benli from Pexels


Check out this ‘Happily Ever After’ bedroom decal. This is a perfect wall decal idea for a couple’s bedroom. This wall decal is extra special because a metallic vinyl was used. This makes the design more interesting, right?


Large Vinyl Decals for Walls

Image from Wikimedia Commons by Pascal.manatee

What about this angel wall decal? Doesn’t it look relaxing? Make sure to check out TeckWrap Craft’s site and explore the collection of metallic vinyl. There are textured metallic, metallic satin chrome, and many more. You can also try out holographic patterned vinyl and diagonal rainbow stripes.

You won’t even have to worry about the price tag of TeckWrap Craft’s products. If ever you’ve bought a vinyl from TeckWrap Craft before, don’t even think about the old price of the products because the new prices will make you happy. Additionally, you can buy it wholesale.

Large Decals for Kid’s Bedroom

Nurseries are another part of the house where you can add more color, style, and details by using vinyl wall decals. If you have kids, for sure there’s one thing you’ve realized by now — they love their rooms. So why not create wall decals for your child’s room to their liking? Ask your child for the wall decal they want to be seen in their room, and create it for them.


Large Vinyl Decals for kids' bedroom

Image from Wikimedia Commons by JRDecal


Create fun wall decals like sticker names and fun designs like ducks, princesses, and even superheroes. The more colorful stickers, the better! If you use permanent vinyl in your kid’s room, they won’t easily remove it. That’s for sure!


vinyl wall decals
TeckWrap Craft’s Glow In The Dark Vinyl

Wall Decal for the Living Room

If you have friends or guests coming over at your home, you want to impress them, right? An excellent idea to impress them is by placing stylish wall decals on your living room. Make things as interesting as possible and get inspiration from these craft ideas.

Large Vinyl Decals for Walls
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Pascal.manatee


Large Vinyl Decals for Walls
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Pascal.manatee


Large Vinyl Decals for Walls
Image from Flickr by Robin Zebrowski


Aside from the vector images used on your wall decal, you can also use inspirational quotes on your living room. The secret is to keep it simple and classic. You don’t want the decals to look so colorful and you want to aim for that minimalist look.

If you want to mix things up a bit, check out TeckWrap Craft’s new collection of adhesive vinyl. You’ll be surprised by the outcome if you use unique-patterned vinyl like the one seen below. It’s also available in different colors and textures.

adhesive Vinyl Decals for Walls

TeckWrap Craft’s Glitter Brush Adhesive Vinyl

Inspirational Quotes Decals

Who wouldn’t love reading inspirational quotes? You may not know it, but inspirational quotes can help change your thought process. As you see an inspirational quote, it can be a message from the universe to direct your energy towards a positive path.

When the subconscious is filled with positive commands, it will uplift your spirits and overall positive outlook in life. Check out these positive inspirational quotes below. This will look great on your living room or even your bedroom.

large wall decals
Image from Pixabay by busikind

If you have your own personal mantra you want to place on your wall decal, you can create your design with your cutting machine’s design software. Don’t forget to place some vectors like hearts, stars or a smiley face to make things more interesting.

Wall Decals for Parties

Do you know you can create wall decals for one-time parties? You can use removable vinyl to ensure you won’t leave any sticky residue behind. For Halloween parties, you can use designs like pumpkins and ghosts using TeckWrap Craft’s glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

You can also create celebrations greetings for birthdays, gender reveal parties or Christening celebrations and place them in the party’s stage backdrop. Aside from the greetings, you can include vector images specific to the occasion.

For instance, for a birthday party, you can create wall decals like balloons or cakes. The ideas are endless! The more decorations and vectors you can place on the wall decals, the better! The more festive-looking decorations you have, the more guests will love it.

glow in the dark vinyl decals
TeckWrap Craft’s Glow In The Dark Vinyl perfect for Halloween decorations


buffalo plain adhesive vinyl
TeckWrap Craft’s Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl perfect for Christmas parties

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vinyl decals go on walls?

Yes, vinyl decals can go on walls. You can use adhesive craft vinyl on finished or painted walls, and finished wood as well. You can’t place vinyl wall decals on the unfinished concrete because it won’t stick.

What kind of vinyl do you use for wall decals?

The kind of vinyl you use for wall decals are adhesive craft vinyl. There are two types of adhesive craft vinyl — removable and permanent vinyl. You use removable vinyl for indoor or temporary applications. While you permanent vinyl for outdoor and permanent applications.

What machine makes large vinyl decals?

The machines that creates large vinyl decals are 24-inch cutting machines. Although a 12-inch cutting machine can be used to create large decals as well. All you have to do is cut the design one part at a time. The secret lies on the placement of the wall decals.

Can I place vinyl decals on painted walls?

Yes, you can place vinyl decals on painted walls. Make sure to clean the wall with a clean cloth and water before placing the wall decal. The vinyl won’t adhere well to the wall if there’s dust or other dirt.

Can I place vinyl decals on wood?

Yes, you can place vinyl decals on wood. Make sure the wood is finished and use a wood sealant to ensure the vinyl adheres well. The surface of the wood should be smooth so the vinyl adheres well on the wood.

Can I place vinyl decals on glass?

Yes, you can place vinyl decals on glass. You can place vinyl decals on glass windows, glass doors and even glasswares. Thus saying, you can use vinyl as car decals as well.

The Takeaway

When it comes to creating wall decals, there are endless possibilities. The limit depends on your creativity. Just remember the important part when creating wall decals: use removable vinyl for temporary and indoor applications, use permanent vinyl for outdoor and permanent applications.


Make sure to check out the collection of TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl and choose from the colorful vinyl collections to make your projects more interesting. Happy crafting!

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