How to Use Glitter Iron-on Vinyl for Stunning Projects

Looking for a way to add some extra sparkle to your projects? Glitter heat transfer vinyl (HTV)  is the perfect solution.

In this post, we will teach you how to use this versatile material. We will also provide some tips for getting the best results. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Supplies You Need

Glitter vinyl is the perfect material to personalize almost any project. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, this material is easy to use and will make your projects stand out.


You can use iron-on glitter vinyl on t-shirts, bags, and more. HTV comes in a huge range of colors and styles. You can find glitter iron-on vinyl in holographic, galaxy, rainbow, or metallic finishes.

To start a project, you need the following:

  • Iron-on Glitter vinyl
  • Iron heat press or household iron (with a Teflon sheet)
  • Parchment paper
  • Scissors
  • Weeding tool
  • Cutting mat (optional)
  • Backing material (such as t-shirt, tote bag, or pillowcase)
    How to Use Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

    3 Easy Steps

    If you have all of these supplies, then get started. Just follow these easy steps:

    Step One – Cut Your Design.

    If using a cutter plotter, this step is as simple as choosing your design and pressing the “cut” button. If cutting by hand, use a template or trace your design onto the iron-on material using a light box.

    Mirror your design in the Cricut design space. Put your measured iron-on material on your cutting mat and let the machine cut.

    Use a weeding tool to remove excess vinyl areas. Cut excess vinyl with scissors before or after weeding.

    Step Two – Heat Press the Vinyl.

    Place your iron-on vinyl in the center of your heat press and apply medium pressure for 15 seconds.

    For a household iron, place the Teflon sheet (or a press cloth) between the iron tip and the glitter vinyl. Press down for 15 seconds and apply firm pressure directly on loose edges.

    Don’t use steam irons. However, if you only have steam iron, switch off the steam setting.

    Step Three – Apply Vinyl to Fabric.

    After heat-activating your glitter iron-on vinyl, it is time to apply it to fabric! Place your backing material over the top of the glitter side of your vinyl and place a piece of parchment paper over that.

    Use your heat press or iron to apply pressure for 20-30 seconds. Then, peel away the transfer tape at a 45-degree angle.

    Prints using a glitter vinyl iron-on material set are much more amazing when you do some layering techniques.

    Using glitter iron on vinyl on heat press machine

    Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Result

    • When pre-washing materials, dry them thoroughly before heat pressing. Some glitter HTVs don’t work well on moist fabric.
    • Smoothen wrinkles or bumps in the fabric. Always have your preheated material ready.
    • Use a Teflon sheet when applying glitter vinyl with an iron instead of a heat press. Alternatively, use a press cloth, dish towel or any cotton cloth when applying heat. This will prevent damage on your prints.
    • When applying the iron-on to the fabric, do not stretch it out. This can cause the letters or designs to distort.
    • Also, follow the instructions or reminders in the iron-on glitter vinyl. HTVs are either hot-peel or cool-peel.
    • Always, review options including controls on your heat press or steam setting on your iron.


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    Which side of glitter iron on vinyl goes down?

    It's pretty simple: the shiny side goes down!

    What setting do I use for glitter vinyl?

    To set glitter vinyl, you can use the same temperature as your regular iron-on vinyl.

    However, because of the extra adhesive on the glitter vinyl, you will need to hold the iron in place for an extra 20 seconds.

    If desired, you can also use a pressing clean cotton cloth to protect your fabric from the heat of the iron. Once it is cool, you're ready to show off your new creation!

    How do you iron on glitter transfers?

    When using glitter vinyl, use the highest heat setting your fabric can handle. But, some fabrics may not be able to handle the high heat.

    If you are worried about this, test a small piece of fabric first to see if it is safe to use the high heat setting on your project.

    How to Use Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

    DIY Eye-catching Projects

    Here are some projects you might be interested in:

    DIY Glitter Shirts

    This project is perfect for a girls’ night out or bachelorette party! Use glitter iron-on vinyl to create an eye-catching design and then apply it onto t-shirts.

    How to Use Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

    Glitter Tote Bags

    Whether you are going shopping with friends or just need some extra storage space, these glitter tote bags are a great option! They make excellent gifts as well.

    How to Use Glitter Iron-on Vinyl on Tote Bags


    Glitter Pillowcases

    Add some sparkle to your bedroom with this fun and easy DIY project. Just use heat transfer vinyl in your favorite color to create an eye-catching design on plain pillowcases.

    How to Use Glitter Iron-on Vinyl



    Glitter iron-on vinyl is a great way to add some sparkle to your next project tailored to your interests. Whether you are making t-shirts, totes, or pillowcases, this material will give them that special touch. Depending on your settings, your final output will look awesome.

    Just follow these easy steps and tips for getting the best results. For an extra shine, spray a sealant after heat pressing the HTV. This will keep the glitter HTV in place and make it resistant to fading. Plus, select glitter iron-on with the best quality for longer-lasting prints.

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