How to Keep Vinyl from Peeling Off Glass

vinyl on glass

Vinyl Decal on Glass
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Aside from T-shirts and tumblers, materials made of glass are preferred next in line by many crafters. Glass is a classic piece that shows off an air of sophistication. Gifting someone with glassware takes gift-giving a notch higher.

To enhance your crafting skills with glass surfaces, this article will talk about what vinyl is best used for glass materials. May it be mason jars, glass windows for restaurants or wine glasses, this post is applicable. These are the best tips on how to keep vinyl from peeling off glass. 

Which Glass Surface Could You Place Vinyl On?

But first of all, you may be asking, on which glass surface can you apply vinyl graphics? Here are some project ideas you can try:

  • Wine glass
  • Flower vase
  • Mason jars
  • Spice jars
  • Car window
  • Glass windows or doors (for offices, homes, restaurants, or coffee shop)
  • Basically, any type of glass surface
how to keep vinyl from peeling off glass

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vinyl on glass
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Types of Vinyl for Glass

Two types of best vinyl that can be used for glass surfaces are adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl or iron-on vinyl. Both types of vinyl have their pros and cons. For you to know which vinyl type to use, here is a guide for you:

Permanent Vinyl

Use permanent vinyl when applying a vinyl decal to glass surfaces. Do not use removable vinyl unless the decal is for temporary use only. If you want lasting results, it is better to use permanent vinyl for your glass project.

cobalt blue vinyl sticker
TeckWrap Craft Matte Adhesive Vinyl in Cobalt Blue
(also available in lavender, light pink, ivory white, lime, and many more)

Iron-on Vinyl

You can apply iron-on vinyl on glass. Iron-on vinyl is permanent when applied to glass with the help of a heat gun. Working with HTV needs a lot of knowledge and skill. You have to be very careful when working with HTV for heating the glass may break it.

 orange permanent adhesive vinyl

TeckWrap Craft PU Heat Transfer Vinyl in Orange
(also available in white, black, yellow, blue, gold, silver, and many more)

Permanent Adhesive Outdoor Vinyl

If you are still considering which vinyl to use for your glass project, it is recommended to use a permanent adhesive outdoor vinyl. This type of vinyl can withstand washing by hand. If you are working on small designs, permanent adhesive outdoor vinyl is a good choice for it has a strong adhesive.

vinyl on glass

Vinyl Decal on Glass
Image by @dazzlemecups from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Using Transfer Tape for Vinyl Application

A transfer paper or tape is used to easily allow the vinyl decal to be moved from one position to another while ensuring that the decal is intact. So, what transfer tape or transfer paper is best used for sticking permanent vinyl on glass?

There are different brands of transfer tape. In buying a transfer tape, make sure to buy a regular transfer tape with good adhesion for this will allow a smooth and easy adherence of the vinyl decal to your surface. If you are using vinyl with glitter finishes, it is advisable to use strong-grip transfer tape.

vinyl on glass

Vinyl Decals on Glass
Image by @designsntreats from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

How to Apply HTV to Glass

Applying HTV to glass is possible and easy! HTV is great to use for kitchen glass containers. Here are some tips and tricks on how to apply HTV to glass:

  • Apply heat in low mode and expose the vinyl to heat multiple times. Be very careful of the glass may break when exposed to heat.
  • You have to be careful and protect your hands from heat and the chance of breakage.
  • It is best to check the temperature recommendations of the glass product before heating it.
  • A heat gun or mini iron is recommended for use on glass and curved surfaces. This is available for sale in your local craft store.
vinyl weeding pens
TeckWrap Craft Weeding Pens
Image from Instagram Page and available for purchase at the Website

Will Vinyl Stick to Wine Glasses?

Vinyl will adhere to wine glasses. Common vinyl decals for wine glasses are made of small designs. It is recommended to use permanent adhesive vinyl for it has a strong adhesive. Sticking vinyl to a wine glass requires that you know how to cut, weed, and stick.

animal vinyl design on glass

Animal Vinyl Decal on Glass
Image by @dazzlemecups from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Will Vinyl Stick To Painted Glass?

Sticking vinyl to painted glass is possible. However, there are certain guidelines you need to observe to ensure that the vinyl decal completely adheres to the painted glass. Here are the details that you need to remember for easy adherence of vinyl to painted glass:

  • Paint your glass with quality paint that is suitable for glass. Before you apply a vinyl decal, you may need to bake the glass after applying paint.
  • Before you start painting, you need to clean the glass surface using rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol dry completely and avoid touching the glass surface with your hands. Your hands produce oils that can stick to the glass when you touch it. The oil can prevent the vinyl from sticking properly to the glass.
  • After painting, let the paint dry out completely. Give the paint more time to completely cure before sticking the vinyl. Give the painted glass at least 24 hours of curing time before vinyl application.
  • If it is clear glass, it is easy to move your vinyl decal for proper positioning before you adhere to the vinyl. However, if it is painted glass, you have to be certain of the position of the decal before sticking it. Once the vinyl sticks to the painted glass, removing it can cause damage to the paint.

vinyl flower design on flass

Rose and Tulip Design on Glass
Image by @her.andmoon from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Reasons Why Vinyl May Peel off From Glass

There could be a lot of factors that contribute to the peeling of vinyl from glass. Here are some of the possible reasons why vinyl peels off:

The Glass Is Not Thoroughly Clean

You need to wash the glass well and clean it with alcohol right after to ensure that it is meticulously clean. Once it is completely dry, avoid touching it with your hands. Dirt, dust, or oil can attach to the glass making it hard for the vinyl to adhere securely. 

Wrinkled and Warped Vinyl

When working on small vinyl decal designs for small glass surfaces, be very careful and avoid making the vinyl wrinkled and warped. Also, you don’t want air bubbles to form under your vinyl. These could cause vinyl to easily peel off. 

Poor Vinyl Quality

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to use high-quality vinyl for crafting. Using a vinyl with weak adhesive may stay on the glass for some time, but will eventually begin to peel off.

adhesive vinyl on glass

Cute shimmer strawberries Design on Glass
Image by @ggoodiesshop from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

How to Seal Vinyl on Glass

Mod Podge is a great choice for sealing vinyl on glass. It is also used in making custom photo canvases and glittering things. Seal vinyl with Mod Podge helps it from peeling off. It comes in a starter pack or large bottle.

Mod Podge can be applied over vinyl decals as a sealant. Even children can use this product for their projects because it is generally safe to use and non-toxic. Mod Podge is available in craft stores and is affordable. 

For vinyl graphics to look good and protected, you can spray it with clear coat paint. The vinyl is less likely to peel off when clearcoat paint is applied to it. This also helps clean the glass surface easier.

cute vinyl on glass
Vinyl Decal on Glass
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

How to Remove Vinyl on Glass

An easy and effective way to carefully remove old permanent vinyl from your glass is by using a razor blade and hair-dryer or heat gun. You can do this by first heating (low mode) a portion of the decal with a hair-dryer or heat gun for a few seconds, not less than 30 seconds.

If the decal is not yet peeling off, let the glass cool down a bit. Once the glass has cooled down, try heating the decal again until it starts to peel off. Once you see the decal peeling off, you can use the razor blade. You begin peeling from the bottom right corner and slowly lift the vinyl decal off.

powerpuff design on glass
PowerPuff Girls Vinyl Decal on Glass
Image by @dazzlemecups from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Do You Need to Seal Printed Vinyl?

Generally, printable vinyl is durable, scratch-free, resistance-free, and waterproof. The use of a sealant is unnecessary. However, you may use spray laminate to seal printed vinyl. Although, there are certain brands of printable vinyl that claim you wouldn’t need a sealant or laminate. 

What Kind of Vinyl Do I Use on Glass?

You can use permanent adhesive vinyl for your glass projects. They have a stronger adhesive which is great for decals with small designs and vinyl lettering. It can also survive constant exposure to washing.

How Do You Keep Your Vinyl From Peeling Off?

To ensure that the vinyl stays and will not peel off, it is best to clean the glass well before sticking the vinyl. This is done to remove dirt and residue. Vinyl will not adhere well to rough surfaces caused by dirt and residue.

vinyl design on glass and how to keep it from peeling

Vinyl Decal on Glass
SVG Image by @sincerely.barbie from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Most people would prefer to buy decorative glassware pieces for their homes. This is very convenient for most people who like personalized glassware. However, you too can make your personalized glassware without the need for expensive equipment and materials.    

Sealing vinyl on glass is easy and interesting to do. All you need is a lot of practice to perfect your glass crafting skills. For high-quality vinyl, check out TeckWrap Craft’s collection of permanent adhesive vinyl and HTV for your next glass project. 

animal vinyl design on glass

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