Sayings Vinyl Shirt Ideas: Incredible Designs You Should Print!


A cute idea for ice cream lovers! We recommend: Glitter HTV
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page 


If you have a heat press or an iron and tons of HTV on stock, you are certainly in for a treat! You can have unlimited fun with heat transfer vinyl for you can apply it to any type of fabric especially shirts. Aside from thinking of interesting images or using free SVG files to decorate T-shirts, why not try making decals out of sayings?

Not only will people admire the layout and vinyl that you used, but they would also be intrigued by the sayings you placed on your t-shirt. Furthermore, you can use t-shirt sayings when advertising for a company as personalized ads. Sounds interesting, huh? For design ideas and what HTV is best to use, keep reading this blog.

Heat Transfer Vinyl


regular gold htv

Regular Gold HTV  Source: Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Heat transfer vinyl is different from regular adhesive vinyl. With HTV, the image details need to be mirrored before cutting. You have to cut the HTV on the wrong side. Applying HTV is easier than adhesive vinyl for you no longer need a transfer tape to move the design.

TeckWrap Craft offers you several HTV designs and patterns to choose from. You can take your creativity a notch higher by trying out the different HTVs.

Here is the HTV collection of TeckWrap Craft:

  • Mirror chrome HTV
  • PU Metallic HTV
  • PU rainbow stripes HTV
  • PU marble HTV
  • Glossy pearlescent metallic HTV
  • Reflective HTV
  • Holographic HTV
  • Chameleon HTV
  • Flock HTV
  • Glitter HTV
  • Puff HTV
  • Glow-in-the-Dark HTV
  • Galaxy HTV
  • Colorful camouflage HTV
  • Opal HTV
  • Colorful splash HTV
  • Buffalo plaid HTV
  • Animal print HTV
  • Color-changing HTV
  • Patterned HTV
Image by @lovingthesparkle from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Vinyl Size Chart for T-shirt

Different t-shirt brands measure differently from each other. Despite this, on average their sizing is almost similar. For more details about vinyl sizing for shirts and printing hacks, you can read it in the blog.        


htv ideas on a shirt for grandma

Image by @zjj_calm_designsandcreations from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Youth T-shirt

Shirts for toddlers and children ranging from sizes small to XL are considered youth shirts. Whether you are using a round-neck or v-neck T-shirt collar, you can easily decorate it. You can create an estimate of how far the design starts from the edge of the T-shirt.

If you are in the business of shirt printing, it would be more efficient if you have a decal size chart to refer to. You can start by referencing from other sources and build your chart from that.

Sayings Shirt Design Ideas

Sayings are attention-grabbers and very attractive especially if you use the right type of vinyl that makes your design pop out all the more. Here are some ideas for inspiration:


Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page 

For the sample design above, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s PU metallic HTV. It gives a very classy and sophisticated look to your design. This vinyl is very attractive and is an excellent choice for your shirt because it is affordable and maintenance-free.


rainbow stripes HTV

Screenshot Image from this TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Another HTV that can hype up your sayings decal is the rainbow stripes HTV. A rainbow vinyl is an excellent choice to convey the message “keep shining” after every storm. This vinyl is stretchable and is easy to work with. Your decal will surely last for a long time still looking brand new.


Glow-in-the-Dark Puff HTV
Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Happy days are coming, indeed! TeckWrap Craft has come up with the brilliant idea of combining puff HTV and glow-in-the-dark HTV! The glow-in-the-dark puff HTV can give your shirts a more fun and exciting vibe. This is a great vinyl choice for kids’ shirts. You can enhance the sayings design by adding small images or details like flowers and the like.


Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

The shirt design above looks very pretty with mirror chrome HTV. The words don’t have to be in a rigid formation. Just like the design above, you can lay out the words in a wavy manner. Your choice of color and font style may reflect the personality of the wearer.


Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Whether you are in a happy or sad mood, a little glitter can make your day. You would find TeckWrap Craft’s glitter HTV fun and easy to use. This HTV comes in different shades that are perfect to pair with different colored shirts.


How do you come up with shirt sayings?

In coming up with a sayings design for shirts, the first step is to know your target market; who are you making the shirt for - children, teens, adults, or seniors? The sayings need to be at the level that your target market understands. If they don’t get the message, why would they buy it, right? The next step is to conceptualize the overall design and turn it into reality by creating it and transferring it to a shirt.

Can I legally use a quote on T-shirts?

When using a quotation on T-shirts, it is best to seek legal advice. It is best that you understand the specifics of copyright law. Generally speaking, quotations can be allowed for use on shirts if the sayings are used for parody or critique.

htv on shirts

Image by @craftedbypeggy from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Let Your T-shirts Speak for Themselves!

You don’t have to search any further for all the quality HTV and crafting accessories you would need are available with TeckWrap Craft. Sign up and grab the opportunity to be a dealer or an affiliate of TeckWrap Craft. You can enjoy promo deals and a lot of perks.

Check out TeckWrap Craft’s website for the latest news and updates on new collections and promos. All your crafting needs are in one place - very accessible and reliable. Don’t forget to subscribe to TeckWrap Craft’s YouTube and Instagram page as well to get inspired by new craft ideas and tutorial videos. TeckWrap Craft values all your comments and reviews, as well as maintaining excellent customer service.

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