Vinyl Printable Paper

Vinyl Printable Paper

The world of crafting holds many interesting avenues for creative minds. You can make amazing stickers, transfer exquisite designs on garments, and create other beautiful crafts and projects without limitations. When it comes to designing fabrics, heat transfer vinyl is not the only source you can use. At TeckWrap Craft, we have different printable sheets that open amazing doors for you. We present to you some of the other ways you can show your ingenuity through our printable pape

Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl

A specialized vinyl sheet that can be used with inkjet printers to create supreme-quality stickers. These vinyl sheets can be printed with high-resolution designs and pictures, allowing for vibrant and captivating prints. You get a lot of liberty as far as the choice of designs is concerned. You can select any picture online or can create customized stickers for decorations. 

Our A4 size inkjet printer sticker vinyl sheets are thin and durable, and make long-lasting stickers that can embellish any smooth, clean, and dry surface. These are available in different finishes such as holographic, glow-in-the-dark, glossy, and matte. You will get different quantities with each finish. These are waterproof and UV resistant and offer easy application and strong adhesive backing for sticking to various substrates like drinkware, electronic gadgets, furniture, stationary, and so on. 

The print on our sticker vinyl does not discolor, bleed or run when in contact with water. It is compatible with all craft cutters hence carving exquisite designs is not a hassle at all. There are myriad uses for these sheets such as you can make decorative elements for your laptop, cellphone, or notebook. You can make name tags with it or embellish keychains and bookmark blanks. You can also design and cut labels for jars, water bottles, mugs, or tumblers.

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Cold Laminate Sheet

These are transparent protective films used to enhance and protect printed materials. These sheets are specifically designed for use with inkjet prints and provide a glossy, matte or holographic finish depending on the look you want for your craft. These are available in A4 size in different quantities. If you are using our inkjet printable vinyl, you will surely want to laminate those stickers to make them even more long-lasting. 

Our laminate sheets are easy to use. Apply these once your stickers are printed and dried, and smooth them out with a squeegee. The process of cutting the stickers will be carried out after the laminate sheet is applied. If you want a slight shimmer to go for our glossy laminate. For a toned-down look, a matte one is the best and if you like a play of different hues on this transparent sheet, you would love the holographic one.  

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 DTF Transfer Film

The Direct Film (DTF) transfer method has overhauled the world of crafts and garment designing as it allows easy and cost-effective application of vibrant, exquisite designs to a variety of fabrics. For this, you need a special film that allows you to print designs on it using an inkjet printer and then transfer it onto various fabrics or surfaces using a heat press. At TeckWrap Craft, we have the best DTF Transfer Film

This method does not restrict you as far as fabrics are concerned. You can even transfer vivid prints on silk and synthetic material like rayon or terrycot. So getting your desired patterns on your T-shirt or tote bag is not a big deal anymore. You can also use it for customizing soft products for promotional campaigns and business marketing. 

Our A4 size DTF film makes customizing your garment quite simple as you do not have to weed off negative pieces or require masking. You don’t have to worry about leakage and color bleed as well. The print on the film will dry faster and you can spread the adhesive powder on it evenly. Just print and easily transfer through heat application beautiful, vibrant patterns on both light and dark-colored garments. The DTF film is available in 100 and 15 sheets packs so you can buy the one that best suits your needs. 

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Sublimation Paper

Sublimation is another effective method that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as fabric, plastic, or ceramic. It requires a special type of paper with a particular coating over it. The design is printed on it using sublimation ink and then transferred onto the substrate.

Our sublimation paper is designed to transfer vibrant and permanent dye-based ink onto polyester or polymer-coated substrates. This particular size (8.3" x 11.7") is compatible with standard inkjet printers and is suitable for creating smaller sublimation prints. You will get 100 sheets in a pack. 

The process of using a sublimation paper is quite straightforward. The image is first printed onto it using a compatible inkjet printer with special inks. The printed image is then transferred onto the target material by applying heat and pressure with a heat press.

The coating on our sublimation paper is of premium quality and optimized to work with sublimation inks. It dries quickly without smearing the ink and gives sharp and vibrant prints. Furthermore, it can withstand the heat and pressure of the transfer process without tearing or wrinkling. If sublimation is your chosen method for designing garments, our sublimation paper is surely one of the best.

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Enhance Your Creative Playfield

It’s time to come out of your comfort zone and experience new and novel ways of designing products. Whether you opt for making vinyl stickers, use the DTF method, and try your hand at sublimation, our high-grade printing sheets are a must-have for quality prints and long-lasting performance. Order your pack now from us and enjoy crafting! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print sublimation paper on a regular printer?

No, you cannot print sublimation printers on a regular printer with regular ink. When printing sublimation, you should use an inkjet printer that contains sublimation ink.

What kind of paper do you use when pressing sublimation?

The special paper used for sublimation printing is called sublimation sheets. You cannot use other types of paper for sublimation printing other than sublimation sheets.

Is heat transfer paper the same as sublimation paper?

No, a heat transfer paper is different from a sublimation paper. Heat transfer paper is coated with wax or pigment. Heat transfer paper is used for dark transfer paper and light transfer paper printing that’s compatible with pigment ink. While sublimation paper has a special coating that’s compatible with sublimation ink only.

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