Shimmer And Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

Amp up your level of imagination with the magnificent collection of Shimmer and Glitter Adhesive Vinyl at TeckWrap Craft. With this category, you can aim high and produce artistic projects that ignite creativity and spark passion. 

The addition of sparkle and shimmer is a brilliant way to accentuate fine details in your crafts and catch the eye of onlookers. With a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, this collection is sure to ignite your creative spirit and take your crafting game to a whole new level!

The Superb Variety

In this category, we offer an extensive palette of colors, as well as various textures to suit any creative vision. From classic gold and silver to vibrant hues, you will find the perfect shade to bring your ideas to life. Here are some of our beloved items in this range:

Glitter Brush: Embrace the spectrum of dazzling hues and exquisite patterns with this vinyl. You will find unique designs that can help manifest your artistic dreams into reality such as Fluid Art, Marble, Nebula, and much more.

Colorful Glitter: These three-toned vinyl sheets can glam up your projects with a wondrous array of glitter. The different subtle shades of one color are arranged in a linear pattern, merging into each other beautifully. In this range, we have Lilac, Mint, Pink, Sky, Lemon, Diamond, and  Mystery.

Glitter Polka Dots: Dotted patterns are all the rage and can help your art express its wild side. This vinyl is overlaid with glitter with metallic dots spread over it. The colors include Lime, Black, Light Blue, Pink, and Champagne Gold.

Burst Shimmer: As the name suggests, this vinyl will help you burst out of mediocrity and into the fabulous world of glitter. A true treat for the eye, it is available in Red Violet, Christmas Green, Coral Red, Brilliant Purple, Elegant Red, and Royal Azure.

Amazing Characteristics

Like any product at TeckWrap Craft, this range consists of premium quality materials as well as state-of-the-art practices employed to create it. Our Shimmer and Glitter vinyl is comprised of a strong and durable adhesive that helps it last ages. Once applied, it can withstand regular wear and tear, making it perfect for creating long-lasting decorations and decals. It is also water resistant making it an ideal choice for indoor application. 

Our adhesive vinyl is thin and flexible, making it easy to adhere to both flat and curved surfaces. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic, so you can apply it to your drinkware without any apprehensions. It is available in rolls of 5ft, 10ft, and 82ft giving you the liberty to buy as much as you need without wastage.  

Hassle-Free Transfer

Another captivating feature you will find in this category is the ease of application each product provides. The adhesive ensures a bubble-free installation, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results effortlessly. Whether it is in terms of cutting, weeding, or transferring, the application is seamless and hassle-free!

For perfect results, it’s good to have an automated cutting machine. Our  Shimmer and Glitter adhesive vinyl is compatible with all craft cutters, die cutters, and sign plotters. You should also have a cutting mat, weeding tools, transfer tape, squeegee, and a blank on which to apply the vinyl such as a glass, tumbler, or acrylic keychain blank. 

Use the software provided by your cutting machine to create or import the design you want to cut from the Shimmer and Glitter adhesive vinyl. Choose the appropriate material setting for glitter adhesive vinyl. Place the vinyl sheet on the cutting mat and load it into the machine. Allow it to cut your design.

Once it has done its job, use weeding tools to carefully remove the excess vinyl from around your design. You can use a tweezer, weeder, or a weeding pen for this. All these are easily available in our ‘Accessories’ section. Cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than your design. Peel the backing off it and apply it smoothly over your weeded design. Use a squeegee or your fingers to ensure the transfer tape adheres well to the vinyl.

Carefully peel off the backing from the vinyl, making sure your design remains sticking to the transfer tape. Position the design on your desired surface. You can use a ruler or alignment marks to ensure it's straight. Press down on the transfer tape and vinyl using a squeegee or your fingers to adhere it to the surface.

Gently peel back the transfer tape at a 45-degree angle, making sure the vinyl sticks to the surface. If any part of the vinyl lifts, press it back down and rub over it again. Continue peeling the transfer tape off completely, leaving the vinyl design on the surface. Use your fingers or a scraper to press the vinyl design again, ensuring good adhesion.

Great Versatility And Performance

If you are looking to create art that invokes amazement, our range of Shimmer and Glitter Vinyl is the ideal choice. The sparkling effects add a captivating and dazzling shine to any design. Whether you are creating custom decals, scrapbooking, or personalizing gifts, these vinyl sheets will make your projects stand out from the crowd. 

The question arises, with a plethora of options and numerous choices, what does one do with vinyl? Lucky for all crafters, vinyl is a versatile material that can elevate any surface! Add a personal touch to your gifts by creating custom wine glasses, mugs, or notebooks with the recipient's name using glitter vinyl. 

You can also add glitter magic to your party decorations with shimmer vinyl banners, table centerpieces, and sparkling invitations. Moreover, you can enhance your scrapbook pages with glitter accents, titles, and borders. The Shimmer and Glitter adhesive vinyl will add a touch of elegance and glamor to your cherished memories. With groundbreaking material like this, there is plenty of room to explore and experiment!

Our Shimmer and Glitter adhesive vinyl can be applied to a wide range of surfaces provided they are smooth, clean, and dry. When choosing where to apply adhesive vinyl, consider the surface's texture, porosity, and curvature. You can apply it to the following surfaces: 

1: Glass and Mirrors:
  • Windows.
  • Glass doors.
  • Glass containers (jars, vases).
  • Mirrors.
2: Hard Surfaces:
  • Wood (furniture, signs, frames).
  • Plastic (storage bins, containers.
  • Metal (water bottles, laptops, appliances).
3: Ceramic and Porcelain:
  • Mugs.
  • Plates.
  • Tiles.
4: Paper and Cardstock:
  • Scrapbooking projects.
  • Greeting cards.
5: Outdoor Surfaces:
    • Garden pots.
    • Mailboxes.
    • Outdoor signs.
    6: Electronics:
    • Phone cases.
    • Laptop covers.
    7: Craft Projects:
    • DIY home decor.
    • Customized gifts.

    Here are some tips for applying adhesive vinyl on specific surfaces:

    • Glass, mirrors, and flat plastic or metal surfaces are often the easiest to work with. Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust, grease, or debris.
    • When applying vinyl to curved surfaces like mugs or helmets, use a technique called the ‘hinge method.’ Place a strip of masking tape across the top of the vinyl, allowing it to act as a hinge. This lets you position the vinyl accurately before adhering it fully.
    • When applying our Shimmer and Glitter adhesive vinyl to paper and cardstock, be gentle to avoid tearing or creasing the paper.

    Bedazzle All With The Shimmery Perfection! 

    Are you ready to let your creativity shine with our Shimmer and Glitter adhesive vinyl? Head over to our website and explore the wide selection of colors and styles available. With our premium quality and easy application, you will find crafting with these vinyl sheets a breeze! Grab your favorite variant of this category today from TeckWrap Craft, and let your creativity take flight!

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