Smart Vinyl: Smart Materials for the Smart Crafter

Unleash your creativity up to 13 inches wide, with colorful and vast choices of designs, and all these without with no cutting mat needed!  A smart vinyl is indeed the choice of smart crafters.

What is Smart Vinyl?

smart vinyl



You can check the product details of this Smart Vinyl variant.

Smart vinyl is pieces of vinyl that are cut with no cutting mat needed and are also called smart materials.  Just load the smart vinyl into your machine, and presto!  You have your vinyl design ready!


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How do you cut Smart Vinyl?

Since you are just starting with crafting and don’t have your own cutting machine yet, you may use your hand!

If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine to do your craft projects, you may cut a smart vinyl using any machine cutter like how you usually cut vinyl as if it is still on the mat.


What is so special about Smart Vinyl?

When we compare smart vinyl to regular vinyl, we will surely have lots to note.

Let’s look at the reasons that make smart vinyl the favorite of every crafter.

Smart Vinyl can be as wide as 13 inches, while Regular Vinyl is only 12.

Smart vinyl can be as wide as 13 inches, and regular types of vinyl are 12 inches.  So, when you are doing your personalized projects, there will be a problem with the size of your smart vinyl compared to the older models of cutting machines when you think of maximizing its size.

Smart Vinyl is Lighter

Smart types of vinyl are lighter than regular types of vinyl.  Some materials like card stock paper are medium-weight and won’t give you a hard time gluing because they have an adhesive back.

Smart Vinyl Minimum Size

Smart Vinyl must be at least 4 inches in length to feed through the machine, even without a mat.  

So, use a cutting mat if scraps are shorter than that.  Remember that Cricut machines like Joy allow 1 inch of allowance of material directly at the top and 0.5 inches of fabric at the bottom.

You may make repeated cuts to fill a more extended space of material, but the maximum design length you can cut using a 4-inch piece of Smart Materials is 2.5 inches.

 You have to adjust the Project copies in Cricut Explore Design Space or select  “Make Again” as many times as needed in the machine.

There are vast designs and colors to choose from

Your innermost creative side will be ignited just by looking at the vast choices of colored types of vinyl available in the market.  Then, you will have to trust your creativity using Smart Materials.

You may choose from basic colors, holographic vinyl, and other fun-patterned vinyl. One more thing to note, Smart Vinyl has a matte finish.

Basic Patterns

Use patterned vinyl to add patterns to home decor and other craft projects.

  • Florals
  • Plaids
  • Stripes

Specialty Pattern

Use specialty vinyl for fun textures and uses.

specialty pattern of smart vinyl


  • Glitters on vinyl
  • Stencil vinyl
  • Outdoor glossy
smart vinyl projects

Smart Vinyl Doesn’t Need a Cutting Mat

Smart materials are ready to be loaded onto a Cricut Joy without a cutting mat.  

Wait for the machine to tell you when it’s time to load your smart materials.

The software will prompt you when it’s time to load your Smart Vinyl and tell you how much of it you’ll need.    

When you use a Cricut machine, and your vinyl is larger than what you need, you won’t need a mat anymore, for you may cut Smart Materials from the roll.  You’ll need the roll holder to use it and not worry about cutting smart materials.

Smart Vinyl Will Help Unleash Your Creativity

Since Smart Vinyl is larger than Regular types of vinyl, your designs are not confined to the size of the material.  You can then think big! Literally!


smart vinyl projects


It's all in the details. Layered vinyl design on an acrylic coaster by @kimcutph. #TeckwrapPH

TeckWrap Craft Smart Vinyl is Compatible with Many Cricut Machines

TeckWrap Craft Smart Vinyl is compatible with Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Explore 3, and Cricut Joy.

In these three Cricut machines, use smart vinyl without a mat.

Three Types of Smart Materials

Generally, there are three types of Smart Materials:

  1. Smart Paper
  2. Smart Iron-on Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl
  3. Smart Vinyl Permanent or Removable Smart Vinyl

1. Smart Paper

smart paper for vinyl projects
  • It is sticker paper.  
  • You may work on it without a cutting mat.
  • It is best if you want a quick labeling project.

Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock

A Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock is a medium-weight card stock paper with an adhesive back.  This is perfect for making stickers, cards, labels, and other creative crafts.  With this smart material, you won’t need glue.

This material uses Explore 3 and Maker 3.   This sticker paper is light with an adhesive back.

All you have to do is cut, peel, and stick to create beautiful cards, bold banners, posters that are effortlessly beautiful, and whatever your creative imagination can think of creating.

Smart Label Writable Paper

Smart Label Vinyl is compatible with all Cricut Joy Pens and Markers.

Smart Label Writable Paper
Smart Label Writable Paper
Smart Label Writable Paper


Smart Label Writable Paper
Smart Label Writable Paper
Smart Label Writable Paper


heat press for smart vinyl
smart vinyl on shirt

2. Smart Iron On Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl


smart vinyl heat transfer


smart vinyl

smart vinyl


If you want your designs to stick on your material for the longest time, use Smart Iron On Vinyl or  Heat Transfer Vinyl.  

When to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Smart Iron On or Heat Transfer Vinyl is best for soft surfaces which are mostly fabric like:

  • Pillow covers


  • Clothing

Photo from Canva

Glow in the Dark HTVs from TeckWrap Craft

  • Tote Bags
vinyl on tote bags

Photo from Canva

TeckWrap Craft’s Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

pattern vinyl


TeckWrap Craft also has this amazing Patterned Iron On or Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Patterned heat transfer vinyl is for those who want a solid color but with an added design element to their crafts.  Great for adding designs to clothing that cannot be screen-printed.

Heat transfer will enable the transfer of designs to your finished product.  This is possible only through a heat press machine or an iron-on.

When ordering our Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll, you can choose from various colors and patterns.

This heat transfer vinyl comes in two different colors and is made to be used on t-shirts, bags, and more. Use your iron to cut the vinyl, peel the backing off, lay it on the item you want to decorate, and heat press for 15 seconds at 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

TeckWrap Craft’s Glow in the Dark Vinyl




3. Smart Vinyl Permanent Vs. Removable Smart Vinyl

Why Use Smart Vinyl (Permanent)?

Use permanent vinyl if you want your DIY projects to last for a long time, and also best for outdoor use.  Smart vinyl is also a bit thicker than premium vinyl, and the paper backing is a bit thicker as well.  This ensures your design can withstand the heat and pressure of the great outdoors.

Permanent vinyl is a good idea for projects that get wet, need to be cleaned, or for keepsake gifts.



  • Mugs
  • Coasters
  • Tumblers
  • Signs

Why Use Removable Vinyl?

To make sure your designs can be changed when you want to, use removable vinyl instead. This is ideal for seasonal projects or to be used as stencils for painting projects.

Here are several project ideas you can create with removable patterned vinyl:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Dedication cards
  • Window or eve door decals or graphics
  • Wall decals
  • Banner
  • Ad Posters
  • Wedding signage
  • Printed advertising materials (like restaurant menus or signages)
  • Signages for coffee shops, restaurants, or offices
  • Decals on mugs, tumblers, glassware, mason jars, and flower vases
  • Wall or window decorations for any occasions

And get creative! Think of materials that you believe could hold a vinyl design.  And what are these?

What types of material will smart vinyl stick on?

To help you decide what materials to use, here is a basic guide on the types of material smart vinyl will stick on to.

But first, let’s determine the types of adhesives that decals like smart vinyl may have.

Types of Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl can be permanent and removable types.

Again, just like any smart vinyl, if you intend for your material to overcome the great outdoors, go for the outdoor vinyl or the permanent type.  

If you’re the type who wants to change designs every now and then, go for indoor vinyl designs or the removable type.


Features of Candy Color Adhesive Vinyl

  • High-quality color accuracy
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy to apply
  • Gloss finish
  • Can be applied to most smooth surfaces
  • Extremely durable – conforms to any shape or size
  • Surface-friendly and easy to work with
  • Incredibly versatile – ideal for wall decals, banners, book covers, mugs, signage, handcraft
  • Attractive shimmery tones that give an edge to your art projects
  • Easy to cut and weed without any clutter or mess
  • Waterproof vinyl – able to withstand moisture, ensuring its shimmery color remains intact.


You may use a rubber material for the removal of decals.  Just remember not to use it in areas with extreme heat above 160F.

Rubber adhesives are known for their high tac and will adhere to surfaces like:

  • Teflon
  • Silicone
  • Plastics
  • And even other rubber


This is a permanent type of adhesive with two subtypes:

Pressure-sensitive, which offers low to high tac and can withstand temperatures of up to 200F.

Pressure-activated, allows for adjustable positioning, which needs something to hold it to secure the bond.  It can also withstand up to 200F of heat.

Elastomeric/ Thermoset

This type of decal needs heat or a solvent to stick onto a material.

What types of materials will or won’t smart vinyl stick onto?




TeckWrap Craft’s Iron On Vinyl comes in many designs and colors


The adhesive on most regular vinyl materials will not work well on fabric or cloth.  Here is where Iron On Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl comes in.

A Heat transfer or Iron On process is needed with common household iron or if you are the more advanced one, a heat press machine.

Iron On Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl, once already pressed, will be more durable even when washed.


Follow the butterflies! Teckwrap vinyl decals on drinking glasses by @kimcutph
 photo from TeckWrap Craft Philippines


Glass is the friendliest of all vinyl materials, smart vinyl or regular vinyl.  However, remember that direct heat or sunlight may still impact the design's durability.

This is a problem in climates with high humidity.  If it’s not laminated, water bubbles can form around the decal, which may cause damage to the paper or ink.


Photo from TeckWrap Craft

Metal is also a friendly material for decals if the surface is untextured and flat.

So, as long as the surface is clean and smooth, there shall be no problem for a quick decal.


Image from TeckWrap Craft Philippines Facebook page


Generally, most decals will stick to a plastic surface.  However, there will be a problem if it has a textured surface.

If this is so, take fine sandpaper and gently sand the textured area down where you will apply the smart vinyl design.

And if you will be using decals on something that is intended for food or mouth contact, be sure to carefully follow instructions when crafting.  Items that have mouth contact must also be dishwasher friendly to ensure they don’t come out with your drinking water.

Textured Surfaces

When  smart vinyl is being applied onto a surface that has textured gaps, and air can pass through the gaps, it will not stick as hard as it should.

The best remedy is to sand down the textured surface as much as possible.  Vinyl will stick well on smooth surfaces.

An example is a textured wall for a home decor decal. Smoothen the wall first before applying your smart vinyl design.  This will ensure your wall decal will be of good quality.


Yes, they can stick to wooden surfaces.  Make sure to sand down any textured surface to improve the area and make the vinyl stick well.

Cricut Maker

Even nifty crafters opt to use other smart vinyl materials that may be used with the Cricut Maker or other brands of cutting machines. In other words, you may use Cricut Maker with vinyl materials from other manufacturers.

TeckWrap Craft has become the attractive go-to store because it unleashes a crafter's creativity with its vast catalog.  With smart vinyl, there are no more big or small projects.

So, even using a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s vast array of smart vinyl materials that will bring your creativity to life!

So if you have a Cricut Maker, you can pair it with TeckWrap Craft’s wide array of permanent vinyl.  


Do I need a Transfer Tape for my Smart Vinyl?

You may use any regular transfer tape, which works for most vinyl types.

Use a strong grip transfer tape for textured-finish pieces of vinyl like Shimmer and Glitter.

Here is TeckWrap Craft’s Transfer Tape, a craftmaker’s good choice for adhesive craft vinyl application.  Why?

Besides being cheaper than the other brands, it is both “Quality” and “Durability” at its best.



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What projects can I work on with Smart Vinyl?

Smart Vinyl brings out creativity in you.  This nifty material lets you have the craft in less time, and remember, no cutting mat is needed.  It is as simple as a “just load and go”.

So, if you want a quick decal, get a  hold of a smart vinyl.  Here are the projects you can do with smart vinyl:

Outdoor Projects

If you are thinking of outdoor projects, TeckWrap Craft’s vinyl being weather resistant, then smart vinyl collections, is your right choice!

These permanent vinyl smart materials are weather resistant, fade-proof, and dishwasher safe, so you can wash your containers, mugs, and other washable crafts as often as you want without worrying about the designs peeling off.

Smart Vinyl works when you want to:

  • Create a bold banner
  • Design for car decals
  • Get creative with outside wall decals

School Project or Create a Bold Banner

Do you need to do a school project or create a bold banner for school events?  

Smart Vinyl materials, permanent or removable, can be your go-to art supplies.  If you will be doing a school project that will be exposed to the great outdoors like banners, outside wall decals, signs, and other materials which will be exposed to extreme conditions like your water bottle, then opt for permanent smart vinyl.

And if your school project is something that will be used inside your school or something that won’t be exposed to extreme conditions, a removable smart vinyl may suffice.  Especially if you intend to remove your decal soon.

How does smart vinyl, permanent or removable, work?

Now,  you are thinking of using those special cutting machines you have heard about and start thinking if it is alright to use any material in your machine and cut it without a mat.  

The answer is a resounding “YES, it’s alright, and you must not worry.”; you can cut smart materials even without a cutting mat.  Its compatibility with a particular machine makes it special because smart materials have a special backer that can feed into the machine without needing a cutting mat.

Smart materials may be cut using older machines, but it’s not wise to buy older machines if the new ones offer more benefits.

So, it doesn’t matter if you choose not to work with a Cricut Smart Vinyl, especially if you want to use other kinds of smart vinyl just like what TeckWrap Craft have for your personalized projects.

It is a snap with smart vinyl!


Browse TeckWrap Craft’s Array of Smart Vinyl

Now that you have a better understanding of what a smart vinyl permanent or removable  is and how to use it in creating personalized projects, big or small,  you may now begin your journey as a smart crafter.



After reading this article, the smart characteristics you learned are a snap with Smart Vinyl. This nifty material lets you make more in less time without a cutting mat- just load, go!



Read on the product details and the features of Cricut Joy Adhesive Craft Vinyl.

From your water bottle, items or a school project, or creating a quick, bold banner in a few minutes is a snap with smart vinyl.  Plus, smart vinyl is weather-resistant and is the answer to your smart needs as a smart crafter!

And when you want versatility in designs, colors, patterns, and creativity, count on TeckWrap Craft!

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