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Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas
You can glam up your living room and personalizing it with your unique project ideas! We included budget friendly ideas usiing vinyl.
How to Apply Vinyl Decal Instructions
This is a concise instructional guide on how to apply a vinyl decal. This guide is designed to help beginning crafters and businesses that use vinyl on their products. 
What Is Flocked Iron-on and How to Apply It
Flocked iron-on or HTV  is a fuzzy or furry heat transfer vinyl that is similar to suede or felt material. Because of its soft, fuzzy, and raised texture, it gives your design more depth and thickness. Here are some great projects using flock vinyl.
Personalized Baby Girl Onesie Ideas That Are Fun and Easy to Make
Your cute bundle of joy deserves equally cute onesies! Here are some personalized baby girl onesie ideas, or as a gift to a new mom!
Customisable Swim Caps: 7 Designs Using Vinyl
This article will show you how to make your own customizable swim caps using vinyl. or gias a gift to an avid swimmer! You can customize your own swim caps in any way you like. Let's get started!
What Is Permanent Vinyl Used For? A Beginner’s Guide
Permanent vinyl has many uses. From outdoor vinyl signages, car decals, personalized mugs, and many more. For long-lasting and outdoor decals, permanent vinyl is the best material to use. So if you’re a beginner in the crafting world, this guide is for you.
Special Designs of Memorial Decals for Cars
Placing memorial decals helps you to recover from grief and still feel close to them. You don’t need to spend so much on memorial decals for cars. Here are some ideas.
10 Unique Father’s Day Homemade Crafts
Get some unique Father's Day homemade crafts for the man of the house! Here are ideas that you can start working on for dad's day.
Can You Put HTV on Polyester? 10 Tips for Printing HTV on Polyester
If you’re wondering if you can print heat transfer vinyl on polyester, the answer is yes! But hold on! It’s not as easy as printing heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on cotton. If you have a client requesting activewear with vinyl print then you need to read this post. Just a heads up, printing heat transfer vinyl on polyester

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