Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects You Can Do Yourself

removable vinyl projects

Wall Decal Image by Pascal.manatee from Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for more inspiration to spice up your furniture, appliances, and electronics at home? You may have been looking through the Pinterest TV app for days now looking for inspiration. Why not try removable vinyl? You can create various decals to your heart’s desire with removable vinyl.

You don’t have to worry when using removable vinyl. It is safe to use in decorating a rental apartment or dorm room. It doesn’t leave any residue when removed and it doesn’t damage the surface.

You may not even have that much removable vinyl at home. You might be focusing only on heat transfer vinyl and permanent vinyl. If you think removable vinyl is for wall decals only, then you are wrong.

removable vinyl projects

Image by StickerGiant Custom Stickers & Labels from Flickr

What Is Removable Vinyl?

removable vinyl

Craft Vinyl in Shades of Pastel

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Removable vinyl is a type of adhesive vinyl that is great for temporary application. Removable vinyl can be used for wall decorations, mirrors, indoor signage, picture frames, and stencils. Removable vinyl is a sticker vinyl that can also be applied to wood, plastic, and paper.

The procedure in using removable vinyl is the same for permanent vinyl projects. You start with making a design, cut, weed, apply transfer tape, and apply it onto the surface. A painter’s tape can be handy while doing layout on the surface.

The difference between these two is that removable vinyl is easier to remove when you no longer need it or when you want to replace it with new ones. Removable vinyl can easily be removed for up to two years.

How Can You Update Your Home Appliances?

You may have several appliances in your home that you would like to decorate. With a Cricut cutting machine, you can make amazing designs to decorate your appliances.

Cricut Design Space has preset designs or images that you may be interested to use for your project. Updating your home appliance is easy with removable vinyl.

With removable vinyl, you can update your home appliances to make them look different, if not new. Also, removable vinyl is great when you are a seasonal home decorator. If you like decorating your home for every season or occasion, then you should stock up on removable vinyl.

What Are Other Removable Vinyl Projects You Can Do?

Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorating is a fun hobby for many moms and crafters that bring out their creativity. Social gatherings are more fun and exciting when the place is adorned with decorations.

Halloween is a seasonal event that gets everyone excited to dress up and go to parties. You can hype up your party by decorating the cups that the guests will use. With removable vinyl, you can absolutely achieve your party goals.

removable vinyl projects

Halloween Craft Idea from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


removable vinyl projects

Halloween Vase Decal Idea from TeckWrap Craft Instagram page

Another amazing holiday worth celebrating is Christmas. Christmas is one of the many instances that you can let your creative juices flow. Are you in charge of the office decorations?

You can use removable vinyl to label the Christmas balls with all the employees’ names and hang them on the Christmas tree.

removable vinyl projects

Personalized Christmas Balls from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Wedding Decorations

Weddings are very personal to the couple that every wedding detail should reflect their personality and style. You can use removable vinyl for wedding signage in the venue.

You may also label the drinking cups of the bridesmaids and groomsmen with their names. This will be a perfect “thank you” present for all their help with the wedding.

removable vinyl projects

Wedding Decal Ideas by @shiplapandpaint from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Gadgets Decal

Most often than not, everyone is busy on their smartphones. A person’s phone has become an extension of themselves. With that, their choice of phone brand, color, and phone casing reflects their personality and style.

Using removable vinyl, you can personalize your phone with your name or an image that best describes you. You may also change the design of your phone case whenever it pleases you.

Aside from smartphones, laptops are also great materials to personalize. Laptops offer enough space for bigger and more intricate decals. Removable vinyl helps add flavor to your monochromatic laptop.  


removable vinyl projects

Mobile Phone Decal Image from Rawpixel

removable vinyl projects

Laptop Decal Image by Dennis Dervisevic from Flickr

Picture Frame Decoration

Removable vinyl is great to use for picture frames. You can add life to your pictures with written texts. It can also be a creative gift to give out to family and friends.

Permanent Vinyl Projects

Unlike removable vinyl, permanent vinyl stays put where it is applied to. Permanent vinyl is not easily removable making it the best vinyl choice for dishes, cups, outdoor signs, or any material that will be exposed to varying weather conditions and will be frequently washed.


What Is Removable Vinyl?

Removable vinyl is a type of adhesive vinyl that can be peeled off without any residue adhesive leaving behind. Removable vinyl will not damage walls or glasses when used.

What Would You Use Removable TekWrap Vinyl For?

You can use removable vinyl in revamping your home appliances or electronics. You can also use removable vinyl in decorating your walls, mirrors, and indoor labels.

With removable vinyl, you have unlimited options on what to decorate for you can easily remove it and not worry about creating damage or leaving vinyl residue. Removable vinyl is perfect for someone who is a seasonal decorator.

Can TeckWrap Removable Vinyl Be Used on Fabric?

You may use removable vinyl on fabrics temporarily. Removable vinyl on fabrics will peel off when washed for removable vinyl is best applied on smooth and hard surfaces. You may use removable vinyl on t-shirts that you may use for a one-day event such as a family reunion or family photoshoot.

Removable Vinyl Projects Are Exciting!

Personalized Easter Egg Set

Image by @angels_creations from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Mistakes can easily be forgiven because removable vinyl can be peeled off, recut, and reapplied easily. Removable vinyl has opened so many possibilities for crafters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, you can easily personalize anything without worrying about making mistakes or causing material damage.

Feeling inspired? Check out TeckWrap Craft’s removable vinyl collection. You can choose from a variety of colors with glossy to a matte finish. Don’t forget to share with @teckwrapcraft your removable vinyl projects!

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