Heat Transfer Starter Packs

Heat Transfer Vinyl Starter Packs

Are you looking to add a touch of personalization and creativity to your clothing, accessories, or soft home decor items, but you do not know where to begin?

Techwrap craft Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) starter packs are the perfect solution! Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, a small business owner, or simply someone who loves crafting, starter packs are a fantastic way to initiate your creative journey.

A Miscellany Of The Finest HTV

Our premium quality heat transfer vinyl starter packs have been carefully designed to provide convenience to beginners and enthusiasts alike. If you are a novice and you don’t want to buy the whole roll, you can get these 12 x 12 sheets in different colors to practice on. 

Additionally, many starter packs come with instructions and tutorials to help beginners learn the basics of working with HTV through trial-and-error methods and achieve professional-looking results right from the onset. 

For expert vinyl crafters, these sets can prove to be beneficial as well if they do not want a large quantity of vinyl, or if their decal demands small pieces of vinyl in varying shades and finishes. These HTV packs typically include a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to experiment with different designs without the need to purchase individual rolls separately. 

Each pack has a different number of vinyl sheets in either a single or an assortment of different finishes and patterns. With a starter pack, you will have a comprehensive selection of HTV to unleash your creativity. Our remarkable range includes the following:


These are the sheets we recommend for beginners. In this, you get 30 pieces of our plain glossy vinyl that is easy to apply with simple instructions. If you are learning the ropes, or trying to master the HTV game, buy this pack for practice. With our high-grade PU sheets, you will soon get the hang of it and with different colors, you can make multiple projects each better than the other.

Glitter HTV 

Bring on the glitz and glamor with this alluring pack which is sure to spark your imagination. These sheets are overlaid with sparkly glitter which adds an element of style, jazzing up your fabric. Our Glitter HTV pack has 11 sheets of vinyl in different vibrant shades. These can be used on plain monochrome fabrics to add life to them and a little bling to the surroundings. 

Chameleon HTV

This chameleon uber cool pack is adorned with a chameleon effect as the colors shift when viewed from different angles in light. This is a two toned heat transfer vinyl that simply mesmerizes. The pack has six pieces of single shade sheets all in different vibrant colors. 

If you want a little more than the simple glossy look, we have Chameleon Shimmer heat transfer vinyl for you. This pack has seven sheets of the enchanting color shift vinyl, blanketed with minute flecks of gleaming glitter. It surely adds a powerful punch to your crafts. 

Metallic HTV

Metallic HTV Embellished with metal flakes, these sheets are an enthralling addition to any project. They have an amazing shimmer that will make your craft highly distinctive and awe inspiring. A pack of nine pieces, try it on a mundane, boring t-shirt and see how it adds life to it. 

We have another variant for you in this category, the Holo Metallic HTV, 7 sheets pack. It is perfect for those who want their projects to have iridescent luster with a stunning play of different hues. It is perfect for party decor or apparel that shrieks extreme fun!

Puff HTV

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, there is no better way to do so than with puff 3D designs. This puff heat transfer vinyl rises up when heat is applied to it. You will get ten sheets in different colors in this pack enough to make superb apparel. Our puff HTV is durable and long lasting, and allows easy application. Get the pack if you have practiced enough with our basic HTV. 

Glow in the Dark HTV

No collection is complete without some magic, hence we bring to you our Glow in the Dark HTV pack. As is apparent, the vinyl exhibits luminosity when exposed to darkness. It is a fun way to bedeck your fabrics, especially if it is for a themed party or Halloween.

Further adding depth to your design, is our Glow in the Dark Puff HTV. Yes, it glows and it is in 3D. You would love to work with this pack with six sheets in different colors giving you ample room for inventiveness. 

Amazing Assortment

If you want sheets of different heat transfer vinyl films in varying patterns, colors and finishes in one set, we have Beginner HTV and  Colorful HTV packs for you with 22 and 10 pieces respectively. You would love to get your hands on these as they give you the liberty to visualize, create and marvel. 

These starter packs allow you to experiment and offer excellent value for money, as they often include a diverse range of colors and finishes at a more affordable price than buying them individually. This enables you to explore different techniques with various designs without breaking the bank. 

Let’s Seal the Deal!

Wait, there is more! All our vinyl films are made of state-of-the-art materials hence are durable with a strong adhesion. Our HTV is safe to use on cotton, polyester and blends making it an ideal choice for shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, soft home decor and much more. 

Moreover, these packs are compatible with most craft cutters and die cutters. Gear up to buy the best deal. Start your journey with Teckwrap Craft today and unravel your creative potential with our starter packs.

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