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How to Make Sublimation Tumblers: A Step-By-Step Guide
To make sublimation tumblers there are three things you need to remember. First, only use sublimation paper printed with sublimation ink. Second, only use sublimation tumblers, not just any tumbler. Lastly, use a heat press machine designed for tall tumblers, not for mugs.
How To Make Custom Shirts with Printable Paper Plus Friendly Tips
Do you want to know how to make custom shirts with printable paper? Customizing shirts with printable paper gives you unlimited ideas! Read on and find the easiest ways to be your own t-shirt designer.
Silk Screen Printing With Vinyl Stencil: Yes, It's Possible!
Using TeckWrap Craft's collection of adhesive craft vinyl, you can create vinyl stencils for silk screen printing. No more photo emulsion, say goodbye to acetate sheets, and most importantly, no more long waiting times.
How to Put Vinyl on a Hat with a Heat Press Like a Pro
Who says embroidered patches are the only way to custom print on a hat? You can put vinyl on a hat using a heat press machine. How to put vinyl on a hat with a heat press? Here's how!
How to Create Stencils for Painting the Easy Way for Your DIY Projects
If you want to create stencils for painting, one of the easiest ways is by using vinyl. Yes, you’ll need a cutting machine and weeding tools to pull off this technique, but it will be worth it.
How to Make a Photoboard and Customize It With Craft Vinyl
A photoboard is not just another decoration you can hang on the wall. It’s a piece of art where you can showcase your fondest memories and the photos of your loved ones. But how to make a photoboard at home? To make your own photo board, collect pictures, and consider customizing it with a craft vinyl.
How to Decorate a Rental with White Walls
Rentals  white walls? Paint? Certainly your landlord might come after you. Don’t worry! Here are some tips on how to decorate a rental with white walls without locking horns with your landlord.
How to Make Labels for Jars: Make Custom Jar Labels Like a Pro!
Sure it’s easy to print sticker papers or label makers for jar labels. But wouldn’t it be more fun to create one-of-a-kind labels for jars using craft vinyl? It lasts longer and lets you be more creative. Here is how.
How to Put Your Logo on a Hat? Cap Printing 101!
Are you thinking of printing caps with a company logo? Perhaps you want to create custom hats for your own clothing brand? Then read this post on how to put your logo on a hat using different techniques.

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