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How to Use Printed HTV in a Few Simple Steps
 Using printed HTV goes through almost the same procedure as other heat transfer vinyl. However, the difference lies in how you position the printed vinyl or patterned HTV on the cutting mat and how to apply it properly. Read on to know more.
15 Tips on How to Weed Iron on Vinyl Like a Pro
To weed iron on vinyl, you need to have the right tools, follow the correct settings and have good lighting. But if you want to do it like a pro, you need to know these tips on how to weed iron vinyl like a pro. 
How to Weed Small Letters on Vinyl - Like a Pro!
This post will teach you how to weed small letters on vinyl - like a pro! Know more about the reverse weeding of small letters.
How to Do Iron-on Patches
Do you want to make your own iron on patches? Embroidery machines are costly and store bought options may be limited. So make your own with vinyl iron on patches! Here are the steps.
Can You Use HTV on Glass? Yes, You Can!
We have always recommended adhesive vinyl for glass surfaces, but can you use htv on glass? Yes you can! Here is a guide on how to do it.
Simple and Easy Care Instructions for HTV Shirts
Shirts with heat transfer vinyl on it should be washed and ironed with care. Here are some simple and easy care instructions for HTV shirts.
How to Iron On Patches on Jeans
Want to have custom patches on your denims but can’t find it among embroidered ones in stores? The answer: creat your own using flock vinyl! Yes you can get more creative with patchwork - read on to know how to make iron-on patches on jeans.
How to Use Transfer Paper with Vinyl
If you’re new to making vinyl craft stickers, you’re going to have to deal with transfer paper. But wait, how do you use transfer paper with vinyl? The concept is pretty simple: cut and weed the vinyl, transfer the vinyl to the transfer paper, then transfer the design to the merchandise.
How to Put Vinyl on a Cup: Tips, Steps, and Project Ideas

Have you ever wondered why those Pinterest projects look so pretty? How do they put vinyl on a cup? Well, that’s simple, with a cutting machine, permanent vinyl, and transfer paper, you can put vinyl on any cup you want. Surely you can’t wait to create your next personalized cup project, but there are many things you need to know yet. Read further to know more tips, steps, and project ideas you can create with permanent vinyl.

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