round wooden sign ideas

8 Round Wooden Sign Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

With craft vinyl, you can create plenty of craft projects, and you’d be surprised at the extent of your creativity. If you want to explore your creative prowess, then you need to try out creating round wooden signs. It’s the perfect home decor, gift idea, or even for outdoor signages.

We’ve rounded up 8 round wooden sign ideas you can draw inspiration from for your next project. Plus, instructions on how to create a round wooden sign. Just a tip before you create your next project, make sure to check out TeckWrap Craft’s Craft Vinyl collection so you can create the best projects with wonderful colors and bright patterns.


round sign ideas

Image from TeckWrap Craft’s Facebook Page

  1. Round Wooden Signs Christmas Decorations

Round Wooden Signs Christmas Decorations


Take a simple wood circle and create pretty Christmas decorations with it. With paint, colorful ribbons, and metallic craft vinyl, you can create these small round wooden Christmas decorations to be hung on your Christmas tree. Or if you have bigger wood planks, you can create this wood sign to be hung on your front door during the Holiday season.

These are even great Christmas gift ideas you can give to your loved ones and friends. You can place texts like “Happy Holidays to the Smith Family”. So they can proudly hang your wonderful gift at their home during Christmas.

  1. Wooden Personalized Name for Bedrooms

Wooden Personalized Name for Bedrooms


Who wouldn’t love a personalized name sign? This project is perfect for gift-giving and a DIY door hanger for bedroom door decor for the kids. If you’re curious what kind of vinyl was used above, it’s TeckWrap Craft’s Peach Yellow Pink Adhesive Vinyl. The image shown above is a highly crafted project with paper flowers and leaves used as a creative finishing touch.

Do you see? Other than using vinyl, you can combine it with other crafting ideas to create a one of a kind product. The more you think outside the box, the more likely you’ll create innovative designs.

  1. Living Room Decorations

Living Room Decorations


Setting the mood for your living room starts with the wall paint to pieces of furniture. The last yet most important details are the wall decorations. You would not want an empty wall in your living room, right? So if you’ve been searching the net for a long time now, on what kind of wall decoration should you place in your living room, then you should consider custom wood circles, just like the photo you see above.

For this project, after the wood was stained, a light coat of paint was brushed over it, and permanent vinyl was used for the sun decoration. The contrast of blue paint and yellow craft vinyl goes nicely. When this is hung on a plain living room wall, the colors will truly pop and get the attention of your visitors. For a more interesting effect, for this project, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s White Smart Vinyl.

TeckWrap Craft’s Smart Vinyl

  1. Round Wooden Signs with Inspirational Quotes

Round Wooden Signs with Inspirational Quotes


The sales of hanging wall decorations are skyrocketing on Etsy. But they can come costly and the selections are limited. Why not create one of your own? If you have a mantra you live by, it’s nice to have a visible reminder you can see every day.

With a stained blank wood plank, paint, and craft vinyl, you can create a project like the photo above. The artist got more creative by creating a night skyline effect using white and blue paint. Don’t limit yourself to creating texts alone, but other clipart and vectors like stars, mountains, flowers, and many more. There are plenty of free SVG cut files you can download and use to create a more beautiful project.

  1. Round Wooden Sign for Your Business

Round Wooden Sign for Your Business

Image from Flickr by Dave Dugdale


Are you putting up a coffee shop? A farmhouse? A restaurant? Congratulations! Now you have to make sure your business’ logo is big and clear from afar. An excellent idea for your business logo, especially if you want to place it outdoors, is a round wooden sign.

In the photo you see above, it’s a Starbucks logo on a wooden sign, however, this is not made of vinyl. It’s painted and carved by hand. You don’t need carving skills to pull off a wooden sign like this, all you need is paint and permanent vinyl.

For an outdoor wooden sign, you want to work on a bigger wood, let’s say 16 inches in length or bigger. Do you know what will make things more interesting? Use Glow in the dark craft vinyl so it will pop in the dark.

Personalized Round Pallet Wood

Personalized Round Pallet Wood Photo by Benhur Emmanuel


  1. Wedding Wood Signs

Wedding Wood Signs

Photo by Marko Milivojevic on Pixnio 

A round wood sign now has become a necessity, especially at weddings. Using a blank wood plank, you can create a ‘Here Comes the Bride’ sign or a ‘Welcome to our wedding’ signage. This is the perfect decoration especially if the theme’s wedding is rustic and is held outdoors.

If you can’t paint a perfectly handwritten font on a wooden sign, then using craft vinyl will be the better option. Other than the vinyl printing, you can decorate fresh flowers and green leaves around it to perfect that wedding look. Other than round wooden signs, rectangle wooden signs would look magical as decorations at wedding receptions as well.

  1. Beautiful Welcome Sign for Your Front Porch

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative

Nothing is more heartwarming than welcoming your guests to your home by hanging a Welcome sign on your front door. A round wooden sign is perfect for that. Do you see the photo above? It’s simple and minimalistic, yet is a great touch to your front door.

What’s perfect about wooden signs is you can design around them depending on the Holidays coming up. For instance, during Christmas, you can place a Christmas wreath surrounding the wooden sign. Or during Halloween, you can place pumpkin cut-outs or spider webs around it. With this beautiful welcome sign, your guests will be in awe when visiting your house.

  1. Wood Signs for Outdoor Party Decorations


Wood Signs for Outdoor Party Decorations

Photo by Nothing Ahead


What’s great about wooden signs is they are the perfect decorations for outdoor parties. For night outdoor parties, a couple of string lights with these wooden signs would look perfect! But don’t just limit yourself to round wooden signs, because there are other wood shapes available just like the heart-shaped wood seen in the photo above.

The vintage-looking heart-shaped decoration exudes that rustic feeling it would look perfect when hanging on string lights. If you’re after that rustic-vintage feel, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s Rose Gold Textured Metallic Adhesive Vinyl.


Rose Gold Textured Metallic Adhesive Vinyl.

How to create round wood signs

Round wood signs are one of the trendiest DIY projects of many crafters. With a cutting machine and craft vinyl, you can create many adorable projects that will look stunning anywhere you hang them.

Now that you've taken inspiration from the design ideas above, it's time to learn how to create round wood signs. If you’re a visual learner, you can check out this video tutorial from TeckWrap Craft

Supplies Needed

  • TeckWrap Craft adhesive vinyl
  • Cutting machine (Silhouette or Cameo)
  • Weeding tools
  • Transfer tape
  • Cutting mat
  • Squeegee
  • Round wood blank (preferably stained, painted, or finished wood). You can buy ready-made wood blanks in craft stores or you can upcycle wood blanks and sand it down.

Step 1: Stain the Wood

stain the wood for vinyl
Image from Flickr by SK


In case you can’t find ready-made stained wood in a craft store, you can work on any wood blank that’s readily available. Your first step is to sand down the wood using sandpaper and make sure the surface is even and smooth.

Make sure to cover your work area with a plastic or paper covering. Additionally, wear gloves to protect your hands from stains. Using a paintbrush, stain the wood and rub the wood stain formula on the wood blank. Make sure to brush the wood stain carefully and evenly.

Make sure not to drip the stain as this may leave spots that may cause the wood stain not to be even. Leave the wood blank with painted stain in a clean and dust-free environment. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before placing the permanent vinyl. After staining the wood, you can paint over it and let it dry for at least 24 hours as well.

Step 2: Cut the Design


Cut the Design


In the design space of your Silhouette or Cameo, prepare the design for cutting. Make sure to determine the right size you want for the vinyl against the round wood. Also, determine the right size of each vinyl color you need.

Prepare all the vinyl colors you need, and only the size you need. Do not waste excess vinyl! Don’t forget to change the settings of the material used. This will depend on the type of adhesive craft vinyl you used.

Do not mirror adhesive craft vinyl! That only applies to heat transfer vinyl. Before cutting the actual design, make sure to always test cut! Once the vinyl easily separates from adhesive craft backing paper, you’re good to go in cutting the design. After that, weed the excess vinyl using your weeding tools.

Cut the Design

Step 3: Transfer the Vinyl to the Transfer Tape

Once you’re done weeding the vinyl, grab a transfer tape and squeegee and prepare to stick the vinyl onto the transfer tape. Place the transfer tape backing above the craft vinyl, and use a squeegee to flatten out the transfer tape onto the vinyl so it transfers well. Once you’ve transferred it successfully, prepare to place the vinyl onto the wood blank.

Step 4: Place the Vinyl on the Wood

Carefully place the vinyl on the round wood. Make sure to do it slowly and use a squeegee to flatten the vinyl to ensure proper transfer. Once you’re confident that the vinyl sticks to the wood properly, slowly remove the transfer tape backing.

Place the Vinyl on the Wood

Step 5: Place Other Decorations (Optional)

optional decorations for your wood sign


This is an optional step but is the cherry on top. Add more sparks and decors on your round wood sign. You can use ribbons like the round wood sign you see above. Or you can use other decorations like beads, glitters, rhinestones, artificial leaves, and paper flowers using a glue gun.

If you want, you can make a wreath out of the round wood sign. If you plan to use heat transfer vinyl to place on a round wooden sign, make sure to check out TeckWrap Craft’s video tutorial Easy DIY Craft Tutorial | How to Make a Fall Wood Sign Using TeckWrapCraft 001 Series Matte Vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a round wood welcome sign?

To make a round wood welcome sign, you’ll need a stained wood blank that can be bought in craft stores. To customize it with a welcome sign, you can use adhesive craft vinyl.

How do you hang a round sign on wood?

To hang a round sign wood, you can use a hook screw and place it on both sides of the round wood sign. You can use a twine string so you can hang it anywhere. Not only is a twine string durable but it’s aesthetic as well.

Can I use plywood to make signs?

Yes, you can use plywood to make signs. You can use plywood to make signs by engraving, painting, or using adhesive craft vinyl. Just make sure the plywood is finished and stained properly so the craft vinyl sticks properly.

Summing It All Up!

To sum it all up, to create round wooden signs, you need stained blank wood, a cutting machine and adhesive craft vinyl. Round wooden signs make great decorations, whether be it for indoors or outdoors, for your home or for your business. Once you make one, you’ll surely get hooked and create more! Happy crafting!