HTV Big Roll

HTV Big Roll is a game-changer in the crafting world. TeckWrap Craft's latest addition is a blessing for avid crafters. With its generous size, measuring 20"X82ft, you will have an abundance of material to work with. The large roll ensures you never run out of vinyl in the middle of your project, allowing you to fully unleash your creativity without limitations and commit to your artistic endeavors.

The Different Types Of Big Rolls

We have quite a variety in this heat transfer vinyl so you can make bulk projects or merchandise. Here’s a brief description of each amazing film:

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

This exceptional heat transfer vinyl film is made of soft and flexible polyurethane material and is available in 24 luscious shades that are a shimmering delight. Each roll is 82ft long so you can make soft products in bulk. This glossy vinyl has both regular and neon colors giving you the liberty to choose the one that best complements your fabric or is in perfect contrast with it. It has a smooth and shiny surface giving it a professional and high-quality look.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you want your garments to sparkle brilliantly, this is the vinyl for you. It is designed to simulate the look of glitter or sequins without the mess associated with traditional glitter materials. Our glitter HTV has a textured surface that is covered in small, reflective flakes or particles. These particles catch the light and create a glittering effect, giving the design a sparkling appearance adding glitz and glamor to the apparel and crafts it is applied to. It is available in 14 beautiful shades including silver, champagne gold, dark purple, lime, and aqua.

This vinyl is also available in Glow in the Dark variant. Imagine a glittery design on a t-shirt that also becomes luminescent when the lights are turned off. You get 8 amazing colors in this vinyl. 

Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl 

This superb glossy vinyl film is truly magical. It absorbs ambient light during the day and stores the energy, then emits it when exposed to darkness giving a glowing effect. In normal lighting conditions, our Glow in the Dark HTV looks like a standard, solid-colored film. It is available in different light shades that allow the radiant effect to be more visible. Though the glow intensity of our vinyl is strong, it depends on how much light it was exposed to during the day and for how long. 

Our Glow in the Dark heat transfer vinyl is commonly used in various applications, such as Halloween-themed garments, night event promotions, and fun personalized designs that add an element of surprise and excitement. For the best glowing effect, it is recommended to charge the vinyl under a strong light source before using it. 

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you want to give a three-dimensional effect to your designs, this is the HTV for you. It creates a raised, puffed-up appearance, giving the design a unique and tactile appearance. When exposed to heat and pressure during the application, our vinyl expands and puffs up as if protruding out of the garment. This is a major shift from the standard flat designs and enhances the visual appeal of the finished product. It is available in 18 superb solid shades that add depth to the design. 

Our Puff HTV is also available in Glow in the Dark variant. How truly captivating a 3D design would look, illumined in the darkness. This is available in seven different colors. 

Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

This magnificent heat transfer vinyl has a shiny and reflective appearance, simulating the look of metal. It adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to designs. The high sheen enhances the visual appeal of the vinyl adding a luxurious touch to apparel and accessories. You can create eye-catching designs, logos, and text on various garments and fabrics with it. It is especially used to make custom clothing for celebrations, dance costumes, sports apparel, and more. We have 16 splendid shades in this vinyl. 

The Remarkable Features Of Our HTV Big Roll

Crafters demand materials that are not only versatile but also offer excellent performance. Our HTV Big Roll exceeds expectations on both fronts. Made from premium-quality vinyl, it boasts superior durability, vibrant colors, and exceptional adhesion. 

Whether you are working with cotton, polyester, or a blend of fabrics, it adheres flawlessly, creating long-lasting designs that will not crack, fade, or peel over time. It is eco-friendly and free from toxins so you can wear the fabric it is applied to without worrying about any health hazards. Furthermore, the easy application process of these rolls makes them suitable for beginners as well. 

Simply cut your design using a standard vinyl cutter, weed away the excess material using one of the tools available with us, and apply it to your desired surface with a heat press or iron. Do not forget to follow the cut settings and the heat, pressure, and time duration details we have provided with the vinyl. Following these to the letter will ensure a flawless, perfect application. 

Our vinyl is easy to weed as well. This is generally a time-consuming process but you can perform it without any hassle on our HTV. It lifts off readily with a weeding tool such as a tweezer, weeder, or weeding pen. These are also easily available at TeckWrap Craft. 

Once this is done, the clear carrier sheet will ensure precise placement, and the heat activation process ensures a secure bond with the fabric, guaranteeing professional-looking results every time. Place parchment paper or a Teflon sheet on top of the design to protect the vinyl from warping or any other damage. After heat and pressure are applied for the specified duration, lift the carrier sheet and admire your amazing shimmery decal. 

You can also experiment with intricate details and delicate designs thanks to the excellent cutting and weeding capabilities of our HTV Big Roll. The vast range of colors and finishes available in this collection gives you the freedom to explore various styles and aesthetics. Whether you prefer PU, glitter, soft metallic, or even Glow in the Dark finishes, there is an option to suit your unique vision. 

Mix and match colors, layer different vinyl types, or combine HTV with other crafting techniques to achieve stunning results that will wow your friends, family, or customers. 

High Utility Of Our Big Roll

With this product, the possibilities for your crafting projects are limitless. Its generous size allows you to create large-scale designs, such as custom clothing, personalized banners, sports team jerseys, and more. The 82ft heat transfer vinyl roll offers a significant amount of material for various applications. Below are some of the ideas:

  • It can be used in bulk production of custom-designed T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel items by large and small enterprises. If there is a big and important corporate event coming up, you can create a substantial number of custom garments. 
  • If you're working with sports teams or clubs, the roll can be used to customize uniforms and jerseys, adding players' names, team logos, and other details.
  • For concerts or festivals, the roll can be utilized to create merchandise like T-shirts, hats, and bags that carry event branding and designs.
  • Our HTV Big Roll can also be used to create promotional products and branded apparel for businesses, allowing companies to showcase their logos, slogans, and contact information.
  • With a roll of this size, schools can create spirit wear for students, staff, and supporters to showcase their school pride.
  • Our heat transfer vinyl is also popular among professional crafters who have small-scale businesses selling custom home decor, personalized gifts, and accessories. They can create identical crafts in large numbers for selling. 
  • Non-profit organizations and charities can use the vinyl to create merchandise for fundraising purposes, allowing donors and workers to show their support while raising funds for a cause.
  • It can be used to create custom decorations for parties, birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations, adding a personal touch to the event.

The versatility of our HTV Big Roll allows for endless creative possibilities, and its large size ensures that you'll have plenty of material to bring your ideas to life. Whether you're a business owner, event organizer, crafter, or hobbyist, the 82ft heat transfer vinyl roll offers ample supply for multiple projects and applications.

Bag The Big Roll Now!

Buying in bulk not only saves you money but also ensures you have a steady stock of vinyl at your disposal. Having exceptional qualities, our HTV Big Roll gives you the peace of mind that your designs will withstand the test of time, allowing you to create products that exceed customer expectations. Explore the fantastic collection in this series at TeckWrap Craft’s website and unlock your full creative potential today! 

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