15 Gift Ideas for the New Grandmother to Surprise Her

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A little bundle of joy will always be the parent’s pride and joy. But do you know who’s going to be extra thrilled, if not get ecstatic about a new baby coming? That’s the grandparents! Especially grandma-to-be who’s going to spoil her first grandkid with love and kisses.

Is your mom or mother-in-law going to be a first-time grandmother? Do you want to surprise her? There’s no better way to break the news with a gift that’s going to knock her socks off. Surprise her with these gift ideas for new grandmother.

If you’re crafty, you can even add a little touch of personalization using TeckWrap Craft vinyl and a cutting machine. Surely, a personalized gift made with love is a more special gift for the grandma-to-be.

gift for the first time grandmother

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15 Grandma Gifts New Granny’s Will Love

Here’s a list of the best grandma gifts you can choose from. But before you make your choice, here’s one thing you should know: buy a gift with a purpose. The first purpose is to make her smile, and the second purpose is something she can use as a new grandma.

  1. Perfect Surprise Gift: Baby Onesie Shirt

gift for the first time grandmother

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The easiest, most affordable, and probably the most practical gift you can give to the grandma-to-be is a custom printed onesie. This is an excellent idea if you want to break the news of the little bean coming.

You can buy plain onesies and have them custom printed with TeckWrap Craft vinyl. A Colorful splash heat transfer vinyl would be a great touch for this project. After all, a baby brings additional color to your life.

After the breaking of the big news, set aside the onesie for your baby to wear. Practical, right? Or maybe grandma wants to keep the thoughtful gift as a remembrance. Do as she pleases! Don’t forget to video record grandma’s reaction!

  1. A Sentimental Gift to Coffee Lover Grandma: Coffee Mug

gift for the first time grandmom

Image from Pixel by adonying

Are the new grandparents coffee or tea lovers? Then personalized coffee mugs are going to make the best gifts. If you have a Cricut cutting machine at home, you can buy affordable vinyl sheets from TeckWrap Craft and create cute coffee mugs as seen in the photo above.

Not only are the new grandparents be surprised, but surely they will use the mug beaming with pride and joy. Here’s a free design template for you from TeckWrap Craft. You’re welcome!


gift for first time grandmothers
  1. Perfect Gift for Grandma and Baby Cuddle Time: Swaddling Cloth or Blanket

new grandma gift

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As a newbie grandparent, there is one thing grandmas would insist on doing: swaddling your baby. So what better way to make this moment memorable than a custom printed swaddling cloth just for grandma? She’ll love it!

This new grandma gift will be treasured especially when it has a custom print. You can place letterings like “Grandma, the swaddle master”. Something that will make grandma smile. Can you print on a swaddling cloth? Yes! A TeckWrap Craft heat transfer vinyl will do the job.

  1. Baby’s Picture Frame or Digital Photo Frame (For the Tech-Savvy Grandma)

gift ideas for the new grandmother

Image from Pixahive

Who wouldn’t love seeing pictures of their new grandchild hang up their wall? For sure all grandparents love this idea. Why not give the new grandma your baby’s picture frame? If she allows, you can make a photo frame collage on her wall.

This whole project may take a few hours to finish, but this is the perfect present to make her smile. You can buy a special frame in the nearest craft store or from an Etsy seller. Then finish it off with a sweet message of removable wall vinyl with sayings like “I’m the luckiest grandchild because I have an awesome grandma!”.

Yes, you can place a vinyl decal message on granny’s wall with TeckWrap Crafts removable vinyl (it won’t damage her wall’s painting). If granny doesn’t like hanging picture frames you can opt for a digital photo frame.   

  1. The Affordable New Grandma Gift: Grandma’s T-Shirt

gift ideas for the new grandmother

Image from freeimg.net

A classic yet never outdated perfect gift to make grandma’s life a sweeter is a T-shirt that proudly announces she’s now a grandmother. Do you know why it’s one of the best gifts you can give? Because she’ll wear it all time with pride.

Of course, it’s a great DIY gift if you have a cutting machine at home. All you need is your cutting machine, heat transfer vinyl from TeckWrap Craft, and a plain shirt you can buy online or even  Target.

This sweet gift will be extra special for the stylish grandma as they can add it to their wardrobe collection. There are a lot of free SVG files of witty grandma quotes you can download online that will surely make her laugh her guts out.

Make it a gift set for your stylish grandma and add a silver chain bracelet or a birthstone necklace of her grandchild. So she can wear this OOTD on her first day as an official grandmother.

  1. A Stylish Gift for the New Grandma: Tote Bag

gift ideas for the new grandmother

Image from Pixabay by BRRT

Speaking of OOTDs, why pair it with a custom printed canvas bag? Not only will it make a stylish wardrobe addition but the new grandma can use this bag to carry around stuff she needs for easy diaper duty.

After all, her grandma's duties will include a lot of babysitting (which she’ll do with a lot of pride). Consider this gift with a double purpose — a bag that contains the baby’s needs for babysitting time. Can you custom print on a canvas tote bag? Totally! You’ll need heat transfer vinyl for this, much like printing on a T-shirt.

  1. A Stylish Gift for the New Grandma: Wine Glass

first time grandparent


After a long day of babysitting, grandma needs her Vitamin W, as in Vitamin Wine. So why not give her a custom printed wine glass? The new grandma deserves to have a little break and a wine glass is a great idea.

You can have wine glasses custom printed with a permanent adhesive vinyl from TeckWrap Craft. New grandmothers will surely spoil their first grandchild so you should spoil them with gifts for their happy hour as well.

  1. For New Grandmas Who Loves to Throw Dinner Parties: Wooden Board

first time grandmother


Image from Flickr by Marco Verch Professional

Most grandparents held gatherings when they hear the great news of being a first-time grandparent. So expect cheese and meats platter served at her gatherings. Why not support her parties by giving her a custom-printed wooden board for her charcuterie platters? 

It’s also a great gift for new grandmas who love having family and friends over. Surely, she’ll serve those cheese and meat platters with pride and joy, showing off the world she’s the best granny ever!

Tip: Custom print this wooden board with TeckWrap Craft’s Matte & Glossy vinyl. Use a permanent adhesive vinyl for this one as this needs frequent washing. You can use a Mod Podge to seal the print properly to the board.  

  1. For New Grandmas Who Has a Sweet Tooth: Baked Goodies 

first time grandma gift

Original TeckWrap Craft creation using Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

If you love baking, why not give the new grandmother baked goodies with a specially printed box? Much like the photo above, you can create a special greeting like, “Thanks for being the greatest grandmother in the world!”. You get the idea.

Bake cookies, muffins, or brownies and print a special message on the packaging. You can easily buy a cookie box in the nearest craft store or online. Yes, you can print vinyl on a cardboard box.

For the photo seen above, a Glitter adhesive vinyl was used and it’s definitely a cute way to create a special baked goods packaging. The new grandmother will appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into creating this gift. Plus her sweet tooth will be fulfilled by your sumptuous baked knick-knacks.

  1. A Perfect and Affordable Gift Made With Love: Keychain

first time grandma

An original creation from TeckWrap Craft using Matte Adhesive Vinyl

A simple, yet perfect gift for the new grandparent is a keychain she can carry around, close to her heart. You can create this special key chain using TeckWrap Craft’s Matte adhesive vinyl and a store-bought blank acrylic keychain.

You can custom print it with sweet grandma messages or her grandchild’s name. If the grandchild is a girl, you can use pink or rose gold vinyl. If it’s a grandson, a green or blue vinyl is perfect for the keychain.

Do you know you can also create a Christmas ornament like this? There is blank acrylic you can print vinyl on. You can use a Christmas Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Vinyl for the complete holiday spirit!

  1. For Grandma and Baby Snuggle Time: Pillows

new grandma gift idea

Personalized pillow for your grandma using TeckWrap heat transfer vinyl

Image from MaxPixel

Grandparents love to spend time cuddling with their grandchildren, and what could be more useful than a pillow? Give her a gift that she can use and at the same time appreciate. A custom printed pillow is a perfect idea for that.

You can buy her throw pillows and a printable pillowcase (canvas and silk would work). Using a heat transfer vinyl, you can print a special message on it. It’s like printing on a T-shirt, easy peasy!

  1. To Create Wonderful Memories: Granny’s Story Books

gifts for first time grandmoms

Image from Pixnio

What is the best bonding time between grandma and her beloved grandchild? That’s storytime! Even though your baby is too young to understand the story, granny will cherish this bonding moment of storytelling forever.

You can give her granny storybooks like Grandma Loves Me by Marianne Richmond. This is one of the best grandma gifts that will make her smile. Storytelling moments like these are the perfect way for grannies to create memories with their grandkids.

  1. To Collect Wonderful Pictures of Their Grandchildren: Photo Album

grandmother gift

Image from Pixabay by dassel


As a new grandma, she wants to collect as many photos as she can. A photo album is a great gift you can give her so she can fill it with new photos and cherished memories of special occasions. You can place a custom print on the photo album’s cover using holographic adhesive vinyl.

You can place a decal on it like “Grandma’s favorite creature”. Place fun messages on it and make it witty, grandma will fall in love with it. It may not seem too much, it won’t even break the bank, but it’s the thought that counts.

  1. For Something She Can Rest On: Grandma’s Rocking Chair

celebrating new grandmoms

Image from Pixabay by alhen1000

If you want her to successfully and happily fulfill her new grandma role, what gift could be more perfect than a rocking chair? On your next trip to Target, keep an eye out for a rocking chair that will surely make the new grandmother be delighted.

Not only is this perfect for the granny-baby storytelling time, but something your mom or mother-in-law can use on her nap time and crochet-knitting sessions. It may be costly, but you know it’s worth it considering it’s her comfort you’re investing in.

  1. Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting Book

What could be a more perfect gift than a book that narrates the joys and science of new grandparenting? This is something you definitely have to consider for the grandmother-to-be. It’s a New York Times Best Seller book by Lesley Stahl narrating how her life changed for the better when she became a grandmother.

The book: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting is a good read for new grandmothers. This should definitely be a gift you should consider giving her. Do you want to make this gift extra special? You can personalize this gift with a vinyl printed box using a removable adhesive vinyl from TeckWrap Craft.

gift idea for new granny

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do First-Time Grandparents Need?

First-time grandparents would need baby-care-related things like feeding gears, bathing gears, and even a changing station at home especially when they are left with the task of babysitting their grandchild.

What Does a New Grandma Need at Her House?

A new grandparent would need a rocking chair, caddy, diaper bag, swaddle cloth, baby bottles, and any stuff that would help her take care of her grandchild. A new grandma would love to have their grandkids around their house all the time.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Those are the best grandma gifts you can give to a new grandmother. Will she love these gifts? Of course, she will! Second to being parents, being grandparents are life’s most fulfilling moments.

Just one final reminder before you choose from those grandma gifts above, make sure to pick a gift that is more personalized to suit your grandmother’s interest. Also, to customize it with TeckWrap Crafts cutie vinyl!

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