Pattern Vinyl: Adhesive Craft Vinyl

Bring more life, excitement, and colors onto your next craft projects or t-shirt printing designs using the patterned vinyl of TeckWrap Craft! Don’t limit your creations using plain-patterned vinyl. It’s a whole new world out there, and there are plenty of patterned vinyl you can choose from at TeckWrap Craft.

The designs you once saw on Pinterest that you may have added to your ‘Dream Projects’ list can now be a reality. At times, crafters think their hands are tied due to the limited availability of vinyl designs in their area. Not anymore!

TeckWrap Craft has plenty of vinyl selections to choose from. Today, you’ll get the chance to appreciate the variety of patterned vinyl at TeckWrap Craft. Pin this post for your next project ideas! Of course, share this with your fellow crafters!

Patterned Adhesive Vinyl (Holographic and Opal)

Creating personalized mugs, plastic cups, or tumblers? Check out the Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl collection of TeckWrap craft. This dazzling array of patterns will surely turn any craft project into a one-of-a-kind creation.

As expected, the adhesive vinyl of TeckWrap Craft is easy to cut and weed. The two qualities very crafters look for in adhesive vinyl. In addition, the patterned vinyl of TeckWrap Craft is ultra-thin and soft, that’s why it’s extremely easy to transfer it to any surface, may it be flat or curved.

opal blue pattern vinyl

The holographic patterned vinyl of TeckWrap Craft has a mixture of glossy multi-dimensional patterns that change right before your eyes! When light directly strikes on holographic vinyl, it creates a 3D effect. That’s something you can’t appreciate with regular-patterned craft vinyl.

Just something you need to know about the holographic patterned vinyl, this is a removable vinyl. It has a strong adhesive, however, it’s ideal for indoor use and temporary art projects. But can you use it on washable items like tumblers or mugs? Yes of course! With a sealant or Mod Podge, this removable vinyl will turn into permanent vinyl.

Product Features of Holographic Opal Pattern Vinyl

  • Size available:
  • 12"x10ft. (0.305 x 3.1m)
  • 12"x5ft ( 0.305 x 1.55m)
  • 12"x82ft. (0.305 x25m)
  • Thickness: 0.06mm~0.07mm
  • Glossy and smooth finish
  • Easily cuts even with small lettering or intricate designs
  • No sticky residue when removed, making it ideal for wall or window decals
  • Durable, water-resistant, dust-resistant, strong adhesive, and versatile
  • Compatible with almost all types of cutting machines and vinyl plotters
  • Available in 23 different patterns, colors, and designs


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Available Designs and Colors of Patterned Adhesive Vinyl


What you’ll love about TeckWrap Craft is the selection of patterns, designs and colors you can choose from. Check out these selections of patterned adhesive craft vinyl or you can check out the actual appearance of the vinyl.


  1. Peach yellow pink leopard
  2. Peach yellow mermaid scales
  3. Peach yellow Rose
  4. Peach yellow glitter rhombus
  5. Opal leopard
  6. Opal mermaid scales
  7. Opal Rose
  8. Opal rhombus
  9. Lilac mermaid scales
  10. Transparent leopard
  11. Transparent mermaid scales
  12. Rose red dots
  13. Silver ice cubes
  14. Green mermaid scales
  15. Geometric
  16. Opal circle
  17. Rainbow Leopard
  18. Rainbow mermaid
  19. Rainbow hearts
  20. Rainbow Diamond
  21. Sparkle rainbow
  22. Rainbow paint
  23. Mirror rainbow paint


Note that new designs are released from time to time. So better check out TeckWrap Craft’s site for exciting and new products!


pattern vinyl

Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

Instructions on How to Use Holographic Opal Patterned Vinyl

At this point, you may be excited in ordering these products and start working right away! It’s exciting! But before anything else, you should familiarize yourself on how to work with adhesive craft vinyl. Here’s the usage instructions of patterned adhesive craft vinyl.


Project Ideas using Holographic Opal Pattern Vinyl

Adhesive craft vinyl adheres to almost any kind of surface. Even though it’s a removable craft vinyl, you can expect to adhere well without leaving any sticky residue behind. Removable vinyl is best used for indoor applications or temporary projects.

Adhesive vinyl sticks to almost any kind of surface like walls, plastics, glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic, and many more. Here are several project ideas you can create with removable patterned vinyl:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Dedication cards
  • Window decals or graphics
  • Wall decals
  • Banner
  • Wedding signage
  • Printed advertising materials (like restaurant menus or signage)
  • Signages for coffee shops, restaurants, or offices
  • Decals on mugs, tumblers, glassware, mason jars, and flower vases
  • Wall or window decorations for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, or birthdays

Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you’re looking for patterned heat transfer vinyl (HTV), TeckWrap Craft got them too! There are two patterned HTVs available at TeckWrap Craft, the Blue and white stars and Red and white stripes. As you can see on the image below, yes it resembles the American flag.

What a fun idea for the Fourth of July, Patriot’s Day or even Memorial Day. Patterned HTV printed on shirts is also a great gift idea to friends who just immigrated to the US or got their US citizenship. There are plenty of t-shirt designs you can create using these vibrant patterned vinyl from TeckWrap Craft.


Product Features of Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Available size: 1 roll measures 10” x 5ft (0.25*1.55m)
  • Material is made of durable PU material
  • Glossy and shiny finish
  • Easy to cut, weed, and press
  • Does not easily fade or peel even after how many washes (with proper garment care)
  • Can be printed on almost any type of garment (cotton, polyester, poly-cotton)
  • Can be printed on t-shirts, canvas bags, sweaters, hoodies, pillowcases, onesies, caps

Available Designs and Colors of Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

As of date, there are only two designs of the patterned vinyl, the Blue and white stars and Red and white stripes. This heat transfer vinyl pattern, when combined is the perfect vinyl design to show your love for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

pattern vinyl

But hold on! Are these the only patterned heat transfer vinyl of TeckWrap Craft? No! Other patterned heat transfer vinyl you can purchase at TeckWrap Craft are:

  • Camouflage
  • Galaxy
  • Animal print
  • Buffalo plaid
  • Snowflakes pattern


camouflage pattern vinyl

Camouflage HTV


pattern vinyl




Instructions on How to Use Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Temperature: 320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time: 15 seconds
  • Medium pressure
  • Warm peel

Project Ideas using Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

Take a look at these project ideas you can do with patterned heat transfer vinyl!

pattern vinyl uses

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