What Is Permanent Vinyl Used For? A Beginner’s Guide

Permanent vinyl has many uses. From outdoor vinyl signages, car decals, personalized mugs, and many more. For long-lasting and outdoor decals, permanent vinyl is the best material to use. So if you’re a beginner in the crafting world, this guide is for you.

In this crafting guide, you’ll get to learn the different types of vinyl, project ideas you can do with a permanent vinyl, and the step-by-step instructions on how to work on permanent vinyl. After reading this guide, you’ll be a master crafter and can customize any merchandise you want.

Types of Craft Vinyl

Before you jump into the ship of the crafting world, you should know that craft vinyl comes in different types. There’s the heat transfer vinyl, removable indoor vinyl, and permanent vinyl. All of which have different uses. Before purchasing vinyl, you should know the different types of vinyl:

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is used to print on garments or fabrics. You’ll be needing a cutting machine and heat press machine in order to print on t-shirts, tote bags, or other apparel. There’s also the printable vinyl where you need an inkjet printer and heat press machine.

Removable Vinyl

Removable or temporary vinyl is an excellent craft material for indoor and temporary uses. For instance Halloween decorations on windows, wall decals for your living room, removable stickers for cars, and many more. This type of adhesive vinyl is best used indoors.

Permanent Vinyl

Permanent vinyl is the best vinyl of choice for long-lasting and outdoor applications like car bumper stickers. Also, permanent vinyl is best used for drinkware that needs to be washed often. It is used to print on mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, and many more.

What surfaces can you use permanent vinyl on?

Both removable and permanent vinyl is best used on any smooth surface. You can place permanent vinyl on surfaces like glass, metal, plastic, acrylic, painted wood, or even notebooks. Permanent vinyl cannot be used on fabrics. That’s what heat transfer vinyl is for.

If you plan to apply adhesive vinyl on glass doors or car windows, make sure you want it there permanently. Permanent adhesive vinyl is hard to remove once it sets in place. It may leave marks or cause damage when purposely removed.

Project Ideas Using Permanent Vinyl

So you might be wondering, what kind of projects can you create using permanent vinyl? Brace yourselves because there’s a lot of possibilities! And you know what? Aside from being a craft hobby, you can turn this into a business opportunity as well!

Beer Can Glasses

beer can glasses with vinyl

With a permanent vinyl, you can print on almost any smooth surface, this includes glass. So if you’re looking for gift ideas, or summer party essentials this beer can glass from TeckWrap Craft is a perfect idea. Make things more interesting by using a Color-changing permanent adhesive vinyl on it.

Picture Frames

picture frames with permanent vinyl

Do you know you can place vinyl decals on picture frames too? Oh yes definitely can! Take out the glass from the frame, and print on it! This makes a great home decoration just like the one seen above. A picture frame with permanent vinyl can even be displayed outdoors for garden weddings.

Tumblers or Cups

permanent vinyl on tumblers

Any merchandise that needs to be washed often should be personalized using permanent vinyl. So even if it’s plastic like a tumbler or cup, you have to use permanent outdoor vinyl on it. Permanent vinyl is water-resistant however it’s not dishwasher-safe. If you want to make it dishwasher-safe, you can seal Dishwasher-Safe Mod Podge on it.

Glass Drinkware

glass drinkware with permanent vinyl

Wine glasses, mason jars, spice containers, coffee mugs, or any glass you need to hand wash requires permanent vinyl printed on it. That’s why you’ll love permanent vinyl because you do so much with it.

Glass Decals

 vinyl decals on glass surface

Screenshot from YouTube: DIY Personalized Pantry Door (Vinyl Decal) Made with a Cricut Machine by I Create Crafts

Permanent vinyl is best used for outdoor signs. That includes car decals, business signages on windows or glass doors. Permanent vinyl is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and prolonged sunlight exposure making it perfect for outdoor signs.

Decorations or Ornaments

permanent vinyl is great for decors and ornaments

Just look at the crafts on the photo above, that is permanent vinyl used on Christmas balls and acrylic blank ornaments. For this type of craft, you can use permanent and removable vinyl since it will be used indoors. But hey, permanent vinyl lasts longer, so you can use this decoration for many Christmases to come.

Wooden Signs

permanent vinyl is best for wooden signs

Barnyard signages? Direction signages? Then permanent vinyl on painted wood works best! You can use permanent vinyl on finished wood and you can expect it to last long through the rainy season, snow, summer or fall.


vinyl on balloons

Bet you didn’t know you can apply vinyl on balloons did you? Well, you can! Aside from printing and crafting business, you can venture into party needs business as well with this balloon bouquet.


permanent vinyl on leather notebook covers

If you love your planners and want to put your personal touch into them, then you can print permanent vinyl on them. You can personalize notebooks with permanent vinyl and they’ll look beautiful as ever.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Personalize Surfaces Using Permanent Vinyl

Now you’re aware of the vinyl crafts you can create with a permanent vinyl, it’s time to learn how to work your way around permanent vinyl. Whether you intend to print permanent vinyl for car decals, coffee mugs, water bottles, follow these instructions:

Supplies Needed

First, you need to gather the supplies needed. If you don’t have these materials yet in your workshop, you should invest in them. You’ll be making a lot of permanent vinyl projects in the future and for sure you’ll be needing these supplies.

  • Permanent vinyl
  • The merchandise you want to print on (mugs, water bottles, tumblers, etc)
  • Cutting machine (Silhouette or Cricut)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Transfer tape
  • TeckWrap Craft Tool Kit (Weeding tweezer, weeding pen, cutting mat, and squeegee)

If it’s your first time investing in these crafts, you can buy the permanent vinyl, transfer paper, and the tool kit for TeckWrap Craft. You can order these materials online from TeckWrap Craft’s website and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Once you’ve gathered all these supplies, it’s time to learn how to cut and stick the vinyl on merchandise. These easy four steps are easy to follow.

 teckwrapcraft tool kit

TeckWrap Craft Tool Kit

Step 1: Cut the Design

The first step is to choose and resize the design. You can create your own design or use the free SVG files provided in the Cricut Design Space. Then, determine the right size of the decal, depending on where you want to place it.

As you’ve adjusted the size and changed the material type to permanent vinyl, then you’re good to go for cutting! Remember, do not mirror permanent vinyl.

You only mirror heat transfer vinyl. Also, don’t forget to remove the clear and protective film or the paper carrier sheet before cutting the design (as shown in the photo below).

It’s better to do a test cut to check if you can weed it easily. After that, place the permanent vinyl on the cutting machine and wait for the cutting process to get done.

how to apply permanent vinyl

Step 2: Weed the Excess Vinyl

After the cutting machine cuts the entire design, it’s time to weed the excess vinyl. Weeding the excess vinyl means removing the parts of the vinyl you don’t want to be transferred to the mug, tumbler, or whatever it is you’re working on.

Use a weeding tool or tweezer, weed the excess vinyl and remove all unwanted parts of the vinyl you don’t want to be transferred to your design.

Step 3: Transfer the Design to the Transfer Tape

Once you’re done weeding, transfer the design to the transfer tape. Remove the paper backing of the transfer tape. Use a squeegee to flatten the transfer tape to the vinyl.

Make sure to flatten the top and bottom so the design sticks well to the transfer tape. The goal is for the vinyl to completely transfer to the transfer tape.

Step 4: Transfer the Vinyl Decal to the Merchandise

Once the vinyl has completely transferred to the transfer tape, it’s time to transfer the vinyl decal to the merchandise. Don’t forget to clean the merchandise before the transfer. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to clean the transfer surface.

Align the vinyl decal and ensure proper placement before doing the actual transfer. Start transferring with one corner and work your way to the middle. Use a squeegee to flatten the design into the merchandise.

permanent vinyl application

There you have it! You have now successfully transferred the permanent outdoor vinyl to your merchandise. The step-by-step process mentioned above is the same instructions you’ll follow when working on removable vinyl.

Once you’ve applied the permanent vinyl on the surface you intend to, you can expect it to last for a long time! You can use permanent vinyl for outdoor applications and expect it to last for years to come.

Where to buy permanent vinyl

One of the direct sellers of permanent vinyl is TeckWrap Craft. With the vast selection of permanent vinyl you’ll find at TeckWrap Craft, you can do a lot of amazing projects.

Whether it be for personal use, or you want to venture into the printing business, you can choose from TeckWrap Craft’s collection of permanent adhesive vinyl. TeckWrap Craft vinyls come in two choices; you can choose from 12"x5ft (0.3x1.55m) and 12"x10ft (0.3 x 3.1m).

  1. Candy Color Adhesive Vinyl (Glossy Finish)

candy colored pastel adhesive vinyl

TeckWrap Craft’s Candy Color Adhesive Vinyl available in Holo Cloud and Rainbow Stripes

Make your next craft projects pop out with TeckWrap Craft’s Candy Color Adhesive Vinyl. This playful but not so brightly-colored vinyl is perfect for making your projects shine. The color and shine is not so overpowering, but definitely adds sparkle especially when used in white-colored mugs. 

Its subtle color can create beautiful personalized projects. You can use this vinyl on different surfaces like metal, wood, painted walls or ceramic mugs. It’s waterproof, flexible and durable, making it the perfect type of vinyl desirable for outdoor use.

  1. Rainbow Stripes
rainbow stripes adhesive vinyl
TeckWrap Craft’s Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl


If you’re having unicorn-themed or mermaid-themed parties, why not use this Rainbow Stripes vinyl from TeckWrap Craft? It’s colorful, eye-catching, and just simple perfection. The Rainbow Stripes vinyl comes in different designs — diagonal, vertical and galaxy rainbow stripes.

Unlike the Candy-color vinyl, the Rainbow Stripe vinyl has a rough texture, much like a glitter vinyl. It has a textured accent that’s available in brilliant colors. You’ll love working on this vinyl. Most importantly, you’ll love the outcome of any project you’ll create with this Rainbow Stripe vinyl.

Also available in: Pink Cyan, Sunrise, Starry White, Rainbow, Starry Purple, Starry Blue, and Starry Green

  1. Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

reflective adhesive vinyl

TeckWrap Craft’s Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

If you want to create car decals, much like the car decals that reflect in the dark, this Reflective Adhesive Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft will make a great choice. These types of vinyl reflect in the dark, when a light source is introduced to it.

You can also use Reflective Vinyl to transform windows into an excellent piece of art. Some call this type of vinyl ‘glass vinyl’ because it looks best on glass, and it does! With any project you’re creating that needs a little shine, the Reflective Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft is an excellent choice.

Also available in: Black, Blue, Coral, Lime and Yellow

  1. Holographic Glass Flower Adhesive Vinyl
flower design vinyl on glass

TeckWrap Craft’s Holographic Glass Flower Adhesive Vinyl

If you intend to create classy, elegant, and simple projects, just like the photo above, you can make use of TeckWrap Craft’s Holographic Glass Flower Adhesive Vinyl. It has the perfect balance of simplicity, beauty, and practicality.

Holographic vinyl is glossy, gleaming, and creates an exceptional decorative touch to any project. TeckWrap Craft’s Opal & Holographic Vinyl collection also comes in different colors and textures, and you’ll surely love it.

The Holographic Glass Flower Adhesive Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft comes in different colors and designs. You can choose from Fushia, Lilac, Rose Gold, Aqua, Black, and Silver. Aside from that, you can choose other Opal and Holographic designs from TeckWrap Craft.

Also available in:

  • Opal Adhesive Vinyl: Opal White, Hyacinth Blue, Hot Pink, Peach Yellow Pink, Peacock Blue, Green Malachite, Forest Green, Beige Orange, Orchid Purple, Coral Orange, Fierce Red, Fluorescent Orange, and Sunset Pink
  • Pearlescent  Adhesive Vinyl:  Green Malachite, Hyacinth Blue, Lime, Hot Pink, Coral Orange, Peacock Blue, and Fierce Red
  • Holographic Glossy Rainbow  Adhesive Vinyl: : Silver, Matte Rainbow Silver, Luxury Gold, Rose Gold, Dark Gray, Pumpkin Orange, and Emerald Green
  • Mirror Chrome  Adhesive Vinyl: : Royal Pink, Cool Blue, Light Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Space Gray, and Emerald Green
  • Holographic Sparkle  Adhesive Vinyl: : Rose Red, Gold, Red, Silver, Rose Gold, Green, Bright Blue, Purple, Crystal Rose Gold, Blue, and Glitter Mermaid Pink
  • Metallic Satin Chrome  Adhesive Vinyl:  Champagne Gold, Crimson Red, Rose Gold, Sage Silver, Violet Purple, Emerald Green, Gloss Metallic Rose Gold, Ash Gray, and Elvet Blue
  • Holographic Cobblestone  Adhesive Vinyl:  Purple, Black, Red, Gold, Sapphire, Rose Pink, Silver, and Aqua
  • Holographic Starlight  Adhesive Vinyl:  Silver, Rose Gold, Metallic Brush Silver and Ultra Purple
  1. Color-Changing Vinyl
color changing adhesive vinyl
TeckWrap Craft’s Cold Color-changing vinyl


If you love throwing summer parties and want to awe your guests, personalize your drinkwares using TeckWrap Craft’s Color-changing vinyl. You read that right! That’s not a typo error! TeckWrap Craft has color-changing vinyl, something you can’t find elsewhere.

So here’s how color-changing vinyl works. For instance you place the color-changing vinyl on a wine glass, place milkshake on it or juice with lots of ice, the vinyl changes into a different color as it originally was. Amazing how crafts have changed and keep on improving.

color changing vinyl on glass

Color-changing vinyl comes in different types. Permanent adhesive vinyl that changes with cold beverages, hot beverages and when exposed to UV. Here’s what you need to know about TeckWrap Craft’s color-changing vinyl:

  • Cold color-changing: The vinyl color changes when exposed or chilled to the temperature of 59°F (15°C) or below.
  • Heat Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl: The vinyl color changes in hot temperatures like for a coffee or tea mug, when placed on the glass.
  • UV Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl: This type of vinyl is best used outdoors as it changes color when exposed to UV or in the sunlight.

Available in:

  • Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl from White changes to Tiffany, Pink, Lavender, Rose Pink, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Deep Blue
  • Clear Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl : Cold Red, Cold Green, Cold Yellow, Cold Rose Red, Cold Blue, and Cold Orange
  • Neon Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl : Cold Neon Yellow Green, Cold Pink Purple, Cold Pink Red, Cold Yellow Dark Green, Cold Aqua Dark Green, and Cold Blue Purple
  • Heat Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl : Eat Sweet Pink, Blue to Green, Orange to Yellow, and Heat Dark Gray
  • UV Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl : Light Purple, Light Pink, and Light Blue

UV color changing vinyl


  1. Glow In the Dark Adhesive Vinyl


glow in the dark vinyl
TeckWrap Craft’s Glow In The Dark Adhesive Vinyl


Are you creating crafts you want to glow in the dark? TeckWrap Craft has Glow In the Dark Adhesive Vinyl that’s perfect for Halloween and outdoor rave parties. It’s also a perfect car decal, for instance for trucks that travel at night.

During the day or in bright light, it may look like ordinary vinyl. But at night, it glows like a star from space. This Glow in the dark adhesive vinyl is available in different colors: Purple, Lime, Tiffany, Yellow, Pink, Coral, and Baby Pink.

  1. Pattern Vinyl
pattern adhesive vinyl
TeckWrap Craft’s Pattern Vinyl


If you want to create extra special projects or wall decorations, you should check out the collection of TeckWrap Craft’s Pattern Vinyl. From Leopard prints, mermaid scales, dots, ice cubes, and many more.

Now, you can create a craft project that matches the vinyl, merchandise, or party theme you’re having. Once you’ve worked on one of the patterned vinyl of TeckWrap Craft, you’d definitely want to work with more!

You can buy these pattern vinyl collections from TeckWrap Craft:

  • Holographic Opal Pattern Adhesive Vinyl: Peach Yellow Pink Leopard, Peach Yellow Mermaid Scales, Peach Yellow Rose, Peach Yellow Glitter Rhombus, Opal Leopard, Opal Mermaid Scales, Opal Rose, Opal Rhombus, Lilac Mermaid Scales, Transparent Leopard, Transparent Mermaid Scales, Rose Red Dots, Silver Ice Cubes, Green Mermaid Scales, Geometric, and Opal Circle
  • Holo Rainbow Pattern Adhesive Vinyl: Rainbow Leopard, Rainbow Mermaid, Rainbow Hearts, Rainbow Diamond, Sparkle Rainbow, Rainbow Paint, and Mirror Rainbow Paint
  1. Textured Metallic Vinyl (Matte Finish)
textured metallic matte vinyl
TeckWrap Craft’s Textured Metallic Adhesive Vinyl


Do you want to create minimalist projects like the photo above? Then the Textured Metallic Adhesive Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft is the perfect choice. Other than its metallic look, it also has leaf-effect finish, so it’s not your ordinary metallic vinyl.

This looks perfect on crafts like notebooks, glasses and tumblers. It’s simple yet elegant-looking. This is the perfect vinyl for personalizing gifts to your girlfriends. The Textured Metallic vinyl of TeckWrap Craft is available in Gold, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Textured Rose Gold, and Dark Brown

permanent adhesive vinyl

Aside from the types of vinyl mentioned above, TeckWrap Craft also has:

  • Glitter Vinyl
  • Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl
  • Glossy Finish Adhesive Vinyl
  • Matte Finish Adhesive Vinyl

Make sure to check out the collection of TeckWrap Craft. Aside from rolls, if you want to try out as much vinyl as you want, you can avail the Starter Packs.

permanent adhesive vinyl

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can you use permanent vinyl on?

You can print permanent vinyl on surfaces like ceramic mugs, walls, car windows, glasses, drinkware, painted wood, notebook, and many more.

What does permanent vinyl stick to?

Permanent vinyl will stick to hard and smooth surfaces like glasses, wood, tumblers, and many more. You cannot use permanent vinyl on a t-shirt.

Can you use permanent vinyl on shirts?

No, you can not use permanent vinyl on shirts. If you want to print on t-shirts, use heat transfer vinyl instead. Permanent vinyl is for smooth and hard surfaces and can be used outdoors.

Summing It All Up!

That’s everything you need to know about permanent vinyl. To sum it all up, permanent vinyl is best used outdoors and to personalize any merchandise you want to stick for a long time. Permanent vinyl is also best used for drinkware that needs to be washed often.

So the next time you want to personalize a craft or create outdoor signs, you already know what to do. Also, you now know that TeckWrap Craft has different types of adhesive vinyl designs, patterns, and colors.

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