Different Ways to Make Designs for Tie-Dye Shirts With Vinyl

tie dye shirt with vinyl

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Summer is almost here! That means tie-dye shirts are making a comeback. Tie-dye shirts are great to wear during summer simply because it is fun and can be an exciting hands-on project. Doing tie-dye projects is an enjoyable activity for you and the kids!

You may have a collection of tie-dye shirts lying inside your closet. Now, you are thinking about ideas and how you can make them more interesting. Creating prints on your tie-dye shirts is possible and doable. You can create vinyl designs for your family as your token of love.

The Two Types of Tie Dye Methods

Using the Traditional Method

When you talk about tie-dye, the traditional method is the first that comes to mind.  If you don't have a tie-dye shirt on hand, you go through the process of dying before creating the print for your shirt. Watch this video tutorial if you want to do the tie dye shirt yourself

traditional tie dye shirts

Bleach Dyeing Method

Aside from this traditional method, another method is the bleach dyeing or reverse tie-dye. As opposed to traditional tie-dyeing adds color to light-colored shirts, bleach dyeing is the process of removing color from dark-colored shirts.

bleach tie dye

If you want to do your bleach dye shirt yourself, here is a tutorial. When working with bleach, make sure to work in a well-ventilated space. If the space is unavailable, you can work near a window.

Just like the traditional method, it is best to allow the bleach to completely saturate the fabric before applying vinyl. Once the bleach has cured, you can now start to rinse out your shirt and let it dry. 

Whether you DIY your tie-dye shirt, liven up an old one, or get a new one in time for summer, here is the way to personalize with more design using heat transfer vinyl.

Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

You can choose from TeckWrap Craft’s heat transfer vinyl (HTV) collection to use for your project. HTV is a great option for durable and long-lasting prints on shirts. HTV is a heat-activated adhesive used for fabrics.

Remember to use plain colored vinyl on very colorful shirts so that your HTV design will stand out. Or another way to spruce up your shirt is to use fabric paint applied with removable vinyl as a stencil.

flock htv for shirts

TeckWrap Craft PU HTV in Pink

(Also available in white, black, yellow, red, blue, gray, gold, silver, light green, purple, green, sky blue, orange, lemon yellow, neon yellow, neon green, and many more)

No time for tie dye but want a design that is as colorful? Use our Rainbow Stripes HTV.


rainbow stripes heat transfer vinyl

TeckWrap Craft LA Warehouse PU Rainbow Stripes HTV

In using HTV, you need to create your design using design software like Cricut Design Space. Once you are done creating your design, you need to position your HTV on a cutting mat. A cutting machine can cut your designs to precision.

tie dye shirt with vinyl

When using htv, pre-press your tie-dye shirt to remove moisture and wrinkles before applying HTV. You may use a flat iron or heat press to transfer the vinyl on the shirt. You can remove the carrier sheet from the material after the vinyl has cooled down.

heat transfer vinyl application on tie dye shirt


Applying HTV on Shirt
For more videos and content, check out TeckWrap Craft’s YouTube Channel

Using Removable Vinyl as Stencil

removable adhesive vinyl as stencil for shirts

TeckWrap Craft New Matte Adhesive Vinyl in Salmon


If you prefer to use paint, then stenciling is another good way of making designs for your tie-dye shirts. Stenciling is another fun project that you can do with your kids! There are so many colors of fabric paint that you can choose from to match your tie-dye shirt. Just make sure it has to be a complete contrast so that it stands out.

tie dye shirts with vinyl


You would need a cutting machine to make your removable vinyl stencils quicker. It would be more efficient if you make your stencil the same size as the surface you are applying it to. This way, it is easier for you to straighten your stencil.

You would also need to weed your stencil after cutting it. After weeding, you will need to use transfer tape to make the stencil adhere to your tie-dye shirt. Before removing the transfer tape, make sure that the stencil sticks to the shirt completely and properly.

To avoid making a paint bleeding error, you need to seal the stencil. One effective trick you can do is by applying Mod Podge over the stencil. A thin layer of Mod Podge will do. You need to let the Mod Podge dry completely before applying paint.

tie dye with fabric paint done by vinyl stencil


Can you tie dye shirts with graphics?

Yes, you may tie-dye shirts that have printed graphics. The printed graphics are usually made of vinyl and are not made of cotton. Some prints are even screen printed.

Thus, the print won’t absorb the color. It is safe to say that you can dye any printed t-shirt without ruining the print. This is also a good trick when you want to cover stains on your shirts without damaging them.

Can I tie dye a shirt with vinyl on it?

It is best to put the HTV after the tie dye process. Remember you would have to fold, band, and/or twist the shirt and it will most likely ruin the vinyl. Some dyes may also leave discolorations on your HTV.

Final Thoughts

If this is your first time creating tie-dye shirts, you have to be more patient and flexible with the process and the outcome. Tie-dye projects are fun to do but, at the same time, are also trial and errors projects.

These shirts are also widely available, and you might want to just buy or glam up an old one.

TeckWrap Craft’s vinyl collection can deliver quality prints that are perfect for your tie-dye projects. Summer is almost here! So, grab your shirts, share this idea with friends, and spruce them up with HTVs!

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