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Sublimation Business Cards: Make Your Card Stand Out!

Sublimation Business Cards: Make Your Card Stand Out!

If you want to design business cards that stand out and speak "class," then level up your cards by sublimation printing.

The sublimation printing process uses heat to transfer dye onto a material and can be used to print high-quality business cards.

How Does Sublimation Work

These cards are often made of metal or other durable materials, and the design is printed on special paper that heats up when pressed against the card.It’s popularity has been on the rise, so much so that many have shifted on exploring this medium based on customers orders and positive online reviews with notable information regarding its merits.

Sublimation vs Regular Traditional Business Cards

If sublimation seems a bit too foreign for you, let our ultimate guide on sublimation paper give you a general idea.Sublimation business cards are superior to traditional business cards for a few reasons:


Full-color printing is vital to a sublimation business and until recently, full-color cards were too expensive for small businesses. However, while not cheap, sublimation is offers an affordable price and sure to make an impression.

Sublimation Paper 8.3
Sublimation Paper 8.3

Sublimation Paper 8.3"x 11.7" for Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink (100sheets)

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Sublimation printing provides higher quality and more durable prints than traditional inkjet or laser printing methods. The ink is infused into the material rather than simply printed on its surface, resulting in a more vibrant and long-lasting print.


They can be used on a variety of materials such as metal or plastic (even cardstock!), providing a unique look and feel.

Uses And Benefits Of Sublimation Business Cards

Uses And Benefits Of Sublimation Business Cards


They offer a high level of customization, with the ability to print full-color images and graphics, and even QR codes that link to a website or social media page.


They have a longer lifespan than traditional business cards as the ink is infused into the material, making them more resistant to fading, scratching, or peeling.


They can be used on a varied selection of materials, such as metal, plastic, ceramic, or even cardstock, providing a unique and eye-catching look and feel.


This item offer an effective way to promote a brand, with the ability to customize the design and include a company's logo, brand colors, and messaging.

The best brand for sublimation business cards


They can be used as a marketing tool product, with the ability to print custom designs with full-color images and graphics.


They stand out from traditional business cards due to their unique look and feel, which can help a business differentiate itself from competitors.


While not as cheap as traditional business cards, they are affordable and offer a high level of customization, making them a cost-effective option for businesses.

Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Guide How to make sublimation business cards
  • Choose the material: The first step is to choose the material you want to use for your business cards. Sublimation printing works best on materials such as metal, plastic, or ceramic items.
  • Design your business card: Once you have chosen your material, you need to design your business card, you may add elements, or a message as part of the design.
  • Print your design on sublimation paper: After designing your business card, print it onto sublimation transfer paper using a sublimation printer. Make sure to print a mirror image of your design onto the transfer paper.
  • Cut the transfer paper: Once you have printed your design onto the transfer paper, you need to cut it to the size of your business card.
  • Preheat your press: Preheat your sublimation press to the recommended temperature for the material you are using. Don’t forget to read and enter the desired press settings.
  • Place your material and transfer paper into the press: Place your material onto the press, and then place the transfer paper onto the material with the image side facing down.
  • Press your design onto the material: Close the press and apply pressure for the recommended time. Don’t put to much weight while pressing. Once the time is up, open the press and remove the transfer paper. Don’t leave the press unattended.
  • Cut your business card to size: After the material has cooled down, use a paper cutter or scissors to cut your business card to the desired size.

Note: Calling card cutting machines are available for purchase online. They come in different product types. Check reviews before you add to cart. Also, clarify with the supplier through email or DM if it can be used with sublimation materials.

  • Finish your business card: If desired, you can add a protective coating or laminate to your business card to make the corners more durable.

That's it! For best results, make sure to follow the steps correctly.

Feeling the surge of inspiration? What are you waiting for? Click and add to cart and get started with this new endeavor.

Share your finished products online, start by creating samples for friends and family, and ask them to write a review or leave a question just to grow engagement.

Who knows, your work may be viewed by potential customers, and you just might have a product or an item to start a small business.

No question about it, sublimation business cards offer a unique and high-quality way to promote a business or organization, with the ability to create custom designs and print on a variety of materials.

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