11 Do-It-Yourself Baby Room Decorations

Decorating the baby’s nursery for your first child is something that many parents look forward to. You are excited to see how the baby’s nursery will be and how ready it is to welcome your young baby. Whether you are crafty or not, being a soon-to-be parent can bring out your creative side.


baby room wall decor

There are so many do-it-yourself baby room decorations that come with easy-to-follow instructions that you can incorporate into your child’s room. With the right tools and with the help of TeckWrap Craft vinyl, you can transform a simple space into a dreamy nursery.

baby room wall decor

Image by Vicki Yde from Pexels

Benefits of Decorating Your Baby’s Room

Most parents would do absolutely everything to welcome their baby’s arrival. When you're pregnant and currently in your nesting stage, thinking about DIY nursery decor ideas is a perfect way to end the last stretch of your pregnancy.

Preparing the baby nursery with DIY ideas has a lot of benefits not only for the baby but also for the parents. The baby nursery is your newborn’s private space. It is a peaceful place ideal for their growth while adjusting to their new environment. It is also a space for the parents to bond with their newborn.

When you are planning on the overall look and color scheme of your little one’s nursery, this will not cost you much compared to buying everything off the rack or hiring professionals to do the work for you. You also have the benefit of personalizing the nursery to your style, taste, and personality.

Below are some super easy DIY nursery project ideas that you can do at home.

DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

Wall Backdrop

You may find yourself staring at your baby’s nursery and thinking what your color scheme would be or if wall art is a better option instead. A starry wall is very relaxing with an amazing aesthetic appeal. It is visually stimulating.

Whether you are having a boy or a girl, an excellent and gender-neutral wall art design you can use are stars just like the sample images below.


baby room decor ideas
Stars as Wall Art
Image by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels


baby room wall decor ideas
Stars as Wall Art


This type of wall art conveys a very minimalist nursery. You don’t want to be over the top and at the same time not too simple. You can use TeckWrap Craft’s glow-in-the-dark adhesive vinyl. There are seven different colors that you can choose from.

The vinyl looks beautiful during the daytime and glows amazingly when it gets dark. Below is a color chart of TeckWrap’s glow-in-the-dark vinyl for your reference.

color changing vinyl chart

Glow-in-the-Dark Adhesive Vinyl Color Chart

Wall Art

You can make the nursery walls more interesting by adding beautiful art decors. You may want to put up visually stimulating images for your baby, a DIY village art design, or phrases of encouragement. Wall art decors are also a great way of hiding wall mistakes or wall cracks.

 DIY baby room decoration ideas

If you like the vinyl color of the wall art above, you should try TeckWrap Craft’s diagonal rainbow stripes adhesive vinyl. This vinyl is available in six color patterns which are perfect to use on decals and other home decors.

tea rose vinyl

Diagonal Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl in Tea Rose

Below are some baby room wall decor ideas.

baby room decor ideas

Do It Yourself Baby Room Decorations

Name Board

What every parent wants is for their little one to recognize and respond to their names the sooner the better. It is a good idea to display your baby’s name in the nursery not only for visual effects but all the more for the child to be familiar with their name. Early familiarization with one’s name can give the child a step closer to cognitive success.


name board
Names on Wood
Image by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels


The sample name tags above are small. But, you can use the idea to make a name board using whatever wood you may have at home. It would be better if you use bold font styles instead of using a stylized or cursive font. Also, you can make the letters individually in blocks so they can stand on their own.


For your baby’s name, you can try TeckWrap Craft’s shimmer adhesive vinyl that comes in13 different colors. Having a wide selection of colors gives you more room to choose the best color to match your nursery’s overall theme.

Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl in Red

boss baby room decor ideas

Boss Baby Image by rawpixel.com

Wooden Baby Gym

DIY baby mobile can easily be done at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a commercially-bought baby gym. You can make a DIY baby mobile using whatever wood you have available at home and the right carpentry tools such as a coarse file, chisel, drill, and Danish oil.

Your baby gym can be as simple as the image below. You have the free hand to decide how big or small you want the gym to be. You also have the liberty to decide what to hang for your baby to play with. Alternatively, this wooden structure can eventually be converted into a play tent frame.


baby gym

Image by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels


You can make your baby’s DIY baby gym more personalized by adding vinyl to it. You can make it colorful by using TeckWrap Craft’s glitter brush adhesive vinyl. This vinyl comes in 13 different patterns and colors which is very easy to use and apply to a wooden surface.

holographic cloud design vinyl
Glitter Brush Adhesive Vinyl in Holo Cloud

DIY Laundry Decors

Your DIY nursery decor won’t be complete without a reliable and cute laundry bin for your baby’s tiny clothes. For your new baby’s nursery, you may want to go for a fabric laundry bin. A fabric laundry bin is perfect for holding your baby’s soiled clothes.


As your baby grows, you can still utilize this bin for other things such as a toy organizer to free up space in your baby’s cabinet. The sample image below is made from bamboo rattan. If you have one at home, you can dress it up with fabric so you can personalize it.


Image by Mailans from Wikimedia Commons

To customize your laundry bin, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s interesting ombre glitter heat transfer vinyl. You can make cute and cheerful designs in your laundry bin. The ombre glitter heat transfer vinyl comes in 6 ombre colors.

Ombre Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in Rainbow Brown
Here are more decor ideas you can make with craft vinyl
Announcing the arrival of the prince
baby room decor ideas

DIY Baby Clothes Rack

You can make your baby’s nursery more inviting by bringing out your baby’s clothes to display instead of keeping them inside the cabinet. An exposed clothes rack is a budget-friendly way of showing off all the cute outfits your baby will wear.


This is a fun way of letting your little one wear all those beautiful tiny clothes you have bought. To make your baby’s clothes rack interesting, you can color-coordinate your baby’s clothes every week. You can coordinate all green for this week or maybe all white next week. You may purchase a uniform set of hangers for a better aesthetic appeal as well.

 baby room wall decor
Image by Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash


You can make the exposed baby clothes rack more visually satisfying by adding a wall decal over the rack. TeckWrap Craft’s metallic satin chrome adhesive vinyl is a good choice for this DIY project. You can make label decals such as ‘What will baby wear?’ or any cute slogan you may think of.

Metallic Satin Chrome Adhesive Vinyl in Ash Gray

DIY Mobile

You can start your baby’s engagement with animals every single day with a DIY mobile. Felted shapes or animals are excellent choices for your baby’s mobile. You may use a hot glue gun to attach the felted decors. You may refer to the sample below on how to make a simple DIY mobile.


DIY baby mobile
Image by charlesdeluvio from Unsplash


It would also be nice to look at if it has an embroidery hoop. You can choose a color that matches your color scheme. You can also make your DIY mobile more interesting for your new baby by adding TeckWrap Craft’s holographic starlight adhesive vinyl. The vinyl can look like sparkling stars that would surely be interesting for your baby. This vinyl comes in 5 different colors.


Holographic Starlight Adhesive Vinyl in Ultra Purple

Pom Pom Rug

If you are thinking of adding a rug to fill up your baby’s nursery, you may want to consider making a cool pom pom rug. A pom pom rug is soft and a perfect crafts idea for your baby’s room. You can even make a big and wide pom pom rug for your baby which they can use for tummy time and other floor activities.


pompom rug for a baby's room

Image by Jelena Mirkovic from Unsplash


Pom poms come in different colors which makes creating a rug more fun. If you are going for a versatile look, you can use brown, white, and black pom poms. If you want to make the rug look even better, you can add vinyl to it.

You can make a decal with your baby’s name or a simple slogan such as It’s going to be a great day! You may use TeckWrap Craft’s puff heat transfer vinyl. Its 3D look can be interesting for your baby to touch while doing tummy time.

silver adhesive vinyl
Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl in Silver

Teepee Tent

Another amazing DIY nursery decor idea that you can add to your baby's nursery is a teepee tent. There are several store-bought teepee tents that you can get your hands on. However, you may need to pay top dollar for it. It would be less expensive if you can make your own. It is simple and easy to do.


toddler tent
Image by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels


In making a teepee tent, you just need a few wooden rods stacked together and fabric of your choice. You can cover up the wooden rods using acrylic paint or spray paint. Whichever is convenient and comfortable for you to use. For a better finish, you can apply two coats of paint.


A teepee tent is perfect for it to accommodate your growing baby. Your baby can use it for playtime and when they are a bit older, it can be a perfect spot for reading. You can make it spacious enough for them to share the tent with other kids too.


You can personalize your baby’s teepee tent by adding vinyl. You can create a name decal which you can transfer to the fabric. TeckWrap Craft’s galaxy heat transfer vinyl comes in 4 fun shades that you can use to create your baby’s name decal.

Galaxy  Heat Transfer Vinyl in Nebula Orange

Crochet Teether and Rattle

teether and rattle
Image by Elizabeth Mueller from Unsplash


A DIY nursery decor that you may want to have is a double-duty teether and rattle. Not only is it useful, it is also good to look at when you add a crochet DIY nursery decor. It is perfect to display on the baby’s shelf as well as good to look at when held and used by your baby.


crochet decor for a baby's room
Image by Anete Lusina from Pexels


In making a crochet teether and rattle you need cotton yarn, beads, teether, twill ribbon, needles, scissors, polymer clay, tape, and also fiber stuffing. You may want to avoid adding vinyl to this nursery decor idea for babies who tend to put this inside their mouths.

Wooden Moon Cradle

You will love having a cradle as another nursery decor for your baby’s room. You can make it more beautiful by creating a wooden moon cradle using wood pallets. You may paint it with acrylic paint or you can varnish it to enhance its natural wooden tone.


Image by Yan Krukov from Pexels


The image above is a rocking cradle. Instead, you need a stable cradle to contain your little one. The image is used to give you an idea of what a cradle is. You can make a wooden cradle with a half-moon design. It is possible with the right tools and materials.

You can make your moon cradle more personal, by adding your baby’s name on it or a slogan such as Starry, starry night. You can use TeckWrap Craft’s new matte adhesive vinyl which comes in 16 different colors that you can color coordinate with your baby’s nursery.

New Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl in Dark Blue


Final Thoughts

Aside from having the essentials such as a crib and a changing table, you can make your baby’s nursery extras special by doing DIY projects. You can also add indoor plants to your baby’s nursery. Adding greens to a space can pull all the natural elements together.


There are so many DIY nursery decor ideas that you can draw inspiration from for your DIY projects. All you need are the right materials and tools, time, and a lot of patience to get the work done. TeckWrap Craft can make your DIY nursery decor ideas extra special.


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