16 Unique Childrens Costumes Halloween Ideas for 2022

Halloween is a big hit for the whole family. Halloween is a fun time for both children and parents to play dress up. Young children enjoy picking out their own costumes, enjoying themselves with their friends, and collecting the most candy while going trick-or-treating.

If last year, Halloween was boring for your family, this year it is going to be better! This is the season to get creative with your kids’ costumes. For costume inspiration for both young kids and older kids, check out the list of Halloween costume ideas below.

Adding vinyl is a great way to hype up your unique childrens costumes Halloween ideas. TeckWrap Craft has a wide collection of heat transfer vinyl you can choose from. You only have a few days left, so get ready and heat up your vinyl!

Ideas for Baby Costumes

Babies and toddlers are the easiest to dress up. Most of the time, the parents choose what their little ones will wear for Halloween. While your littles can't decide yet which outfit or costume to wear, here are some Halloween costume ideas for you:

  1. Pumpkin

Your child can never go wrong wearing a pumpkin Halloween costume. A baby or a toddler wearing a pumpkin costume looks simply adorable. You can buy ready-made pumpkin costumes for your child. To make the costume more interesting and customized, you can add vinyl.

pumpkin costume for kids

You can use a textured heat transfer vinyl called flock heat transfer vinyl. Your child would find this very interesting to touch. TeckWrap Craft is offering you 12 different colors of flock heat transfer vinyl. Your child’s pumpkin costume will surely be special and one of a kind.

Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl in Orange
Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl in Orange


  1. Little Mermaid

Your baby will be the most adorable mermaid this Halloween! A mermaid costume is perfect for babies since they don’t walk or move around that much yet. You can easily take their adorable pictures. You can make your baby’s costume more unique by adding accessories such as shells, and pearls, and make it glisten using holographic vinyl! 

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl in Aqua
Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl in Aqua


  1. Lobster

lobster costume for baby
Source: Flickr


Being a lobster for Halloween is another excellent kids' costumes idea. If you have a newborn, you can use an all-red swaddle and just purchase a lobster headpiece and claws. To make the lobster costume more interesting, you can add glow-in-the-dark vinyl. This will be something the whole family will find entertaining.

Glow-in-the-Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl in Neon Orange
Glow-in-the-Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl in Neon Orange


Ideas for Kids' Costumes

  1. Astronaut

Most kids find spaceships and outer space fascinating. Staring up at the starry sky every night makes them want to be astronauts! So, why not? Halloween is the best time for young boys and girls to use their imagination and become an astronaut!

astronaut costume

There are several astronaut costumes available that you can purchase. To make your child’s jumpsuit more unique, you can add a reflective heat transfer vinyl! TeckWrap Craft has 22 vinyl colors that you can choose from.

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl in Pasteboard Brown

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl in Pasteboard Brown

  1. Ghost

Your kid can be a scary ghost or a ghost princess for Halloween! Boys can cover themselves with a wide white cloth while the girls can wear an all-white dress to look like a princess. You don’t have to ruin your child’s precious dress or your white linen to make room for the ghost’s eyes and mouth. You can use removable vinyl for that!

ghost costume

Since the ghost’s eyes and mouth are temporary and you would want to remove them after Halloween, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl in black. You can easily remove the vinyl and still use your linen or your child’s dress without worries.

Adhesive Vinyl (Matte) 001M Series in Ink Black

Adhesive Vinyl (Matte) 001M Series in Ink Black

  1. Dinosaur

Most boys love dinosaurs. They may even enjoy watching the movie, Jurassic Park! They can be tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, or stegosaurus. These types of costumes are plentiful and other kids may end up having the same costume as your child. So, how do you make your child’s costume unique?

dinoasaur costume for halloween

You can make your child’s dinosaur costume unique by adding vinyl of course! You can check out TeckWrap Craft’s animal print heat transfer vinyl. There are six different animal prints to choose from. You can choose the one that is closest in color or pattern to your child’s chosen dinosaur costume.

Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl in Tiger

Animal Print Heat Transfer Vinyl in Tiger

  1. Mirabel (Encanto)

Mirabel from the animated movie, Encanto is a favorite of most girls. Your little girl may want to be dressed up as Mirabel for Halloween. You can purchase a ready-made costume and a wig for your child and spice it up using vinyl.

Mirabel’s clothing has a floral design. To make it unique and fit for the Halloween season, you can add Halloween pattern heat transfer vinyl. There are 10 fun and creative Halloween patterns available for you to choose from. Your girl will surely love her costume!

Halloween Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl in Trick or Treat

Halloween Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl in Trick or Treat

  1. Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

maleficent halloween costume

If you are planning to DIY your child’s Maleficent costume this year, it is possible. All you need is an all-black dress, some sturdy materials for the headpiece, hot glue to put the headpiece together, and vinyl. Make your child’s Halloween costume dazzle by adding glitter heat transfer vinyl!

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in Colorful Black

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in Colorful Black

  1. Grease (Musical)

If you are a fan of the hit musical, Grease you may want to transform your child either as Danny or Sandy. You can easily make them wear a tailored black or pink jacket. You can use holographic heat transfer vinyl to make a customized vinyl decal for their jacket.

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl in Crystal Silver

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl in Crystal Silver

  1. Wednesday or Pugsley Addams (The Addams Family)

Movies are a great way to draw inspiration for your children’s next Halloween costumes. The Addams Family is an excellent movie to get ideas for Halloween costumes for kids. Your daughter can be Wednesday Addams while your son can be Pugsley Addams.

addams family costume

Both outfits of Wednesday and Pugsley are easy to copy. For Pugsley, your son can wear black shoes, short pants, and a striped shirt. Wednesday’s costume is easily available for purchase. You can make unique modifications to Wednesday’s dress by adding plaid vinyl. The buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl is a good choice for this unique project.

Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl in White and Black

Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl in White and Black

  1. Mike Wazowski or James Sullivan (Monsters, Inc.)

monsters inorporated halloween costume
Source: Flickr

Another great Halloween costumes for kids idea is to be an adorable monster from the well-loved animated movie, Monsters, Inc. Your child can be the round and adorable Mike or the big and huggable Sully.

You can also apply face paint on your child’s face to make it turn green or blue. You may stitch toys on their costumes and apply vinyl to make them more unique and interesting. You can apply chameleon heat transfer vinyl to make your monster costume more interesting.


Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl in Gold Charm Green

Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl in Gold Charm Green

  1. Wonder Woman

The long search for your daughter’s halloween costume is over. She can be the ultimate superhero this Halloween, dressed as Wonder Woman! You can easily buy a Wonder Woman costume for your child. You have the option if you want to add a cape or not.

wonder woman for kids costumes
Source: Flickr

To make your daughter’s Wonder Woman costume you can spice it up with patterned heat transfer vinyl! You can add the vinyl on your daughter’s skirt filled with a lot of stars. She will definitely love her costume!

Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl in Blue and White Stars

Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl in Blue and White Stars

  1. Russell (UP)

Your child can stand out this Halloween by dressing up as the cute and irresistible character, Russell from the animated movie, Up. For the boy scout badges, you can add more patches using vinyl. You may use TeckWrap Craft’s puff heat transfer vinyl.

russell of UP kids costume
Source: Flickr

Puff heat transfer vinyl can be directly applied to fabric or garment. Not to mention that it is super soft and comes in different colors. Your child’s costume will definitely be a head-turner.

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl in Red

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl in Red

  1. Peter Pan

The classic character, Peter Pan is another amazing kids Halloween costumes idea. It is very comfortable for young boys to wear while they go out with their friends for trick or treating. You can make your son’s costume more special by adding colorful camouflage vinyl.

peterpan kids costume
Source: Flickr

TeckWrap Craft’s camouflage heat transfer vinyl comes in six different colors. This vinyl is made of high-quality materials therefore it will still look brand new on your child’s costume after it has been washed many times. After Halloween, your child can wear this as his pajamas, which makes it worth your money.


Colorful Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl in Green

Colorful Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl in Green

  1. Sailor Moon

sailor moon halloween costume
Source: Pxhere

Your daughter can wear something different this Halloween and dress up as a character from Sailor Moon. This Halloween costumes idea is simple and easy to put together. You may find many of these sold in most stores or online shops. You can make your child’s costume more unique by adding mirror chrome vinyl on the skirt.


Mirror Chrome Heat Transfer Vinyl in Royal Pink

Mirror Chrome Heat Transfer Vinyl in Royal Pink

  1. Clown

A clown kids Halloween costumes idea is so much fun! Your child can be a scary clown like Pennywise or a cute and friendly party clown. Whichever type your child may decide to wear, a clown costume is easy to put together. You just need a colorful outfit, a wig, a hat (the sillier the better), a mask if your child likes to wear one, and big and funny shoes.

clown costume for kids
Source: Wikimedia

You can make the clown costume more fun by adding colorful vinyl. TeckWrap Craft has four different color patterns of colorful splash vinyl that you can use for your child’s clown costume.

Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl in Grape
Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl in Grape

Decorating Your Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween is not just about your kids’ Halloween costumes. The best costumes come with the best looking trick or treating goodie bag. You may use plastic containers that are commercially sold. However, if you are one crafty parent, you may find it more economical to use a fabric bag and customize it using vinyl.

Your child can still use this bag even after Halloween as well as the next. A fabric bag is more durable than a plastic trick-or-treat bag. Below is an example of a trick-or-treat bag customized for Halloween.

trick or treat bag ideas
Ghost Bag decorated using Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Halloween Customized T-Shirts

Halloween is not just for school kids or those ages 0-4 years old. It is a special holiday that you can spend with both adults and children. If your child is not in the mood to wear anything elaborate this year for Halloween, you may want to make a customized T-shirt instead.

Here are some T-shirt design ideas for Halloween:

Colorful Skeleton

You may not be in the mood for Halloween this year, but this shirt can say otherwise. You can choose any shirt color that you may like and create a decal that is similar to the design below. The PU Rainbow Stripes heat transfer vinyl is an excellent choice for this project. Halloween will not be gloomy, but it will be rockin’!

Halloween shirt
Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Pu Rainbow Heat Transfer Vinyl in Rainbow

Pu Rainbow Heat Transfer Vinyl in Rainbow

Small Pumpkins

If you are a breastfeeding mom and you want to match up with your baby who is wearing an adorable pumpkin costume this Halloween, you can make a similar customized Halloween shirt like the one below. TeckWrap Craft’s puff heat transfer vinyl would be a fun choice for this project.

Halloween Shirt
Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page
Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl in Orange

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl in Orange

Spooky Slogan

If being spooky is easier said than done, you may want to make a customized Halloween shirt similar to the one below. Using slogans on shirts is very creative. Choosing to wear a customized Halloween shirt is a practical way to dress up for Halloween because you can rewear the shirt anytime and any day.

If you are planning to make a customized Halloween shirt that is similar to the sample below, you can use TeckWrap Craft’s glitter heat transfer vinyl. It comes in 17 different colors that you can play around with to match your shirt color of choice.

halloween shirt
Halloween Shirt
Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in Coffee Gold
Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in Coffee Gold


Kids' Halloween Costumes Are a Hit!

Halloween is the best time of the year for kids dressing up in their favorite characters. Your child can dress up to be a superhero like Spider-Man, Sailor Moon, Little Mermaid, a pirate, and other classic favorites. Don’t limit your child’s imagination. Let them dream big. Halloween costumes for kids are something both parents and kids look forward to each year.

After Halloween, it is Christmas time! Don’t forget to check out TeckWrap Crafts' new Christmas vinyl collection. There are new and colorful vinyl prints and patterns that you can use for your holiday crafting projects. If you find this article helpful and insightful, you can share this with your friends to give them ideas on unique Halloween costumes for kids.

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