20 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4

It’s Halloween time! Why not make matching costumes with your whole family? That’s a great idea! Not only will your neighbors love your costumes, but making costumes can be an opportunity for a bonding moment with the whole family as well.

Welcome to TeckWrap Craft where creativity knows no bounds. In this post, our team will share with you 20 awesome Halloween costume ideas for a family of 4. But even if you’re a family of 3,5,6 or more, you can take inspiration from these family costume ideas. 

Some of these costumes can be bought in shops. But several of the costume inspirations stated here can be done at home and can be personalized with your creative touch. Adding your personal touch and at the same time saving money will always be better. Check out these family Halloween costume ideas!

  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Family Halloween Costume

glow in the dark costumes for halloween
Photo by Mike Jones from Pexels


Dress your whole family as Glow-in-the-dark skeletons. With a simple black t-shirt and pants, you can print Glow-in-the-dark heat transfer vinyl using skeleton SVGs. This spooky and fun idea will surely be loved by the entire family.

If you’re a DIY crafter who already prints on shirts, then this perfect Halloween costume should be easy for you to do. To make things more interesting, use different colors of the Glow-in-the-dark HTV for shirts for each family member. TeckWrap Craft’s Glow-in-the-dark heat transfer vinyl comes in 7 colors — Neon Green, Light Green, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Yellow, and Blue.

  1. The Spooky Family Costume


Halloween Costumes Ideas

Sometimes, simple is better. So why not make your family Halloween costume simple and come as a Spooky Family? You can print Halloween Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl on black shirts to create the perfect family Halloween costume.


You can use images like the scary pumpkin coupled with spooky Halloween greetings. To finalize everyone’s looks, you can use headdresses, capes, a witch’s hat, and dark make-up wouldn’t hurt. Halloween is all about being spooky, so come as a Spooky Family!

  1. Stranger Things Family Costume

Halloween Costumes theme
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Aakansha Trivedi


One of the most beloved series nowadays is Stranger Things. This hip Halloween idea is a sure hit for kids and teens. For sure, they’ll wear their Halloween costumes beaming with pride. How do you dress as the ‘Stranger Things’ family? Simply imitate the looks of the main characters.

Girls can imitate Maxine "Max" Mayfield by wearing pigtails, striped shirts, and shorts. While moms can be Nancy Wheeler and wear a simple '90s dress. Big brothers can dress as Dustin Henderson by wearing a fun shirt, jacket, and cap. While dads can portray William "Billy" Hargrove by wearing a simple white shirt and denim jeans.

To make things more interesting you can print the Stranger Things logo for Dustin Henderson’s cap and the shirts. So your costume can be easily distinguished from afar. The Colorful Camouflage Heat Transfer Vinyl of TeckWrap Craft will make the perfect print to complete the ’90s vibes of these costumes.

  1. Squid Game Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Wikimedia by Chongkian


With Squid Game season 2 coming up, for this year's Halloween we’ll surely see more red jumpsuits, green tracksuits, and of course, Yeong-hee. The red jumpsuits and masks of the guards can easily be bought in stores, surely a dad-and-son tandem will look good in that.

Moms and daughters can dress as Yeong-hee. This twinning idea will never grow old. But if you want to create a DIY costume for Squid Games, you can all come as the players wearing green tracksuits with custom-print on it.

Using TeckWrap Craft’s white PU Heat Transfer Vinyl, you can print the contestant’s number on the upper left side of the shirt. This costume idea is cheaper and at the same time could be used again. Plus, the sweater will protect you from the cold during the chilly Halloween night while going out trick or treating. The kids can still wear the sweater even on casual days, and they’ll surely wear it with pride.

  1. M&M's Costume

m &m costumes for halloween
Image from PNGEgg


Who says Halloween is all about dark colors? As a family, you can dress as colorful M&Ms and bring color to Halloween parties. If you’ve got the funds and the time, you can order M&M mascot costumes online.

However, if there are time and money constraints there’s a way around that. You can buy different colored shirts, and print the M&M face on each shirt. To make the costumes more fun, print different emoticons of the M&M face for all shirts — happy, angry, sleepy, smirking, and many more.

This costume is a fun Instagrammable moment, with the whole family posting for the photo reenacting the M&M emoticon on the shirt they’re wearing. To make things more interesting, use TeckWrap Craft’s Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl for that extra cuteness on your family’s Halloween costume.

  1. Jack 'o Lantern Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family
Image from Flickr by daveynin


One of the best family Halloween costumes that will never go out of style are Jack 'o Lantern costumes and t-shirts. Your kids will look adorable in fluffy pumpkin costumes, with hats and pointy shoes. As for the adults, an orange shirt printed with a Jack 'o Lantern will complete the family’s look.

Just like the image above, you can make things more interesting by using patterned heat transfer vinyl. TeckWrap Craft’s black Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl will look great on the orange shirt. This family costume is fun, playful, and of course, won’t break the bank.

  1. DIY Ghost Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas
Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels


Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the classic Halloween costume — GHOSTS! With a white sheet and shades, you’re an instant ghost! If you didn’t have the time to make a family Halloween costume, then the DIY ghost costume is your go-to option.

But if you want to add more life to your ghost costume, you can print spooky images on it using black heat transfer vinyl. Perhaps a ghost with fangs, big eyes, and a speech balloon with the word ‘BOOOO’ in it. Just a tip, wear also black pants and black shoes to achieve that ‘floating’ effect, especially at night.

  1. Care Bears Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Flickr by John Trainor


This family Halloween costume idea is overused, but will never go out of trend — CARE BEARS! Plus, no one can resist giving a lot of candies to kids cutely dressed as Love-A-Lot Bear or Cheer Bear. As a group costume, Care Bears costumes will always be a hit. Care Bears onesies may cost around $30-$50 each, so that's between $120-$200 for a family of four.

So a more affordable option you can do is to print Care Bears-inspired t-shirts. For instance, you can buy a violet shirt, and print a violet glitter heat transfer vinyl on it, with a yellow star to dress as Take Care Bear. Or you can print on a yellow shirt with a smiling sun print on it to dress as Funshine Bear.

There are at least 30 care bears, so there are plenty of choices for the whole family. Not only can this be a family Halloween costume, but a great idea for the whole office or company as well.

  1. Emoji Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Finches&quarks


This idea is one of the uncommon family Halloween costumes, but not why give it a try? At least you’ll stand out from everyone else. Why not come with your family as different emojis? You can wear a DIY emoji mask. With a couple of paints and cardboard paper, you can make these masks at home.

But what could complete the whole look of this Halloween costume? The whole family should wear yellow shirts with emoji faces printed on them. You can even just wear shirts, forget the mask, and just buy funny hats and headbands to spice up your look.

  1. The Incredibles Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Flickr by Jared Smith


Probably one of the easiest family Halloween costume ideas especially for a family of 4, is to dress as the Incredibles! Of course, dad dresses as Mr. Incredible and mom as Elastigirl. The big brother can come as Dash, while the baby brothers can of course come as Jack-Jack.

Of course, big sisters can dress as Violet. If grandma wants to join too, she can come as Edna Mode. How exciting! There are plenty of Incredibles bodysuits available that you can purchase online. But if spending too much money on the family costume is not on the cards, don’t worry, you can make one of your own.

What you’ll be needing are a matching red tracksuit, DIY black cardboard eye masks, an orange cloth as a belt, black shoes, and black underwear to finish the look, just like the image above. Then you can print the sweatshirt with the Incredibles logo using an Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper.

  1. Rock Band Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Flickr by Fernando de Sousa

If you miss your young rock and roll days, then you can come with your family as a rock band. Dressing up as Kiss or Slipknot for Halloween is always a great hit. Your family can wear masks, heavy make-up, messy hairdo, and carry around musical instruments.

Aside from the punk-inspired outfit, you can have matching shirts with your family name printed as your band name! Cool, huh? Check out the image below, you can custom-print an image on your shirts like this.

Not only can you use this custom-printed shirt as a Halloween costume, but for family reunions as well. What will make this shirt more interesting is by using Glow In The Dark Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl. Not only will the shirts illuminate in the dark, but also will have that puffy effect when printed on the shirt.

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4


  1. The Addams Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Sarah Stierch


This family costume for Halloween is a no-brainer, especially for a family of four. You can all go as the Addams Family! The Addams Family get-up will always be one of the easiest family Halloween costumes because it’s a classic.

Dad is Gomez, mom is Morticia, the elder sister is Wednesday, and the younger brother is Pugsley. Other family members can join, for instance, an older brother or an uncle can be Uncle Fester, then there's Grandmama as well. Then there's Cousin Itt, the hairy creature with the hat and glasses. Lurch the butler Frankenstein, and of course, use Thing as a prop.

  1. The Avengers Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Flickr by marvelousRoland

Family! Assemble as the Avengers! Adults and kids of all ages love the Avengers so why not pick it for this year’s family costume? Although the Avengers is one of the most common family Halloween costumes, it will never go out of style.

Let your little ones choose their favorite characters, and they’ll surely love their Halloween costume. Not only is this costume perfect for Halloween night, but for costume parties in the office or New Year’s Eve as well.

Do you know what would be more fun? Dad dresses up as The Hulk and mom as Black Widow. It’s a plus because The Hulk is a pretty easy costume to recreate. Simply wear torn pants and paint dad’s body with green body paint.

If buying bodysuit superhero costumes is not on the cards, then a custom-printed shirt with the superhero’s logo is good enough. For instance, you can use the American Flag-inspired Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl for the Captain America t-shirt. Then you can create a DIY shield using cardboard paper and paint it.

  1. Star Wars Costume Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels


This is one of the most fun Halloween group costumes, especially for a family of four — STAR WARS! With the many characters available in this franchise, even the extended family can be part of the team too!

The easiest costumes in Star Wars to imitate are Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Kyko Ren, and Han Solo. If you want more challenging yet interesting Star Wars costumes, you can choose from other characters like C-3PO, Yoda, Chewbacca, a clone trooper, and Boba Fett.

  1. Minions Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Flickr by istolethetv


Minions are meant to reproduce, that’s why Gru has plenty of them. Your whole family can be Minions for Halloween too, or at least for the kids only. This type of costume is pretty simple to follow. Just like the photo above, you’ll only need denim jumpers and a yellow hoodie!

Then you can wear big round glasses and orange helmets for the final look. Dad can dress up as Gru by wearing a black buttoned sweater, gray striped scarf, and black pants. Then mom can dress up as Scarlet Overkill with a sexy red dress and long black hand gloves. Or perhaps mom can dress up as Lucy Wilde by wearing a long green trench coat, and green glasses.

If you have three daughters, perhaps you can dress them up as Margo, Edith, and Agnes. All of their costumes are casual attires you can easily imitate. If grandpa wants to join, he can dress as Dr. Nefario. This family costume will really turn heads at Halloween parties.

Just a tip though, if buying a denim jumper is not an option, you can work your way around it. A pair of denim jeans and a custom-printed yellow shirt with the Minion’s face in it are good enough. Perhaps you can also wear big round glasses, a yellow beanie hat and bring some bananas.

  1. Harry Potter Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas
Image from Flickr by Edmond Wells


Keep the magic alive in your family and come as Harry Potter characters! The kids could dress up as Hermione, Harry, or Ron. With a simple black robe, black clothing, and a red scarf, you’ll pull off the looks of a Hogwarts student.

While dad can dress us Lord Voldemort or Rubeus Hagrid. As for mom? She can be Professor McGonagall. If you have toddlers, they can dress as Dobby for Halloween. Additionally, for picture-taking purposes, you can print out a picture of Hedwig (the owl), and paste it on cardboard.

Since Harry Potter has eight series, there are plenty of characters from the franchise you can choose from. Of course, don’t forget Harry’s scar, a magic wand, and perhaps a broomstick for that Quidditch look.

  1. Super Mario Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Pat Loika


Everybody loves this classic video game. Dressing up as the Super Mario characters for Halloween is always a fun idea. Mom and dad can dress up as the Mario brothers, Mario and Luigi. With matching red and green tracksuits, shutter shades, baseball caps, and a mustache.

You can custom-print on the hat using heat transfer vinyl to complete the whole look. The sisters can dress up as Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. While toddlers can dress as Toad, the mushroom. If you have a family dog, you can dress them as Yoshi the dragon.

  1. 'Men in Black' Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Pikawil


If you want a sleek and dope family costume, then the whole crew can dress up as the ‘Men in Black’. By wearing a black coat and tie, shades, and by carrying a big silver toy gun, you’re good to go! This costume idea is fairly easy to follow and of course, will always be a classic.

If you have a family dog, you can dress it as Frank the Pug! If you want a more interesting costume, then perhaps you could dress as Neeble, or one of those aliens. This creative family costume is just too cute not to replicate.

  1. Zombie Family

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Photo by PxHere


Take out your unused shirts, tear them up, soak them in a coffee, and dress your whole crew as zombies! Out of all the family Halloween costumes stated here, this is so far the easiest to recreate, and you can find all the supplies you need for the costume at home.

For the costume, take out unused clothes of the family, preferably a white shirt and pants, and make sure to tear portions of the clothing to have that old clothes effect. Then soak the clothes in water with coffee so they’ll turn yellowish-brown, much like a dead coming out from the grave. Then use red lipstick to create fake blood.

  1. Frozen Family Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Family of 4
Image from Flickr by greyloch


If you have daughters who are die-hard Frozen lovers, then why not dress as Frozen characters for Halloween? Grade-school-aged daughters can dress as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. While young toddler boys can dress as Olaf.

Fathers could either be Kristoff, Prince Hans, or Oaken. While mom can be Queen Iduna, the queen mother of Anna and Elsa. These Halloween costumes may be a bit pricey, but no money can buy your kid happiness, right?

Other Family Halloween Costumes You Can Try for a Family of Four:

All the suggestions for family Halloween costumes stated above will make an extraordinary Halloween party for the whole family. Other than the Halloween costumes mentioned above, here are other costume ideas your whole family can try:

  • Toy Story
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Baby Shark
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Justice League
  • Sanderson Sisters
  • Little Mermaid
  • Peter Pan
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Red Riding Hood

Wrapping It Up!

Hopefully, you’ve got inspiration from the Halloween costumes ideas for family of 4 mentioned above. Other than recreating and wearing Halloween costumes, what’s more important is you guys have fun and celebrate a Halloween that’s one for the books.

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