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No Compromise on Quality

From vibrant colors to versatile designs, our collection is a treasure trove for craft enthusiasts where you can find amazing steal deals! As we are all well aware, self adhesive vinyl has revolutionized the world of crafting, offering endless possibilities for both personal and professional projects. It is known for its exceptional durability, perfect thickness and flexibility. 

Whether you are creating decals, signage, decor items or personalized gifts, our vinyl ensures flawless and long lasting results. We also carry multiple types of products including adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl (HTV), and starter packs.

Our heat transfer vinyl is also a must-have. It enlivens the fabrics it is applied to, adding immense beauty to them. You can use it in so many creative ways, from designing apparel to making soft office and home decor such as cushion covers, mats, couch throws and so on, the possibilities are endless. 

Moreover, as we believe in consistency, we deliver top-notch craft vinyl products. Each item in our on-sale collection meets the same high standards as our regular inventory, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. 

We give utmost importance to an honest relationship with our customers. If any of our items in the sale section has a minor defect, we state it openly in the description so that the buyer can decide whether they still want to purchase it or not. 

That is not all! You can score incredible deals without compromising on quality. Enjoy substantial discounts, up to 50%, on a wide range of products, making it easier to stretch your DIY budget. The vinyl itself is user-friendly, making it accessible to beginners and experts alike. With a good-quality cutting machine and a little practice, you can effortlessly create intricate designs and shapes. 

The Current Variety On Sale

You will find that this collection encompasses a diverse range of options as well. 

  • You can get Rainbow Stripes in three different variants, horizontal, diagonal and galaxy pattern. This is the perfect vinyl for those who love everything bright and colorful. These adhesive films look simply amazing against a monochrome background. 
  • For those who like their projects to be shimmery and beautiful, we have Burst Shimmer, Opal and Holographic adhesive vinyl. Burst Shimmer and Holographic Starlight vinyl also has little flecks of glitter overlaid on its surface. 
  • For an enchanting experience we have Cold Color Changing adhesive vinyl. When the temperature goes below 59°F (15°C), the film changes color, mesmerizing all. This is an ideal vinyl film for drinkware in which you take cold beverages. 
  • If you want the vinyl in bundles without spending a lot of money, we have those at reduced rates for you as well. You can get Cold Color Changing and Opal Vinyl bundles on sale at the moment. 
  • We have something for newbies as well and those who don’t want to buy the whole roll. You can get starter packs at reduced rates with 12”x12” sheets of adhesive vinyl in different colors or patterns. Right now we have Neon Cold Color Changing, Rainbow Stripes, Holographic, Glass Flower and Assorted Color Tones packs on sale.  
  • Most of the items on sale are of self adhesive craft vinyl with just one roll of HTV at present - the PU Marble Heat Transfer Vinyl. But don’t worry, we keep adding different products so don’t forget to check this page regularly. 

From solid colors to unique patterns, you will find everything you need to elevate your projects. Whether you are looking for adhesive vinyl or HTV, Teckwrap Craft has you covered.

Ease of Application

All our films, may they be of self-adhesive or heat transfer vinyl, are extremely easy to apply. They are ultra thin and are compatible with all craft cutters. You can easily weed out negative vinyl pieces as well from the design. The vinyl adheres perfectly to the substrate, and does not peel, crack or fade for a long time. 

We have rolls, bundles and starter packs on sale with color options, hence you can buy as much as you want without worrying about wastage.    

Buy the Best On Budget!

Craft vinyl is a game-changer in the world of art, providing endless opportunities for creative expression. Teckwrap Craft's on-sale collection offers a fantastic chance to stock up on high-quality craft vinyl products at affordable prices. 

With their extensive range of colors, finishes, and designs, you will have the tools to turn your craft ideas into reality. So do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your DIY journey. Buy your favorite vinyl and let your imagination run wild!