PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll

5 reviews
Size: 5ft
Color: Rainbow

PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll

Pu Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Role, HTV Roles Ranibow
5ft Rainbow
Pu Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Role, HTV Roles Ranibow
82ft Rainbow
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Pu Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Role, HTV Roles Ranibow

PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll

5ft / Rainbow

5ft / Rainbow


Make stylish art projects with Teckwrap Craft’s exclusive PU Rainbow heat transfer vinyl! Perfect for adding a vibrant flush of color, this iron on vinyl is super easy and quick to work with. Made from the finest polyurethane, you can cut and press your favorite designs without any tears or breakages. Our vinyl is thin and stretchable allowing you to weed even the smallest and delicate designs in no time. From t-shirts to pillow cases, decorate your projects with our rainbow stripes vinyl that will remain durable and look fresh through the years!


  • Size: 12” x 5ft (0.305*1.55m) & 12” x 82ft (0.305*25m)
  • Durable PU material that is resistant to harsh elements 
  • Exclusive rainbow stripes pattern in 6 new colors 
  • Easy to cut, transfer, and press 
  • Best htv for weeding out small letters and fine designs 
  • Waterproof and washing-machine friendly 
  • Ideal for flat and smooth cotton fabric surfaces 
  • Perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, club wear, pillow cases. 

How to Do It

  1. Compatible with Craft Cutters, Die Cutters, Sign Plotters, etc.
  2. Mirror/Reverse your image design.
  3. Place vinyl (gloss side) onto a cutting mat .
  4. Adjust proper blade speed and cutting pressure .
  5. Weed all of the excess slowly, leaving the delicate design letters or graphics.
  6. Make sure the finished product faces the right way once ironed onto your fabric.
  7. Lay out the fabric.Place the t-shirt or fabric on a hard, flat clean dry surface.
  8. Place a cardboard to protect the transferred image onto both sides of the t-shirt.
  9. Set a heat press machine from 130℃(266℉) to 140℃(284℉) .
  10. Press it only for 8-12 seconds at medium pressure.
  11. Iron on the vinyl gloss side. Do not use steam iron.
  12. Disperse the iron's heat evenly.Be sure to consistently apply pressure so the complete image is fully attached and prevent scorching the paper and cracking the image.
  13. Wait for the vinyl to COOL and gently peel off backing after few minutes

Our PU Stripes Variants

Product Image Description
PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl
Experience a range of beautiful colors that show up in the sky after rainfall spreading happiness and joy with this rainbow vinyl roll. Our heat transfer vinyl adds the same vibrant and dynamic energy to your designs making your apparel or soft accessories stand out with a burst of remarkable, bright hues.
PU Sunrise Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Have you seen the amazing shades that spread in the sky at dawn? The first few rays of the sun bring positive vibes and a sense of new beginnings. This is what this heat transfer vinyl infuses into your crafts. Best to be used against medium-dark backgrounds, this palette of soft hues elevates your projects with its gentle radiance.
PU Starry Green Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl  The colors in this HTV have been inspired by the Northern Lights. The liner presentation of green, blue, yellow, and white transforms your craft with an enchanting allure that mesmerizes. You can use it on both light and dark fabrics, enriching them with a cosmic charm that will not let you take your eyes off it.
PU Starry Gray Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl Offering neutral shades all in one heat transfer vinyl that presents a picture of twilight skies, adding a captivating touch to your projects. Best to be used against light-colored fabrics such as white, off-white, and beige, it helps create a striking contrast and adds a sophisticated touch to any ensemble or decor scheme.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kayla Clark

The rainbow vinyl wrinkled no matter the heat setting or when I pulled it off.


Love this vinyl!!!

Kelly Misfeldt
Poor Quality

The vinyl peeled from the Adhesive and left a bubbly look or peeled off all together leaving only the Adhesive behind. I adjusted temp and pressure and had the same results

Vanessa Roy
Honnestly the best HTV never bought

Quality is exceptional, color are insane and my customers love it !

Steffanie Diaz
Love it

Love the HTV