Wedding Hack Idea: Homemade DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Are you ready for the big day? The expenses may seem overwhelming now. But do you have to spend big on every detail of your wedding? Not really! Here’s a fun idea: why not make DIY bridesmaid proposal boxes?

Sounds exciting! If you’re a craft lover and have a cutting machine at home, you can customize a bridesmaid proposal gift box to invite your girlfriends to your big day and at the same time a token of appreciation for your friendship. Here are some bridesmaid proposal box ideas you can do at home.


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DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes or Packaging Ideas

When creating bridesmaid boxes, here’s one thing you need to know: your entourage will appreciate it more if it’s personalized with their name. So how can you achieve that? With a cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette Cameo and TeckWrap Craft adhesive vinyl, you can customize bridesmaid boxes.

So here are some ideas on how to create a homemade bridesmaid proposal box. First, you’ll learn about the packaging ideas. Second, some bridesmaid proposal gift suggestions you can consider.

Step 1: Choose the Bridesmaid Box or Gifts Bags You’ll Use

Weddings are filled with proposals, and you have to propose to your bridesmaids too. What better way to do it than sending a gift or a bridesmaid proposal box? If you’re a DIYer and want to add your personal touch to these gifts you may do so.

Is it possible? Yes! As a matter of fact, for DIYers and craft lovers it’s easy peasy. So what’s the first thing you need to do? Choose the gift boxes or gift bags you want to use. What are the options? You can use a plain paper bag, packaging box, or even a tote canvas bag. You can choose from these options.

Bridesmaid proposal gift idea

White gift box with Glitter vinyl

glitter vinyl for gift box

Polka Dots Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

bridesmaid proposal gift box idea using adhesive vinyl

Bridesmaid proposal box gift idea  - Image from TeckWrap Craft Facebook Page

personalized paper bag using adhesive vinyl

Customized paper bag using TeckWrap Craft Glitter Vinyl 

will you be my bridesmaid tote bag

For the box label, you can either custom print your bridesmaid’s name or something like ‘bride tribe’ on the packaging. Just remember one thing: you don’t want to overdo it. If you already placed a label of your bridesmaid’s name on the outer packaging, don’t do it again on the gift itself. Don’t overdo it!

Step 2: Start With Cutting Your Bridesmaid’s Name on Vinyl

Once you have the box of your choice, what’s the second thing you need to do? Take out that adhesive vinyl, choose the color you like, and prepare your cutting machine. See these samples below? You can start with cutting out their name individually just like the photos below.

personalized girls

Personalized girls name you can label on a box Metallic Satin Chrome Adhesive Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft

personalized labels using adhesive vinyl

Image from TeckWrap Craft’s Facebook page for your bridesmaid’s name

You can use a plain colored adhesive vinyl and stick it to the packaging or the gift itself. Another option is to use chic multi-colored vinyl like Rainbow or Opal vinyl to make the final look extra special. If you want better detail, you can layer two types of vinyl as seen in the first photo above.

Step 3 (Optional): Accessorize

personalized adhesive vinyls

Glitter Adhesive vinyl from TeckWrap Craft

personalized labels for bridesmaid gifts

Acrylic personalized name - Image from Facebook TeckWrap Craft

Granted, you already have the gift box ready and each of your bridesmaid's names were cut on vinyl, then it’s time to accessorize it. This is an optional step as you don’t want to overdo it. You want your gift to have that wow factor, and accessorizing the outer package can help you achieve that.

How can you accessorize your proposal box? You can either use a bridesmaid proposal card or perhaps an acrylic label. If you’re on a budget, a cute note cut on adhesive vinyl and stuck into special paper would make the perfect bridesmaid card.

If you want to wow your entourage, an acrylic label to accessorize your packaging will never fail. Showing off your creativity to your best friends through your proposal box would want them to appreciate you more. 

Plus, they will surely take it a step further to be more creative during your bachelorette party.

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas You Can Do at Home

Now that you have the idea of what you can do with the bridesmaid boxes, it’s time to think of the gift you want your bridal party to receive. There are a lot of options out there, how can you choose? 

What are the things to consider when picking the perfect bridesmaid gift? Here are some things to think about: 

  •  First of all, who are your bridesmaids?
  •  Will you give gifts to other members of your entourage as well? Junior bridesmaids, flower girls, maid of honor?
  •  How much budget are you willing to spend? Consider the cost of the actual gift, packaging, and delivery fees. 
  •  What kind of purposeful gift can you give? Something your bridesmaid can use and not just a one-time gift?
  •  Will you buy one item only? Or make it a gift package?
  •  Do you match your wedding’s theme to the proposal box? 
  •  Does the size of your gifts fit well on your proposal box?

As soon as you have answers to these questions, it’s time to come up with your gift idea. Here are some bridesmaid gift ideas you can find inspiration from:

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #1: Phone Grip

personalized phone vinyl designs

Phone grip - Original creation by TeckWrap Craft using Rainbow Stripes Adhesive Vinyl

A small, affordable, and easy-to-customize gift is a phone grip. Does it come with a purpose? Yes! Who doesn’t have a phone? So how can you make this easy DIY gift? First off, buy a blank and wide phone grip in a craft store or online like Etsy.

Then think of the personalized design you want to print on it. It can be their individual name or decal designs that match your wedding’s color palette. Since this type of gift is small, choose a smaller box (like an engagement ring box).

If you have more budget to spare, you can match this with a custom printed phone case. Of course, you have to know what kind of phone your bridesmaid uses before you can do this project. 

Can you print vinyl on a cellphone case? Absolutely! Any flat surface, whether it be cardboard, leather, rubber, or silicone, you can place adhesive vinyl on it. A cellphone case and phone grip are adorable gift ideas your bridesmaid will truly appreciate.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #2: Custom Printed Beer Can Glass

bridesmaid proposal gift ideas using vinyl

Clear beer can glass available at TeckWrap Craft

Beer can glass with textured metallic vinyl and color-changing vinyl

Do you and your girlfriends love to drink? Then a personalized beer can glass would make a perfect gift. Check out the blank beer can glass from TeckWrap Craft. You can place temporary adhesive vinyl on this.

As seen on first the photo above, a custom message plus save the date was printed on the beer can glass. With this gift, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: your bridesmaid proposal gift plus "save the date."

personalized bridesmaid vinyl

But if you want to take it to the next level, and give your bridesmaid unique gifts, then you can go for the design as seen in the second photo. For this project, a textured metallic vinyl was used for the outline, and the pink vinyl is a color-changing vinyl.

Whether which design you choose among the two, or if you have other designs in mind, this beer can glass is a fun photoshoot prop during the pre-wedding pictorial. Just imagine a photo of you and your bridesmaid toasting to matching glasses. How fun is that?

Here’s the design on the first beer can glass you can freely use (just don’t forget to change the date).

will you be my bridesmaid png

You’re welcome! ;)

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #3: Wine Glasses

wine glass as gift idea for the bridesmaid

Custom vinyl printed wine glasses using Opal Chrome Adhesive Craft Vinyl at TeckWrap Craft

wiine glass as gift ideas for the bridesmaid

TeckWrap Craft Custom Wine Glass using Mirror Chrome Adhesive Vinyl

If you and your girlfriends are the mimosa and wine type, not the beer-drinking type, then custom wine glasses would be a more appropriate gift. 

There’s one upside to giving wine glasses to your entourage: you can use these wine glasses during the bridal shower or wedding party. See the photos below? You can make these at home!

For both photos as seen above, these are just simple texts you can easily design on your Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Cameo Software. What texts can you place on wine glasses?

 It’s up to you! You can print the name of your bridesmaids or use witty quotes like “Mimosas with my Chismosas”.

If you want, you can stick mini champagne labels on the wine glass along with the custom texts. Additionally, if you have extra funds, you can also give your bridal party a glass of champagne or wine bottle. Hey, a little extra wouldn’t hurt, right?

For breakable gifts like wine or beer can glasses, make sure to secure the items well inside the bridesmaid proposal gift box. Place paper shreds, handle them with care or place a FRAGILE sticker on it if you need to have it shipped to your bridal party.

personalized wine bottles using adhesive vinyl

If you have a little more budget for your bridesmaid proposal box, aside from wine glass, you can make it a package. You can give her a champagne bottle and print mini champagne labels on it. Then a dress or accessory she can use for your bridal party.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #4: Chic Tumblers

textured metallic adhesive vinyl on tumblers

 Custom printed tumbler using Textured Metallic Adhesive Vinyl at TeckWrap Craft

personalized glass tumblers with vinyl

Glass Tumbler using TeckWrap Craft Smart vinyl mirror chrome rose gold

A classy, yet affordable and useful gift you can give to your bridal party are tumblers. They’re easy to customize, plus, who doesn’t love tumblers? You can choose from plastic or glass tumblers just like the photos you can see above.  

This is a common gift idea for a reason — everybody loves a new tumbler, especially with their name on it. This is a safe gift you know every of your bridesmaid will love. Especially if you have bridesmaids that are underage. What’s the purpose of giving them wine glasses or beer can glasses, right? So this is a safe bet.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #5: Coffee / Tea Mug

personalized mugs for the bride

personalized mug is from @pineappleheaddesignco 

Image from Pixabay by Mediamodifier

Aside from tumblers that are safe gift choices for your bridesmaids, a mug is perfect for your bridal party. Why give a mug? They can use it every day, everyone drinks coffee or tea, or even use it for drinking water.

Plus a mug is affordable and easy to customize merchandise. You can custom print any design or sweet messages on this but there’s one thing to remember: use permanent adhesive vinyl for this one. The same goes with other usable merchandise that needs to be washed frequently like the tumblers and beer can glasses above.

If you want you can use color-changing vinyl to the mug to give it more life. Check out the cold and hot color-changing vinyl available at TeckWrap Craft. 

Check out the photo of these mugs below. The color changes when a hot drink is poured into the cup. A cold color-changing vinyl is also available when you pour cold drinks into the glass.

color changing vinyl on mug

TeckWrap Craft original creation - Color-changing vinyl on a tea mug

Also, a fun way to give a mug to your bridesmaid is to include ground coffee beans or tea on the gift box. For under $20, you can give this bridesmaid proposal box to your girlfriends. Fun gift with a purpose right?

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #6: Planner or Journal

glow in the dark vinyl on a planner

TeckWrap Craft using Glow In The Dark Adhesive VinylImage from TeckWrap Craft Facebook page - Planner using Rainbow Stripe Adhesive vinyl

If there’s one thing in the world girls love are planners, or a journal will do. So why not give a personalized planner to your girlfriends? You can buy a blank leather journal and have it custom-printed with vinyl decals.

Yes! You can use heat transfer vinyl on leather, bags, purse, or even a planner. Personalized gifts will always be the best. Make sure to mark on the planner the date of your wedding day! 

Lastly, make sure to buy a notebook that comes in a box so you won’t have to look for other bridesmaid proposal boxes. Make use of the box that comes with the planner.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #7: Make-up Package

custom makeip box using vinyl

 Image from Pixabay

custom vinyl decor on makeup box

Make-up organizer customized with TeckWrap Craft Vinyl

Who wouldn’t love a new make-up set? Your girlfriends will surely do! For a bridesmaid proposal gift, why not give them a make-up set package? Throw in some new brushes, a lip balm, eye shadow, lipstick, and many more. You know the drill.

Then, attach a message on the bridesmaid proposal card like, “Put your makeup on for my wedding day! You are my bridesmaid”. It’s better to give your BFF a lipstick shade she has to wear during your wedding day.

Along with the gift box, you can give your bridesmaid a customized acrylic make-up organizer as seen in the second photo above. The polka dots detail on the organizer is vinyl. Isn’t that cute? 

Sure you can give your bridesmaid a blank make-up organizer, but wouldn’t it be better to add more details to it? They’ll love it!

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #8: Pampering Set

personalized with vinyl pamper set

Pampering set - Image from TeckWrap Craft’s Facebook Page

If the make-up gift set seems a little out of your price range, then maybe a pampering set will do. What can you place on a pampering site? A nail polish that matches your wedding’s motif. Plus self-care products like bath bombs, body lotions, and many more.

You can include some customized tumblers or cups if you want. With this bridesmaid proposal box, it’s going to be a great surprise that they’ll surely love. Who doesn’t love to pamper? You’re going to have the happiest bridal party!

Bridesmaid Gift Idea #9: Acrylic Jewelry Box

Another gift idea for your bridesmaid proposal box is a customized acrylic jewelry box. For sure, your bridesmaids will love this. You can buy this blank acrylic jewelry box online or in craft stores. Then you can customize it with vinyl.

Take a look at this super cute craft below. You can do this on your own too. Better yet, use this actual product as the bridesmaid boxes and then give your bridal party some, accessories, a wrist watch, or an affordable jewelry.

acrylic makeup box customized design using vinyl
Customized acrylic jewelry box - Image from TeckWrap Craft Facebook Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What all goes in a bridesmaid proposal box?

Usually, bridesmaid gift boxes include items like scented candles, tumblers, cups, bags, and any other customized products. Make sure to personalize your gift box depending on the bridesmaid's personality and interests.

What should a bridesmaids proposal box say?

You can place messages in bridesmaid gift boxes can say: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or save the date reminders. A bridesmaid box should be customized with your bridesmaid’s name.

How far in advance do you do bridesmaid proposals?

As a rule of thumb, you send your bridesmaid proposals between eight months to one year before your wedding day. Send them in advance invitations especially if it’s a destination wedding.

bridesmaid proposal box

Image from TeckWrap Craft Facebook Page - Used on craft was TeckWrap Craft Metallic Vinyl

Make These Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas Come to Life!

Are you excited about that gift box? Surely you’re excited about your wedding party, but before you get into that details, plan out the gift boxes for your bridesmaid first. 

Just a final message, aside from planning your bridesmaid proposal boxes, you can give one to your maid of honor and flower girl as well.

There are more ideas out there, you just need to find the perfect fit for your entourage. One last thing, congratulations on getting married! Surely, you will have a blast. Have a happy and lasting marriage!.

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