14 Amazing Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

Dads are unique human beings that you have to shower with a lot of love and appreciation, especially on their birthday and Father's day. You may find yourself wondering what are the best birthday gift ideas or DIY Father's day gifts you could give your dad.

Indeed, you must be tired of giving the usual gifts like neckties, socks, and even “free hug” coupons. So, what are the best birthday gift ideas that could make them cry tears of joy? It is about time you go to the next level of gift-giving.

Most dads or father figures prefer birthday gift ideas or Father’s day gifts that are practical and personalized. This article lists the top 14 DIY Father’s birthday gifts that are also perfect for Father's day.

Along with the DIY  birthday and Father’s day gift ideas, you may add a heartwarming message for your dad. These handmade gifts will surely melt their hearts, and you couldn’t be any prouder for making them more personal.

The DIY Father’s day gifts and birthday gift ideas below are handmade gift ideas that you can do.

Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

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14 DIY Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Spice Containers / Spice Rubs

Most dads are grill masters. So what's a fantastic birthday or Father's day gift idea that you can give the master of the grill? Customized spice containers or spice rubs are perfect DIY Father’s day gifts for dads who enjoy grilling.

There are so many spices used when marinating the perfect meat. What better way to keep these spices organized by placing them in labeled containers?

You can use permanent craft vinyl for your container labels. These labels don’t easily peel off and can withstand frequent washing. Your dad’s eyes will surely twinkle when they see the collection of spices you gifted them for their birthday.

2. Grilling Apron

Aside from spice containers, another excellent gift idea for Father’s day is a grilling apron. You can easily buy a fabric apron which most stores sell.

How do you make the apron more personal? Aside from using fabric markers, you can use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) in creating a design for the grill master’s apron.

If you don’t have a heat press, you can use a flat household iron. The great thing about using HTV is that it is permanent regardless of how many times you wash the apron.

3. Beer Bouquet

Most dads are not fans of roses or chocolates. So instead of giving them flowers and chocolates, why not gift them a beer bouquet. It is a perfect 2-in-1 gift idea for birthday and Father's day, where you can give them something to entice their eyes and quench their cravings.  

You buy a six-pack by dressing the bottles with paper flowers. In making the paper flowers, you can use your cutting machine to cut the petals and the leaves. You may also use scissors if you don’t have access to a craft cutting machine.

What do dads like most on their special day? Of course, they like their “me time” and drinking cold beer while chilling and admiring the roses. A detailed guide on making a beer bouquet is available at the Unoriginal Mom. You can personalize this gift by placing custom decals on the package that says “Happy Birthday to the Best Dad ever!”

4. Citronella Candles in Paint Cans

citronella caandles as birthday gifts for dad

Image from Stockvault

Another great gift for dad is a citronella candle placed in paint cans. Citronella has mosquito repelling properties that are great for dads who love being outdoors. They can bring this on their camping trips with family and friends.

5. Wooden Cutting Board

Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

Image from Rawpixel


A master griller needs a reliable cutting board to show off his culinary prowess. You can personalize your dad’s cutting board by labeling it with his name.

6. Mason Jar Sleeve        

Making a leather mason jar sleeve is easy. You only need a few tools and materials to create this perfect gift. Surely dad will love this gift idea.  A detailed guide on making a leather mason jar sleeve is available at the Beautiful Mess.

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7. Tie Rack

You may have been giving your dad tons of neckties by now. Indeed, a pile of neckties is growing inside the closet. It would be best to ditch the neckties this time and give him a tie rack instead. A tie rack is the perfect father’s day gift idea that he can use to organize his ties creatively.

8. Tool Apron

Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

Image by Plusea from Flickr

Does your dad enjoy doing home improvement projects? Or, is your dad the type who likes to start a home project but struggles to finish it? Another great DIY father’s day gift idea is a tool apron.

A tool apron can be used as a motivator for your dad to pick up his tools and start working. You can customize the apron by using an HTV with a cute message for your dad.

9. Personalized T-Shirt

Personalized shirt for dad's birthday

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

A T-shirt is a practical, versatile, and customizable gift. It is a beautiful gift for your dad that he can use. Since a T-shirt is customizable, you can choose the design you want.

You can easily create your design if you have access to a cutting machine, HTV, and heat press or iron. Then, your dad can wear the shirt you made with a lot of pride, knowing that you gifted it.

10. Personalized Shot Glass

Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

Image by Basile Morin from Wikimedia Commons

A personalized shot glass is a great father's day gift for amazing dads. This craft is easy to do and will bring joy to your dad.

How do you do this? If you have vinyl scrapbook letters on hand, you may use that to design your shot glass. However, if you want to be more creative, you can use a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine to make your design.

11. Koozie

Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

Image by Tiina Santajoki from Wikimedia Commons

You can get the kids involved by initiating a DIY gift using their artistic skills. For example, you can ask the kids to draw their dad on craft foam. Then, you can use velcro to combine both ends of the foam.

The craft foam will act as a koozie. A koozie is a foam sleeve used to insulate a beverage container thermally. It is versatile for the dad to use when sipping any beverage of his liking anytime.

12. Homemade Orange Bitters

You can help your dad improve his cocktail recipe by gifting him homemade orange bitters. Orange bitters can provide a different taste to your dad's old-fashioned recipe. It is an excellent addition to his home bar.

The recipe for orange bitters is simple, easy, and quick. Bitters are alcohol or spirits infused with fruits, spices, and other botanicals. Bitters are cocktail seasonings.

For detailed instructions on making orange bitters, you can check out Lovely Indeed. Don't forget to serve your dad his favorite cocktail with a large ice cube.

13. Remote Control Book Box

There is no denying that dads like to watch TV. Aside from merrymaking with friends, they enjoy watching TV. But, unfortunately, most dads forget where they place the TV's remote control.

Gift your dad with a remote control book box to remedy this problem. It is a genius way of reusing old and unused books. In addition, this gift will not cost too much money.

You will need a book that is 2" longer and ¼" deeper than the dimension of your remote control. First, you need to stack both the front and back pages of the book.

Next, you need to glue them together, put a weight on top of the book and leave it to dry overnight. When the pages are glued together, trace and cut the remote control; continue doing this until you perfectly fit the remote control inside.

14. Homemade Whipped Shaving Cream

Handmade Last Minute Homemade Birthday Gifts for Dad

Image by CoffeeAddict from Wikimedia Commons

Your dad will love your homemade whipped shaving cream. You will need to whip together shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. This recipe can give him a fresh after-shave feeling.

Making homemade shaving cream is fun and satisfying to do. You have control over the portions of the ingredients, and you can choose which scent you like.  Check out The Garlic Diaries for detailed instruction on making homemade whipped eucalyptus shaving cream.  Make it even more special by putting Dad's homemade shaving cream in a personalized jar!


  1. What can I make last minute for dad’s birthday or Father's Day?

A last-minute gift you can give to your dad for his birthday or Father's day is homemade whipped shaving cream. First, you need to visit the store and gather all the ingredients. Then, whip them together. Now, you have your DIY Father's day gift or birthday gift ready.

What’s Inside Dad’s Gift Box?

Image from Rawpixel

You may easily find yourself tempted to go to the store and buy a gift that you might fancy. It is easier to purchase traditional gift options instead of making homemade ones. There is nothing wrong with buying off the rack. After all, it's the thought that counts.

However, suppose you like crafty things, and you want to spend extra effort and time making something more personal for your dad. In that case, the gift ideas listed above are an excellent start for you. The advantage of doing personalized and homemade gift items is that you don't need to spend so much money. It is perfect when you are on a budget.

Even if they claim that they are happy and contented, they still deserve to be showered with attention and love. They will surely appreciate receiving a thoughtful and last-minute gift from you.

To add the perfect touch to your DIY gift ideas, check out TeckWrap Craft's vinyl collection to personalize your gift. Have fun and happy crafting!

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