TeckWrapCraft Sublimation Paper 8.3"x 11.7" (100sheets)

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TeckWrapCraft Sublimation Paper 8.3"x 11.7" (100sheets)

Sublimation Paper 8.3"x 11.7" for Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink, Inkjet Vinyl Sublimation Printer with Sublimation Ink
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Sublimation Paper 8.3"x 11.7" for Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink, Inkjet Vinyl Sublimation Printer with Sublimation Ink

TeckWrapCraft Sublimation Paper 8.3"x 11.7" (100sheets)



Sublimation paper is a special kind of coated sheet that helps transfer vibrant and beautiful prints onto polyester garments or fabrics with high polyester content. You will need a special dye sublimation ink for this process and a printer that can print with it. The sheet holds the ink till the time the design is printed on a compatible surface. 


  • Size: 8.3"x11.7" x 100 sheets. This is the perfect size to make small to medium-sized designs.
  • Printer Compatibility: Compatible with inkjet printers loaded with sublimation Ink. It will give excellent performance with both the special dye-sublimation printer and a converted inkjet printer. 
  • Print white side: Print on the white side. This is the one with the coating that will hold the ink. 
  • High quality ink absorption: The coating is high-grade that absorbs and holds the sublimation ink without smudging, bleeding, or fading during the transfer process. 
  • Handles complex designs: A sturdy and reliable sheet that can handle intricate designs and detailed graphics. You can unleash your creativity and print any design that you like. 
  • Ensures even ink flow: Ensures even ink distribution and reduces the risk of defects in the transferred image.Ensures even ink distribution and reduces the risk of defects in the transferred image.
  • No curling: The paper will not curl or wrinkle and promises an excellent overall color vibrancy and sharpness of the final print.
  • Quick drying: The sheet dries quickly preventing the smearing of the ink. This also reduces the transfer time. 
  • Fabric compatibility: To be used with white or light-colored polyester. It can also be used with fabrics that have ≤30% cotton content and coated objects.
  • High Transfer Rate: Transfer rate ≥98%. The paper has very high color transfer efficiency.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with eco-friendly materials and processes, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Things You Should Know

Sublimation transfer paper

How To Print Using Sublimation Paper?

You can easily print any merchandise made of compatible materials using sublimation paper. Here’s how:

  • Finalize Design: Use graphic design software to finalize the design. Do not forget to flip it horizontally. 
  • Print Design: Print the design onto the sublimation paper using a compatible inkjet printer that holds the dye sublimation ink. Keep it aside for drying.  
  • Clean Surface: Clean the surface by removing any dust or debris and ensuring that it is free of moisture. If it's a fabric, press it to remove creases.
  • Transfer Design: Place the sublimation paper with the printed design onto the substrate and apply heat and pressure. The sublimation ink turns into gas, and the gas is then absorbed by the fabric, resulting in a permanent transfer of the image. 
  • Cool Down: Carefully remove the sublimation paper and allow the transfer to cool completely. Sublimation works best with polyester or with fabrics that have at least 85% of it. 

The Ink Needed For Sublimation Paper

You need a special kind of ink to work with sublimation paper called disperse dyes or dye-sub ink. This has the quality to transform from a solid state to a gaseous state without turning into a liquid when high temperature is applied to it. It is then absorbed by the polyester fabric and turns into a solid state again upon cooling down forming a permanent bond with the fabric.   

How to use sublimation paper?

The Uses Of Sublimation Paper

Sublimation is an amazing printing process that adds graphics to garments, hoodies, socks, home decor, and more. Following are some of its uses:

  • Sportswear Design: Through sublimation, you can design sports jerseys, uniforms, and activewear. Its prints are superb and breathable.
  • Polyester Apparel Printing: You can also design T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and dresses that have high polyester content.
  • Fabric Accessories Printing: Accessories like scarves, hats, socks, and ties can also have sublimation prints.
  • Home Decor: Custom designs can be printed on cushion covers and couch throws for personalized home décor.
  • Drinkware Design: You can also print beautiful designs on mugs and other drinkware. 
  • Promotional Printing: You can use it for advertising by printing banners, flags, and striking trade show backdrops. 
The Uses Of Sublimation Paper

What Is Sublimation Paper Made Of?

This is a paper with a unique coating on one side that can hold the dye sublimation ink pattern until it is transferred onto a substrate. It comes in a variety of sizes and weights to accommodate different printing needs. Make sure that you are using premium-quality sublimation paper such as the one available at TeckWrap Craft to get brilliant prints. 

Where To Get Sublimation Paper Nearby?

If you ask yourself: Where can I get sublimation paper near me? The best answer is online from TeckWrap Craft, where we offer the 100-sheet pack of high-grade 120g sublimation paper, perfect for achieving professional-quality results with every print. We provide you the sublimation paper just in 16$.  

Where To Get Sublimation Paper Nearby?Best sublimation paper


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