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Plaid means checkered. If you want to create crafts with checkered designs, whether be it for Christmas decorations or checkered-themed parties, then you’ll love the plaid vinyl products of TeckWrap Craft. 

The plaid  vinyl of TeckWrap Craft is available in both craft vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. They come in different colors too! So whether you want to print a checkered design on your shirt. Or create crafts with a buffalo plaid vinyl, add to cart TeckWrap Craft’s plaid vinyl now!

buffalo plaid vinyl

Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl

TeckWrap Craft continues to deliver creative designs and plaid vinyl will make your craft projects extraordinary as ever. The Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl of TeckWrap Craft is widely used for Christmas decorations — from Christmas ornaments, gifts, to holiday cards, make your Christmas extra merry with the buffalo plaid adhesive craft vinyl.

The plaid vinyl selection of TeckWrap Craft comes in three colors — green, white and red. You can use plaid vinyl to create Christmas crafts like Christmas cards, ornaments, and tumblers. You can create more options of crafts other than holiday projects. 

These crafts will look great in scrapbooks, glasswares and even sticker decals. The checkered details of plaid vinyl will look great on any project. For instance, you can use the plaid red vinyl when creating heart crafts. Or the plaid green vinyl is a great touch when creating tree stickers. 

The Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl of TeckWrap Craft comes in different sizes: 

  • 12" x 5 ft 
  • 12" x 10 ft 
  • 12" x 82 ft 

Product features: 

  • Type of finish: Matte finish tha stands out when placed on glossy surfaces
  • Material: Top-notch quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content making it safe for home use and for those with allergies to chemicals.
  • Compatible with most cutting machine (Silhouette, Cricut, Brother and many more)
  • Easily cuts on the cutting machine and is easy to weed

What to remember when using plaid craft vinyl:

  • The buffalo plaid craft vinyl is different from the plaid heat transfer vinyl, which will be discussed further later on. This is not a printable vinyl as well and can’t be printed on laser or inkjet printers.
  • It is recommended to use the purple grid transfer tape or matte transfer tape from TeckWrap Craft when using the buffalo plaid craft vinyl. 
  • A test cut is recommended when using plaid craft adhesive vinyl.
  • When choosing the material in the cutting machine, choose the ‘premium vinyl-holographic’ setting. 

buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl

Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you want to create Christmas shirts then the Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft is an excellent choice. Purchase it together with the Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl from TeckWrap and you’ll surely have a Merry Christmas!

You can print the plaid HTV on sweaters or a Christmas stocking. You can use the plaid red vinyl to create Santa prints. Or the white plaid HTV will make the perfect snowflakes and snowman prints. Even a simple Happy Holidays greeting printed will make a great detail for Christmas parties!

Using your cutting machine and heat press machine, easily cut, smoothly weed and press the plaid HTV on almost any type of fabric. You can choose from the selection of colors — White and Black, Orange and White, Green and Black, Red and Black, Orange and Black.

Aside from sweaters or Christmas stockings, you can print on t-shirts, pillowcases, hoodies, canvas bags and even bed sheets. Do you know what’s great about the plaid HTV? It’s extremely durable and it will last for years even after repeated washing in the washing machine! 

The Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl commes in one size — the size of one roll is 10” by 5 ft. It’s flexible and has a super thin texture that’s easy to cut and weed. Even with small letters and intricate designs, you won’t have a hard time handling the plaid HTV of TeckWrap Craft. 

Product Description:

  • Type of finish: Smooth and glossy
  • Stretchable, lightweight, easy to cut and weed
  • Easily transfers on almost any kind of fabric (cotton, canvas, denim, polyester, etc) 
  • Washing-machine friendly
  • Ideal for application on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, canvas bags, caps, pillow cases, Christmas stockings, bedsheets and many more. 

What to remember when using plaid heat transfer vinyl:

  • Heat and time settings: 266 ℉ to 284 ℉ (130 ℃ to 140 ℃) with pressing time of 8-12 seconds
  • This is not a printable vinyl 
  • Care instruction: Do not iron directly on the vinyl print.

plaid vinyl variations

Project Ideas using Plaid Vinyl

Are you excited about what kind of projects you can create with plaid vinyl? The possibilities are endless! When you purchase plaid vinyl from TeckWrap Craft, here’s what you should remember:

  • Buffalo Plaid Adhesive Craft Vinyl: Can be used on crafts like Christmas cards, tumblers, glasswares, scrapbooks, picture frames, wood and more. You can use Mod Podge to protect the plaid craft vinyl when applied to wood. You’ll need a transfer tape when creating craft projects. 
  • Buffalo Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl: Ideal for application on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, canvas bags, caps, pillow cases, Christmas stockings, bedsheets and many more. You’ll need a heat press machine or EasyPress machine to transfer the HTV onto the garment. 

Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornaments ysing plaid vinyl

You can buy blank acrylic round blanks in craft stores or online sellers and create Christmas ornaments like the photo shown above. With paint, colorful ribbon, and a plaid craft vinyl, you can give this Christmas ornament as a Christmas tree decoration or personalize it as holiday gifts to your loved ones and friends. 

Christmas Cups

christmas cups using plaid vinyl

plaud vinyl design ideas

Complete the whole Christmas vibes or use these crafts as your holiday gift! Plaid vinyl on tumblers is an excellent idea. Aside from plastic tumblers, you can create crafts made of glass as well. The beer can glasses of TeckWrap Craft will make an awesome holiday gift as well. 

Christmas Cards

christmas cards using plaid vinyl
plaid vinyl projects

Bring your Christmas cards to the next level using TeckWrap Craft’s plaid adhesive craft vinyl. You can purchase ready made Christmas cards in a craft store then personalize it with plaid craft adhesive vinyl! 

Order Your Plaid Vinyl Now!

See items that ship in your area and order plaid vinyl from TeckWrap Craft now! TeckWrap Craft ships inside and outside the US. Other than craft and heat transfer vinyl, TeckWrap Craft also sells accessories like weeding tools, cutting matts and transfer paper. 

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