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A Definite Must-Have: Beer Can Glass

What better way to quench your thirst and enjoy your drink, than using a clear and tall beer can glass? This glass is perfect for a cold beer and is large enough for any drink you may like to have. Not only is it great for everyday use, it is also an excellent drinking glass for parties.

You can definitely spice up your beer can glass by decorating it with vinyl. Glass is a versatile surface that you can use both adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl on it. This article will give you tips on how you can use vinyl to decorate your beer can glass.

beer glass
Image by @craftedbyroyalty from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

What are shaped beer glass cups?

A beer glass cup is made of clear glass with an inverted lip. The beer glass cup has been making rounds in many trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars. It is a great way to serve beer, cocktails, milkshakes, juice, water, iced coffee, and soda pop.

These are made from crystal clear, high quality clear glass. It is lead-free and is safe to be placed inside refrigerators and freezers. It is also easy to hold and very easy to clean.

TeckWrap Craft offers two sizes of beer glass cups - 16 oz and 20 oz. A set of beer can glass comes in four pieces with bamboo lids. Straws are not included in the set.

You don't have to worry about your drink spilling out, for you can lock it using its bamboo lid. It has  a small straw hole for you to conveniently insert a straw. TeckWrap Craft’s shaped beer glasses are sturdy, and easy to use and decorate.

Beer Can Glass and Box Storage
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Features of the Beer Glass

Beer glasses offer amazing features that you would want to stock up on at home both for personal use and parties.  Here are some of the features of the beer can glass that you may fancy:

  • Can withstand clinks and splashes.
  • Can hold more liquid than regular drinking cups
  • SVG files on Etsy are available for 16 oz and 20 oz
  • Spill-free drinking glass
  • Lightweight 
beer can glass
Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Shaped Beer Glasses: Gift and Business Ideas

A beer can glass is very easy to decorate. Aside from personally using them at home and during parties, you can sell these can shaped beer glass cups. You may also turn your interest in crafting on glass into a business. 

beer can glass
Image by Designs and Treats from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

You can encourage your customers to customize beer can glass decals. You can sell clear beer glasses and you can make them choose their own vinyl. You can refer to this article on how to make vinyl stickers and how to earn from it.

Here are some design inspirations you can draw from for your projects:

TWC 001 Series Pastel Vinyl
Image by @bennyandthecricuts from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

An excellent partner vinyl for your beer can glass is the TWC 001 series. TeckWrap Craft offers 001 series in bundles (10 rolls in different pastel colors). You can create stunning decals and graphics that will surely please your customers while drinking ice coffee!

TWC 001M Series Bundle (matte)
TWC 001M Series Bundle (matte)
Colors Included Are Lavender, Pale Purple, Sweet Pink, Apricot, Baby Blue, and Many More

The TWC 001 series is soft and ultra-thin which makes it easy to cut and weed. These are waterproof, thus perfect for beer glasses. Aside from glass surfaces, this vinyl can be used for windows, walls, book covers, banner signs, and mugs.

Neon Cold Color-Changing Vinyl
Screenshot image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Another vinyl to use for your beer glasses that will surely be jaw-dropping are the neon cold color-changing vinyl. This vinyl changes color when exposed to a temperature of 59°F. This vinyl is easy to cut, weed, and transfer. You won't have a problem with bubbles when doing the transfer process.

Neon Cold Color-Changing Vinyl in Cold Blue Purple
Neon Cold Color-Changing Vinyl in Cold Blue Purple
Also Available in Cold Neon Yellow Green, Cold Pink Purple, Cold Pink Red, and Many More

You can also try holographic heat transfer vinyl on your beer glasses. Holographic vinyl provides a sparkly and rhinestone effect to your glass. It has a prism-like 3D effect that is very appealing especially when exposed to sunlight.

Holographic HTV in Gold and TWC 001G Series Vinyl in Coconut White
Holographic HTV in Gold and TWC 001G Series Vinyl in Coconut White
Screenshot Image by @decalsanddaydreams from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

You can also try TeckWrap Craft’s 001G glossy vinyl series. It is a lustrous, soft, and thin vinyl perfect for creating fun decals and graphics. This vinyl series is only available for international shipping.

001G Series Glossy Vinyl in Impact Blue
001G Series Glossy Vinyl in Impact Blue
Also Available in Olive, Apricot, Ink Black, Grass Green, Lavender, Coffee Brown, Pure Red, and Many More
Holographic HTV in Circle
Holographic HTV in Circle
Also Available in Sky Blue, Orange, Black, Pink, Green, Silver, Rainbow, and Many More

If you are looking for a fun and sweet vinyl to decorate your beer glass, why not give candy colored vinyl a go? Also, why not use other types of vinyl alongside your candy colored vinyl? What a neat idea, right?

In the sample below, three types of vinyl were used - candy colored vinyl, mirror chrome vinyl, and textured metallic vinyl. When put together, they look amazing!

Candy Color Vinyl, Mirror Chrome Vinyl, and Textured Metallic Vinyl
Screenshot image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Candy color vinyl comes in two colors: holo cloud and rainbow stripes. This type of vinyl makes your decal fun and colorful, while not being overpowering. This vinyl is waterproof, durable, and flexible.

Candy color vinyl in rainbow stripe
Candy color vinyl in rainbow stripe

The mirror chrome vinyl offers a luxurious touch with an eye-catching reflective surface. You can enjoy precision cutting with mirror chrome vinyl. It is highly adhesive and doesn't leave any sticky residue. There are 10 colors you can try like cool blue, silver, space gray, gold, and more.

Mirror Chrome Vinyl in Red
Mirror Chrome Vinyl in Red

Your beer glass should project a decal with an elegant shimmer that looks stylish and luxurious. No better way to do that than using textured metallic vinyl. This is very soft and flexible making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer. You can play around with five different shades - champagne gold, silver, dark brown, and more.

Textured metallic vinyl in Rose gold
Textured metallic vinyl in Rose gold

Care Instructions for Beer Glass Cups

The beer glass cups themselves are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. However, if you are decorating them with heat transfer vinyl, you may think twice before putting them in a dishwasher and microwave. 

For more details about how to care for vinyl on glass surfaces, you may check out this blog post about how to keep vinyl from peeling off the glass.

Ordering and Shipping 

The price for TeckWrap Craft’s beer glasses is reasonable. These are available for shipping within the US and worldwide. If you are planning to buy beer can glasses in bulk, you can enjoy free shipping. Here are the details:

Within the US, you can avail of free shipping for a minimum purchase of $39. For international shipping, you can avail free shipping for purchases of $99 minimum spent. The beer can glass is a must-have! You won’t regret owning a set and building your collection.

beer can glass project ideas
Image by @brvcreations from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page


Is TeckWrap vinyl permanent?

TeckWrap Craft manufactures not only permanent adhesive vinyl, but also removable adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. You don’t have to look elsewhere for your crafting needs, for TeckWrap Craft has all the vinyl you need and more.

What do you use TeckWrap for?

You can use TeckWrap Craft vinyl and accessories for all your crafting projects. The vinyl comes in different shades, textures, and finishes that are easy to cut, weed, and transfer. TeckWrap Craft offers quality vinyl and crafting accessories to make them more accessible to a wider market at reasonable prices.

Grab Yours Now!

If you want better tasting beer, you should have beer can glasses on the ready. These are durable and versatile glass containers that can contain more than enough liquid to quench your thirst. Also, they are perfect containers to decorate and show off during parties and get-togethers.

With TeckWrap Craft vinyl, you can customize your beer glasses in various designs. You can use them personally, give them away as gifts to loved ones, or turn your crafting passion into a hot-selling business that you can earn from. Order now!

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