What is Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets Printing Method?

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Infusible Ink transfer sheets contain ink embedded within the polyester fibers. With the help of a cutting machine and a suitable heat press, you can permanently transfer a highly detailed design onto fabric. You don’t need any additional coating to make this happen either.

This modern technique is perfect for creating logos, artwork, text, and more for custom apparel that will turn heads. So, let’s talk about this infusible ink system and how to get started.

How Infusible Ink Works

Using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets is a fun and creative way to make unique designs on shirts, mugs, and totes. This transfer paper is pre-inked. When you apply heat to it, the ink will evaporate during the process and transfer into the fabric or your compatible infusible ink blank.

Usually, the transfer only takes a few seconds to complete. The ink will solidify again and fuses to your material.

Benefits of Using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

Infusible ink transfer sheets are the latest tool for craftspeople to make their projects stand out. These dynamic sheets fuse artwork and designs onto nearly any fabric that can withstand heat, from t-shirts to home decor items.

The printed designs appear sharp and vibrant, with a slightly raised texture for added charm.

Not only are infusible ink heat transfers user-friendly. They also offer endless opportunities for creativity since an ordinary item can be given an extraordinary transformation.

With these items getting more popular every day, it's no wonder that so many crafters rely on them to give their finished products that wow factor.

How to Get Started with Infusible Ink

Getting started with infusible ink doesn't have to be a daunting process. Start by gathering your supplies and equipment. So, here are some of the things you’ll need to get started printing with infusible ink transfer sheets.

Cutting Machine

cutting machine for crafting

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Infusible ink transfer papers are thick. So manual cutting might not be practical, consumes so much time, and gives jagged edges to the cut design. We recommend investing in a cutting machine.

When shopping for a cutting machine, make sure it can adequately handle the intricacies of cuts needed. Look for a machine that can produce even and consistent pressure over the entire cutting area. This will prevent cracks and jagged edges in your design.

You will also need to make sure the blade is sharp enough to cut through the thick paper and adjustable enough so you have control of how deep it cuts. A machine should also have settings that allow you to save time on large projects by quickly re-cutting existing designs.

Lastly, don’t forget the software included in the machine. It should be user-friendly, which can significantly lower the learning curve and make your job much easier.

Compatible blanks

When it comes to choosing compatible blank items for your infusible ink transfer paper, there are certain features you should keep an eye out for. The fabric you choose should be made from 100% polyester or a blend of at least 50% polyester and 50% cotton for garments.

In addition, look for compatible infusible ink blanks that have a tight weave and smooth finish to give your final projects the best professional-looking outcome.

Mugs for use with these inks must also be designed specifically for sublimation and be made from either ceramic or glass. Plastic just won't cut it!

All of these considerations will help ensure your blank items are compatible so you can get the most out of your infusible ink transfer paper.

Heat Press Machine

heat press machine

For anyone looking for the best machine for infusible ink transfer sheets, the Cricut Joy Heat-Press Machine is a great option. This compact machine makes it easy to press your designs onto t-shirts, hats, and other items with a professional finish. It heats up quickly so you don't have to wait forever to start pressing.

Plus, the machine offers five selectable temperatures so you can get the perfect heat for each project. The lightweight design means you can easily take it on the go, plus it's compatible with all smart materials, including infusible ink transfer sheets.

Other Supplies

For crafters, these other supplies include butcher paper, white cardstock, weeding tools, and heat-resistant tape, among other things. Two sheets of butcher paper are usually included in most packs of infusible ink sheets.

Often, they’re not reusable due to the ink being absorbed into the paper during the printing process. If the sheets included are not enough for your project, you can buy unwaxed rolled butcher paper for your future projects.

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How to Choose the Best Infusible Ink

Infusible ink transfer sheets are amazing inventions that make the job of every crafter a lot easier. But, there are a lot of infusible sheets out there. How do you choose the best?

Understand How the Infusible Ink Works

Infusible ink sheets are a special type of heat transfer paper that works with compatible cutters. This type of ink permeates fabrics, creating a permanent mark that won't chip, fade or peel. It withstands up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat press temperature.

It gives artwork fine detail with sharper edges and smoother gradients than traditional screen printing methods, so it's ideal for more intricate designs. When selecting an infusible ink product, you should pay attention to the directions for use provided by the manufacturer.

Consider the Cost in the Long Run

Selecting the right infusible ink for your project can be a tricky task since there are so many different types and brands on the market. Before making a purchase, it is important to think carefully about what you need such as durability, colors, and heat resistance. As well as look closely at the cost.

Remember, Infusible ink transfer sheets are expensive. So, if you’re printing a few t-shirts, it might still be cost-effective. But, if you’re doing bulk printing, infusible ink sheets might not be cost-saving. Thus, you might want to consider other printing methods.

Check for Washability and Safe Skin Contact

When shopping for the perfect infusible ink, there are several factors to consider. First, you want to make sure the product can withstand multiple washes without fading or smudging. Consider how many wash cycles it is rated for and if it fits your needs.

Additionally, if you are using the ink for apparel that could come into contact with skin, such as a t-shirt or apron, make sure it is specifically labeled as safe for skin contact. Otherwise, it could cause irritation or discomfort.

Understand the Curing Time

When it comes to infusible ink for crafts or projects, the curing time is an important factor. Heat transfer technology enables easy application of designs on t-shirts and other fabrics, but the curing process can vary depending on how much heat is applied. Furthermore, consider if the sheets are easy to use when layering is used.

Amazing Infusible Ink Projects

Custom T-shirts Using Infusible Ink transfers

Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets Printing

Image source: teckwrapcraft youtube

With so many graphic elements available, designing customized t-shirts has never been easier. Infusible Ink transfers are a great way to take the distinct look of your favorite design to the next level.

Unlike traditional transfers that start chipping off and fading away after a few washes, Infusible Ink invades and merges into the fibers in your t-shirt, making it tougher and longer-lasting.

Plus, this great ink is also compatible with any fabric color so you can enhance all your creative projects with ease.

Personalized Mug or Cup with a Special Message

personalized mugs

Image source: teckwrapcraft youtube

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create with this transfer sheet. Imagine offering your loved ones a personalized cup for their morning coffee that celebrates birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Plus, the transfer is both permanent and dishwasher-safe. So it will stay just as perfect after many washes as it did when you first applied it. Design your perfect mug or cup today with Infusible Ink transfers!

Make Iron-on Patches for Your Clothes and Accessories

Using Infusible Ink to make iron-on patches is a great way to express your creativity and individualize your wardrobe. With a few simple supplies, easily accessible online or in person, you can customize any item of clothing or accessory with this infusible ink project.

First, choose a design that speaks to your style, then cut the design into Infusible Ink transfer sheets and peel the designs onto blank patches.

Finally, press the patches onto the fabric with a heat press for an incredibly professional finish that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Personalize Household Items

Bring a personalized touch to your home with Infusible Ink transfer designs! With this fun technique, you can add unique artwork and beautiful patterns to towels, pillowcases, and bed sheets.

Whether you want to create blankets with inspiring quotes, the possibilities are endless. Plus, transferring your artwork onto fabric is incredibly easy. With an infusible ink sheet, you save time compared with traditional methods like embroidery or screen printing.

Decorate a Canvas Bag with an Inspiring Phrase

canvas printing

Image source: teckwrapcraft youtube

Decorate your canvas tote bags with inspiring phrases to add a fun flair. Wash and dry the canvas bag before decorating. As a bonus, the durability and lasting quality offered by these transfers ensure your bag will look as good as new for years to come.

Tips for Applying the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet to Fabrics

Crafting with fabric can be a fun and rewarding experience. Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets make it possible to easily add beautiful designs and logos to fabrics for quilting, home decor projects, and apparel. Here are some tips for success.


Always mirror your design before hitting the cut button on the machine’s software. Remember, infusible ink transfer sheets are thick due to the embedding of ink on the paper.

Always check the cutter’s blade if it’s sharp enough to cut through the paper. Make sure your cutting machine is in tip-top condition by regularly replacing or sharpening blunt blades.


Always make sure the surface is clean and free of any dirt or oils. You can use a lint roller. Then, preheat the blank material before attempting to apply the transfer sheet. Press firmly using a Cricut EasyPress. Peel away the carrier sheet once cool.

With these simple steps, you'll soon be crafting beautiful fabric designs created with Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.


Weeding an Infusible Ink transfer sheet can be more challenging than weeding vinyl. With the right tools and techniques, it's manageable. We recommend “cracking” the sheets before removing excess transfer sheets with your hands.

Avoid using tweezers with sharp tips because they might scratch the surface of the transfer sheet. A pinhole can cause unwanted ink transfer to bleed through your fabric.

So, weed by hand for larger designs. If your design includes small and intricate details, you can use reverse-grip tweezers. Just be careful not to damage the plastic backing as well as the surface of the transfer sheet.

Caring for Fabric After Applying Infusible Ink

Caring for a piece of fabric after applying an infusible ink transfer sheet is fairly simple yet important. To keep the ink looking vibrant and lasting as long as possible, it’s important to gently hand wash or machine-wash on a gentle setting with cold water.

If using the washing machine, wash infusible ink projects with a mild detergent and do not use bleach or fabric softener, as these can cause fading. Line drying is best instead of putting clothing directly in the dryer.

Don’t use dryer sheets because these will increase static that can ruin your shirt with infusible ink.

Afterward, let the item air out for 48 hours before wearing so that all adhesives are stabilized before coming into contact with your skin. With proper care, your fabric should retain its liveness for many years!

Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets Printing

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Using infusible ink transfer sheets for projects can be a rewarding and fun experience, but it's not without potential problems. The type of garment and the ink combination you choose can cause issues. Things like ghosting, ink feathering, and fading can easily ruin a project.

To avoid these problems, it's important to do your research and make sure you understand which materials and brands are going to give you the best result. Additionally, double-check all of your settings on your machine.

Manually adjusting some settings instead of relying solely on automatic ones may help give you the perfect result. If all else fails, there are plenty of resources available online with helpful advice about troubleshooting common issues with infusible ink transfer sheet projects.

Infusible Ink vs. Other Transfer Papers

You are probably already familiar with iron-on and sublimation. Let’s compare it with other transfer papers.


Both Infusible Ink transfer sheets and iron-on transfer paper can help create vivid, eye-catching designs on fabric, but they yield very different results. Infusible Ink offers a permanent solution with beautiful detail, while iron-on transfers will produce a slightly raised and shinier effect.

The latter is also easier to apply, as no additional equipment is needed. All you need to do is 'iron it in' for about 15 seconds.

You'll get more vibrant colors with better coverage from the Infusible Ink which provides higher quality results than can usually be achieved with iron-on. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what kind of look you are going for.


Infusible Ink transfer sheets and sublimation paper serve the same purpose with a few distinct differences. One difference is the printing process. In sublimation, you need to print the design on the transfer paper using sublimation ink and then heat press it on your selected material.

Since Infusible ink sheets have embedded inks on them, all you need is a cutter to create the design and heat press it onto your Cricut compatible blank.

Another difference is compatibility with materials. Infusible Ink transfers must be used with compatible Infusible Ink products while sublimation paper can be paired with any standard sublimation printer and supplies.

transfer papers for custom printing


Dark or Light Transfer Paper

Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and Dark and Light Transfer Paper allow you to create unique, custom designs and images on fabrics. But they involve different processes.

Infusible Ink sheets require a Cricut maker or cutting machine and a heat press in transferring the design to transfer onto fabric.

In comparison, Dark or light Transfer Paper is simple to use.  All it takes is an inkjet printer and iron (or heat press for a better transfer)! With this process, your designs will have a matte finish after being applied to the fabric.

Depending on what you're looking for in terms of aesthetics, feel, and setup time, either one of these methods could be suitable for your project!


What fabrics can you use with infusible ink?

While Infusible Ink has revolutionized the DIY heat transfer printing industry with its exceptionally vibrant colors and opacity, you can only transfer designs to certain fabrics for optimal results. Specifically, Infusible Ink requires polymer or polyester-based material as the canvas for printing.

Your beloved 100% cotton shirt unfortunately does not cut. The prefabricated substrates, however, have more types of materials than ever before, ranging from polyesters and polymers to fabrics with unique textures. Many of these infusible ink-compatible blanks come with a badge, so customers can recognize them easily.

Can you use Infusible Ink Pens directly on Blanks?

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens are a great way to draw eye-catching designs for your crafts, but we don't recommend you draw directly onto your blanks.

You can have the best results when you use a Cricut machine to draw the design on a laser copy paper and transfer it with an EasyPress machine.

This way, you get a crisp and clear transfer of your picture that won't fade away over time. Infusible ink markers work the same way, too.

Is infusible ink transfer sheets good for bulk printing?

Infusible ink transfer sheets can yield amazing results. Unfortunately, they are not meant for bulk printing. These sheets are a bit expensive compared to heat transfer vinyl. Plus, plain infusible ink sheets are hard to layer, especially for a beginner. They are best for a one-time project with simple and not overly complex color layering. If you’re trying to do bulk printing, you’re better off using screen printing or sublimation.

heat transfer vinyl

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Which one is better: Infusible Ink or iron-on (HTV)?

Both Infusible Ink and iron-on (HTV) are great ways to add a custom look to apparel and other textile items, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Infusible Ink offers superior washability due to the infusion of the ink directly into the fabric's fibers. The material used is also thinner, providing a much softer feel against the skin than iron-on materials.

On the other hand, iron-on vinyl provides a wide range of color options that are unavailable in Infusible Ink designs. You can transfer HTV using an ordinary household iron. It also works well on items such as bags of various thicknesses.

Ultimately which one is better depends on what you need to do. Do you need a more permanent design or one that is quick to apply? In either case, either Infusible Ink or Iron-on (HTV) can offer excellent results for any project.

Is Infusible Ink like a printable iron-on?

Infusible Ink is a recent and innovative method of adding designs to fabric. It is not actually like traditional printable iron-on because it works by fusing the fabric with a unique transfer printing process.

Do you need a printer to make Infusible Ink projects?

It isn't necessary to have a printer when making Infusible Ink projects because you are using pre-inked transfer sheets. Some are pre-printed with designs. All you need is to cut them with your cutter and transfer the design to your chosen material.

Can infusible ink sheets replace iron-on (HTV)?

No, one cannot replace the other and vice versa. An infusible ink transfer sheet is an exciting alternative to traditional iron-on, or heat-transfer vinyl (HTV).

So, if you’re out of vinyl or just want to try something new, infusible ink sheets produce a super vibrant final product without any of the frustrations associated with HTV. The ink blends right into your fabric and isn't stiff or uncomfortable like HTV can be.

There are some instances where HTV will be your choice of printing method. Remember, cotton will not work with infusible ink, since it’s a special sublimation paper.

But you can combine the two materials to achieve results with pure cotton fabric. You can use vinyl as your medium or base. Then, you print the infusible ink designs on top of it. So, yes, transfer to 100% cotton fabric is possible using this transfer sheet.

Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets Printing

Can you use blanks without the Infusible Ink compatibility badge?

You can use several blanks with Infusible ink regardless of their badge. The key is to usually seek items that will help absorb more heat than a typical fabric would.

Shirts made out of polyester and poly-blend materials make great bases for your Infusible Ink designs, as these fibers tend to heat up quickly which helps activate the ink faster. Items like puzzle pieces, bags, and totes also work great with this cutting-edge technology!

Do Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets expire?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Infusible Ink transfer sheets do not expire, meaning you can use them whenever you're ready! It's nice to know that projects created with these sheets can last for years without any need for worrying about spoilage or changes in quality.

As long as the sheets are stored correctly, they can still produce vibrant results on virtually any material every time even after months or even years.

Can you use a mini press machine or household iron?

Yes, but the results may not be as great when compared to using a traditional heat press. Your goal here is to transfer the design using an even heat temperature and pressure. So, the mini press machine may not be able to transfer the design consistently.

Household iron may not also give the best results. Why? Because infusible ink transfers require high heat, which a flat iron may not consistently provide.


Infusible ink transfer sheets produce vibrant colors and result in a much softer feel than iron-on transfer. These sheets come in pre-printed designs or plain colors.

Each pack has butcher paper on it that you can use during the printing process. Unfortunately, infusible ink sheets are costlier than heat transfer vinyl because they are pre-inked sheets. All you need is to use a cutting machine to produce designs.

Thus, you’ll save up on buying specialized ink printers for sublimation. But, these transfer sheets are not an excellent alternative for bulk printing. In the long run, if you’re planning to bulk print, you may opt for a more cost-effective printing method. In the meantime, you can use an infusible transfer sheet for a one-time project.

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