T-Shirt Design Ideas for Schools: Several Ways to Print Custom Shirts

T-shirt design ideas for schools? May it be for a talent show, a team shirt, or for any milestone at school, then you should continue reading this craft guide. If you’re a parent or teacher thinking of a school t-shirt design may you find inspiration from this informative post.

First off, start by thinking of the design layout of the custom t-shirt. What is the shirt for? For the most awaited graduation? A science bowl? A bake sale event? Do you want to incorporate the school’s logo? Regardless of the purpose of the school t-shirt, your aim is to create exceptionally impressive school shirts.

What are the easiest ways to print custom school shirts?

To start off, you should familiarize yourself with ways on how to custom print on a shirt. The easiest ways to print on shirts are through sublimation, transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl.

Sublimation Process

This printing process is best used if you want to print on active dry, dri fit, or polyester shirts for team sports and varsity jerseys. With sublimation printing, you can easily print designs with multiple colors. Take note that sublimation printing is best recommended for polyester shirts only.

If you want to print on a cotton shirt, it is best to choose the other printing techniques mentioned below. For sublimation printing, you’ll need a heat press machine, sublimation paper, and inkjet printer with sublimation ink.

Printing with Dark Inkjet Transfer Paper

This process is best used if you plan to print a multi-colored design on both light-colored and dark-colored shirts. You’ll need a heat press machine, dark transfer paper, and inkjet printer with pigment ink for this process.

Printing with Light Inkjet Transfer Paper

This t-shirt printing process is best used if you plan to print a multi-colored design on a light-colored shirt. Remember that you cannot use light transfer paper on dark-colored shirts. Much like the dark inkjet transfer paper, for this process, you’ll need a heat press machine, an inkjet printer with pigment ink, but this time a light transfer paper.  

Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

If you want a more durable and long-lasting t-shirt, then heat transfer vinyl printing for you. This printing technique is best followed if you want unique prints because heat transfer vinyl is available in different patterns or textures. Whether you want to print on polyester, cotton, or denim, this printing technique is the best option.

If you want an embossed print effect, you can use the Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl. If you want a glow-in-the-dark shirt, then use the Glow-in-the-dark Heat Transfer Vinyl, so on and so forth. You got the idea. If you want to level up your t-shirt printing styles, then make sure to check out the TeckWrap Craft’s Heat Transfer Vinyl Collection.

For this t-shirt printing technique, you’ll need a cutting machine (it is best to use the latest version of the Silhouette or Cricut machine), heat transfer vinyl of your choice, weeding tools, heat press machine or a Mini Heat Press Machine. Unlike the other printing techniques mentioned above where you print, cut and press, with heat transfer vinyl printing, the process is cut, weed and press.

School T-Shirt Design Ideas

Now that you’re familiar with the t-shirt printing techniques, at this point, you should decide which is the best way to go. As long as you’ve determined the t-shirt material you want to use, and the design you want to print, you may be able to decide on which printing technique works best on the project you’re creating.

For the next part of this post, you’ll find inspiration on the designs you may freely use for a school t-shirt design. Feel free to grab these designs and turn them into a school t-shirt. Along with the design ideas, you’ll learn what is the best printing technique to be used for the shirt design as well.

Graduation Shirt Design

A milestone needs to be celebrated, and a school t-shirt to cherish that event is a must. Matching class graduation shirts are a hit right now. To be honest, it’s a great business idea as well. Check out this graduation shirt design below. It’s simple, yet will make a great graduation t-shirt.

T-Shirt Design Ideas for Schools

Image by Vectorportal.com, CC BY


For this design, you can choose heat transfer vinyl printing and use the dominant colors — blue, black, red, yellow and white. Nevermind the shadow below the graduation cap. Remember that for multiple layered heat transfer vinyl printing, you can layer upto three layers of vinyl only.


For this t-shirt design, you could use Glossy Pearlescent Heat Transfer Vinyl for the black graduation cap so it’ll look realistic, and of course unique. Can you use the other printing techniques for this design? Of course you can!

Science Bowl School T-Shirts

What better way to celebrate your school’s victory than wearing this proud t-shirt design? Wear your school t-shirt loud and proud and let the world know you are the champions! With the design style seen below, it is best to use sublimation technique on a white polyester shirt. So that the colors will vibrantly pop and it’ll stand out.


T-Shirt Design Ideas for Schools

Image from Openclipart by Eva.M1

Special School T-Shirts

If your class decided to commemorate special holidays, for instance, the 4th of July, then you might consider recreating these shirts. You’d be surprised to know that in the photo below, an American Flag-inspired Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl from TeckWrap Craft was used.

american-inspired t shirt design USA

School Reunion Shirts

Who says school t-shirts are for those in school only? Of course alumnus deserve a school t-shirt too, especially for class reunions. If you’re organizing a class reunion, then you can print class shirts just like the photo below. You can also sell class shirts as a way to raise funds for your class reunion. For the school t-shirt design seen below, a PU Heat Transfer Vinyl was used.

t shirt design ideas for schools

Print with Confidence Using Teckwrap Products!

There are plenty of designs for school t-shirts you can create, don’t be afraid to ask help from your artistic classmates. There’s no better experience than celebrating your student days by printing your very own school t-shirts.

If you want your school t-shirt to last and have great printing quality, then print with confidence using TeckWrap Craft products. From sublimation papers, inkjet transfer papers, heat transfer vinyl, mini heat press machines and all your other printing needs, we are here for you.

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