Sticker Paper for Printer: Which One to Use?

Sticker papers are heaven sent for crafters and hobbyists. Gone are the days when printing requirements had to be sent out to be done by professionals. Gone too are the days when the only sticker papers available were dull, generic and of poor quality.

Sticker papers have gone a long way and is considered a staple or a must have for every crafter, novice or otherwise. And variety and accessibility is as easy as a few strokes in your keyboard to direct you to your favorite e-commerce platform.

Sticker Paper Classification

Depending on your printer requirement, there will be a sticker paper to suit your needs.
To give you a rundown on what will work well for your projects, see the different types of sticker paper available according to classification:

1. Sticker paper type

2. Sticker paper size

3. Sticker paper thickness

Sticker Paper Type

Sticker paper manufacturers have gone beyond the dull and staple plain white  stickers and have explored a variety of colors to suit any project.

White sticker paper

Sticker Paper

White sticker sheets come in the following varieties:

  • Satin sticker paper
  • High gloss or glossy sticker paper
  • Matte sticker paper

White printable sticker paper can be used in most simple printing projects like shipping labels, file folder labels and gift sticker labels and compatible for use with inkjet printers.
This type is ideal for home or school project use, to be adhered on flat and smooth surfaces. This is the most cost effective paper sticker to create custom stickers but is not water resistant and may not be smudge proof. Crafters add a layer of transparent tape on top of the cut stickers to make the printed stickers more durable.

Avery sticker paper is popular because this brand comes in different full sheet labels in different label sizes, ideal for straightforward printing that is easy to peel and adheres to flat surfaces like cardboard boxes. This brand is available for purchase online and price varies according to label size.

Kraft sticker paper

Sticker Paper

Kraft sticker printer paper is considered specialty printable adhesive paper, and they print easy on both inkjet and laser printers.  

You may use this type to create diy sticker sheets for wedding favors. Free templates are available online in the design software of many electronic cutting machines. You may also want to explore Maestro Label Designer® for your design requirements.

They are also ideal for custom labels used in small businesses for commercial purposes like selling baked goods that use plastic or glass containers.  These self adhesive stickers add a homemade appeal that customers like.

Kraft sticker sheets come in and come in light and dark shades and available in full sheet size of 8.5 x 11.

Colored sticker paper

colored Sticker Paper
colored Sticker Paper
colored Sticker Paper
colored Sticker Paper
colored Sticker Paper
colored Sticker Paper

Sticker sheets have come a long way. Now we have ready to print colored sticker papers that come in popular colors to suit everyone’s fancy. Inkjet printer and laser printer friendly.

Printable sticker paper of this type  perfect for color coded projects or for use in color themed events and easily available for purchase online.

Vinyl sticker sheet

vinyl Sticker Paper


Vinyl sticker paper has changed the rules of the game, and brought printing to an entirely whole new level.  This printable sticker paper is by far the best sticker paper available.

How so, you may ask. Well, you can print stickers that look professionally done by commercial printers for your craft making endeavors.

Partner your vinyl sticker paper with your favorite cutter plotter and create wonderful custom decals or custom cut stickers to use as your own stickers or to sell for commercial purposes.  

They come in white matte, white glossy and transparent or clear sticker paper. Vinyl stickers are waterproof, smudge proof, and can easily be applied on glass or plastic, on a contoured or flat surface because they adhere well because of its more permanent adhesive feature.

The sky’s the limit with the unlimited creative ways you can print your own custom decals, templates aplenty online to get you started.

Vinyl sticker paper also comes in 8.5 x 11 sheet labels usually in packs of 20’s, available for purchase online. Price may vary slightly from other paper stickers in the market.
But it’s a good investment should you be considering using it for commercial purposes. Customers interested in purchasing custom decals usually order by full sheet or by sticker piece. Selling it either way will command a good price since customization is very popular nowadays.

Magnetic Sticker Sheet

Sticker manufacturers have been very creative and have even introduced magnetic sticker sheets into the sticker sheet market. Prior to this, one had to purchase magnetic sheets and sticker paper sheets separately, and had to apply the printed sticker sheet on top of the magnetic sheet.

Now you can simply print your designs directly onto the magnetic sticker sheet. You can use a manual cutter to cut the magnets according to size. Refrigerator magnets as giveaways or souvenirs are the perfect projects for this type of sticker.

Sticker Paper Size

vinyl Sticker Paper

Printable sticker paper comes in letter size (8.5 x  11) or A4 size (8.3 x 11.7). Price may vary according to size so better stock up on both if you plan on doing many projects. Check to see if your supplier offers plastic clamshell case for a minimum order. This will ensure your items arrive in pristine condition.

If you are creating full sheet printed stickers, the sheet size may matter depending on your project requirement. But if you are creating small individual stickers, like planner stickers for example, any sheet size can do.

And if you are going to print the same design on multiple labels, it might also be more practical to purchase presized sticker labels, akin to the shipping labels available for sale. They also come in sheets.

Sticker Paper Thickness

Like I mentioned earlier, sticker papers have come a long way. Sticker papers of old would be as thin as normal writing paper. Now sticker sheets come in a variety of thickness.

Depending on the printer used, printing on thicker sheets might cause some problem, so best to check the specs of your printer if it can accommodate your sticker sheet label.

You will probably use the thicker variety for special projects and will likely to revert to using the more standard sticker type on a regular basis. Rule of thumb, stock up on extra packs because printing mishaps do happen, and you don’t want to get caught with nothing to use.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Matte or glossy sticker printer paper?

If you plan on printing stickers with a lot of bold and vibrant colors, glossy would work well. Matte is more suited for single monochromatic designs. But be forewarned, glare would be more evident when you use glossy stickers. So do take this into consideration as well.

Matte stickers because of its matte surface feature allows ink to dry faster.

Sometimes the ink dries up as soon as it’s out of the printer. Whereas with glossy sticker papers, you may need to leave the ink out to dry once it comes out of the printer.

Most simple printing projects work well with either type of sticker paper. Once you get used to printing using different types of paper, you will eventually discern what type of paper goes well with a certain project. It sometimes is a process of trial and error.

Inkjet printer or laser printer?

For practicality, we need to work around with the printer we have available. All sticker paper packaging will indicate if the product is compatible for use with inkjet or laser, or both. So best to check the specs of your sticker paper before buying.

If you are still contemplating on what type to buy, these considerations might help you:

Inkjet printers are more for home and small office use since they are more affordable than laser printers, and can print text and images.

Laser printers are used more for frequent and bulk or volume printing, it’s also faster than an inkjet printer.

At the end of the day, you also have to consider the price of the consumables, aka ink, in the long run. More than the printer, the ink replacement cartridges or toner will also take a chunk of the printing expense.

Many start with inkjet printers, then transition to laser printers if there is a change in frequency of use and bulk of printing.

Plain sticker paper or vinyl sticker paper?

It really depends on the kind of project you are doing. If you are simple creating shipping or folder labels, then simple white sticker paper sheets would suffice.

But if you are creating party favors, souvenirs and giveaways, vinyl sticker paper would be a good option.

Also, if you are looking into a permanent self adhesive option, then vinyl is the way to go. They are more durable long term, and water resistance factor is more dependable than plain sticker paper.

Should I use photo top for paper stickers?

Photo tops are laminated sheets that are placed on top paper or vinyl sheets to give them added durability and/of effect.

Think of them as an additional coating on top of your sticker projects. Photo tops are not self adhesive sheets, instead, a laminating machine is needed for the photo top to adhere to your printer sticker sheets.

Photo tops come in a variety of effects that can even make plain stickers more visually appealing. Here are some of the more popular photo top variants:

  • Rainbow
  • Broken Glass
  • Sparkle
  • Dots
  • Glitter
  • Mosaic
  • Heart
  • Dots
  • Flower
sticker tops
sticker tops
sticker tops
sticker tops


Many crafters use photo tops in their craft making sticker printer paper projects. Indeed it is is a creative way to add effects on your own stickers.  
Photo top cold laminating films come in sheets and  are available online and price may vary according to the type or design of the photo top.
And yes, stickers remain easy to peel even with a photo top.

Can I use sticker paper creations along with my vinyl stickers?

A resounding yes, they go hand in hand in the craft making experience. There is no limit to your creativity.

And creativity is a personal journey. You discover an eye for colors, design and combinations as you go along, and you learn to incorporate various materials in your projects.

There are a lot of resource materials online that can supplement your creative journey. And experience is the best teacher.

With your growing inventory as a crafter, make sure you stock up on premium quality vinyl. They make excellent accompaniment to your wonderfully made sticker creations.
You can never go wrong with having the basic vinyl colors in 
matte and glossy to liven up your projects.

vinyl sticker paper
vinyl sticker rolls

And if you want to supplement your current crafting inventory with premium and durable tools, you may want to add these items to your collection:


tweezer for vinyl crafting
squeegee for vinyl crafting

You can use these tools as well for your printable sticker paper projects.


Whatever stage you are as a crafter or hobbyist, you are bound to explore and stretch your creative boundaries. And perhaps you are looking to extend your interest in exploring creating stickers from paper sheets.

May the above mentioned list of printable sticker paper options help you get started in choosing the necessary supplies. Most e-commerce platforms and online craft shops will have these supplies. Or you may check if your nearby craft store or dollar store may have them in stock.

Happy crafting!

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