Holographic Iron-On Vinyl: Get Eye-Catching Projects on Fabric

Holographic iron-on vinyl is a type of vinyl material that is shiny and changes color depending on the angle you look at it.

It is available in many colors and textures/prints, and many brands make it, including Teckwrap and Smart Iron On.

When applied to fabric or other surfaces with heat, holographic iron-on vinyl adds an eye-catching shine.  This certainly brings a sense of wonder to every creation.

Holographic iron-on vinyl has highly-reflective sheen.  It comes in a  range of colors with some variations have a slightly raised feel and effect.

Getting Started

Making holographic HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) projects is a fun and creative way to add a unique and beautiful shine to your designs.

I know you are eager to translate your creative ideas into wonderful projects, but first things first, we need to assemble your supplies and materials.

Here is a list of items to get you started:  

Holographic iron-on vinyl

Holographic iron-on vinyl is a type of heat transfer vinyl (HTV), hence this product can be interchangeably called holographic heat transfer vinyl as well.

It can be used on a variety of items like shirts, pillows, blankets, basket liners, and wall-hangings. This can be applied with a household iron or a heat press machine.

Holographic iron on vinyl comes in vibrant metallic colors.

apple green Holographic iron-on vinyl
Holographic iron-on vinyl rainbow silver
Holographic iron-on vinyl flame red
Holographic iron-on vinyl purple pink
Holographic iron-on vinyl luxury gold
Holographic iron-on vinyl rose gold

Cutting Machine

The cutting machine will make your creations come to life. These machines make it possible to create professional looking projects even at the comfort of your own home. These machines can easily accommodate and cut holographic vinyl material.

There are two popular cutting machines in the market, Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Maker, each with their design software to navigate you through the printing and cutting processes.

  • Silhouette Cameo uses Silhoutte Studio design software.
  • Cricut Maker uses Cricut Design Space design software.  

Weeding tool

weeding tool
weeding tool for vinyl

weeding pen is an  efficient, sleek, and useful tool made to reveal smooth and beautiful-looking vinyl art.

This pen has an easy, ergonomic grip so you can work with it for long hours without your hand hurting.

Effortlessly weed out unwanted vinyl pieces and scraps with a stainless steel sharp tip.

Heat Press or Iron

mini press for vinyl
mini press for vinyl




The mini heat press machine is a very handy and useful gadget one can have at home. It is an all-in-one, hand-held heat press machine for those who love to work with heat transfer vinyl transforming T-shirts, hats, and shoes into stunning pieces of art.

TeckWrapCraft Mini Press is a popular brand in this category, and so is Cricut Easypress.

This nifty device is a breeze to use.  To apply a heat transfer vinyl design to clothing, place it on a flat surface.

Then position the HTV directly over the area you want to decorate.  Press the power button and wait for the machine to heat up.

Once it is hot enough, press down firmly on the transfer  with medium pressure until it adheres to your clothing.

Teflon sheet or parchment paper

This sheet covers your design while you press.  It is non-stick, so bits of holographic iron heat transfer vinyl don't get stuck to your iron or your press.  It is used to protect your design so it doesn't melt to your press.

Carrier Sheet

A carrier sheet is an adhesive film.  They are used to transfer your holographic iron on vinyl design to the surface where you want to apply it.


Choose your design

First, choose your design and create it in your cutting machine software. Make sure to mirror your design so that it cuts out correctly when applied.  You may want to do a test cut.


Load your holographic HTV into your cutting machine, with or without a mat, and select the appropriate settings based on the material being used.


Cut out your design and use the weeding tool to remove any excess vinyl around the design.


Preheat your heat press or iron to the recommended temperature for the type of fabric you are using.

Place your design on the fabric or garment with the shiny side up and cover it with a Teflon sheet material or parchment paper to protect the vinyl.

Apply heat and medium pressure to the design for the recommended time according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Remove the Teflon sheet or parchment paper and gently peel off the carrier sheet from the vinyl once the item has cooled down (cold peel).  Exercise caution when touching the holographic heat transfer vinyl material.


If you have multiple layers of vinyl, repeat steps press and peel for each layer, allowing the design to cool completely before wearing or washing.

Wash the shirt inside out under cold settings to avoid wearing out the design, or hand wash to make the design last longer.

Spark Creativity

Creating your own holographic iron on projects can be a fun and rewarding experience with many benefits, including:


Making your own holographic vinyl projects allows you to create custom designs that are unique and tailored to your personal taste and style.


DIY holographic heat transfer vinyl projects can also be more affordable than buying pre-made designs or hiring someone to make them for you, especially if you have a cutting machine and other necessary tools, supplies and materials already.

Business opportunities

If you are skilled at creating unique and high-quality holographic heat transfer vinyl designs, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business by selling your creations online or at local markets.

holographic iron on vinyl for shirts

Overall, creating your own holographic vinyl projects can be a fun, affordable, an creative way to add a personal touch to your clothing, accessories, and home decor.

Now that you know the basics, you can easily create beautiful and unique holographic holographic vinyl projects that will stand out and add a touch of magic to any item.

Just remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your tools and supplies for best results and to have fun with your designs!

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